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  1. In the quotes I was trying to type "Do your BEST and forget the REST!" Hang in there ladies!
  2. FI and I are on Week 5 of P90X and loving it! I'm so lucky that he's as into fitness as I am, not only is he my running partner but he's also enjoyed the video aspect of it as well, it definitely helps having someone there to motivate you and make you push play! We don't do the Yoga, we already workout 2X per day as it is (running 3-5 miles each morning and P90X in the evenings), I like the higher intensity/cardio and just couldn't bring myself to stretch through and hour and 20 minuts of that stuff! I do have to admit that in the beginning I absolutely HATED back and push-up days, I dreaded them....but now I like doing them and like seeing the progress that I've been able to make in such short amount of time! We are not following the meal plan but do eat "relatively" healthy! "
  3. Thanks for the advice! I'm not concerned with lbs, I expect to even gain a few based on muscle weeight! I'm MUCH rather lose INCHES! Kuddos to you on the progress and hard work, it's definitely a rewarding challenge!!
  4. With only TWO months to go until our wedding day my FI and I decided to start P90X yesterday. Perviously we've been spedning mornings in the gym lifting weights (I would warm-up with 20 min on the elliptical) and then running 5 miles in the evenings outdoors. Together we've both become avid runners actually completing our first Marathon in Feb, but in Texas it's getting too hot too fast! We're both really excited, anxious and scared with P90X, although won't complete the program before we leave for the Wedding I'm hoping we'll see "some" results by then. Our plan is to still continue our outdoor running in the mornings and then do the the videos in the evenings (neither one of us can give up our love of running). Do any of you do any other type of workout in addition to P90X?
  5. I have officially reached the "Less than 2 Months to Go" Countdown! I was actually away for the weekend for my Bachelorette Get-Away this past weekend, so much fun! I cannot believe how fast time is flying (and I still have so much to do)! We're printing/sending out our AHR invites within the next week or so, I'll be so relieved when that is over! I got an email from the Fire Dancers that we've chosen to use to confirm our "dance", we are so excited that we decided to go through with it, especially considering that it will be a complete surprise to our guests, even our parents! I hope all of you are having the minimal amount of stress as possible, although I know it's hard!
  6. Thank You for sharing your idea, I absolutely LOVE it! (I love Sea Glass in general so have been trying to think of a neat way to incorporate it into our wedding)!!
  7. We are using Redrum as well, we have prebooked 3 boats for the day after the wedding and then one boat for just the two of us a few days later!
  8. These are gorgeous! Please PM me if they are still available.
  9. Hey Brandy! I was wondering how much of the coral ribbon your have left and of what widths? I bought some before from you but have an idea of how I could use some more!
  10. Would you mind posting what you still have available?
  11. Wow, time is flying and it's been a while since I've browsed the Forum! My Bach. Weekend is going to be in Fredricksburg (pretty sure my FI is 110% jealous, we are absolutely in love with that town). My MOH rented a 5 bedroom house for us to stay in for the weekend, the girls are looking into all of the different wine tours to go on now! I cannot believe how fast the wedding (July 8th) in Cabo is approaching, it's unbelievable. NEWS Flash - We did our "Legal" Ceremony this past weekend. FI's Brother became an Ordained Minister so that he could marry us - we took a few friends down to the coast, took the boat to a little "island" and had the whole thing videotaped. I'm SO excited to have the video made with some music/fine touches and to play at both the reception in Cabo and our at-home-reception. This is will be a complete surprise to everyone, including our parents! So hard not to share the news, and so hard to take off my bands once the weekend was over! How is planning going for all of you? My Mom (who does not work) sent me a list of things that HAVE (literally) to be done in the next few weeks, I gotta get on it!
  12. Yes, I think that will be AWESOME! Althought I think we're only going to do the Half this time around. The Full has a 4.5 hour limit and I'm hoping to be pregnant by then, I'm thinking the half will be a much better option!
  13. RunningBride - Did you do the Rock & Roll Vegas in December? If so, how was it? We did San Antonio in November and are planning on Vegas Dec 2011.
  14. My FI and I just completed our first full marathon this weekend, WOW! I can honestly say this is the most rewarding thing I have ever done! The one we ran was 100% on the beach which was really nice, much easier on the joints, and.....the entire time I kept thinking that before long this will be us on the beach but instead of running we'll be getting married!! My advice to fellow runners, keep it up! It is DEFINITELY mind over matter!
  15. We are getting married @ Dreams on Friday, July 8th 2011! We will be there from the 4th-15th!
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