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  1. I paid for my sisters mani/pedi and a pedi for me. I think it was $35 for pedi and $24 for mani and we received a 10% Saturday discount special. I thought it was kind of expensive. They don't speak any english so difficult to communicate. But they were sooo sweet and friendly and did a nice job. I'm in NY and they do the mani/pedi kind of different than here. The spa is nice, just different. If I had to do it again, because of the cost, I would not.
  2. We had the symbolic wedding and had Pastor Rick York do the ceremony which absolutely made it feel like a real wedding and no one had any idea that it wasn't "real" including us...he made it absolutely beautiful and simple. Like 20 minutes long. Carolina the wedding coordinator will do the ceremony for you if you do not have a judge or someone else in mind. She's lovely. Speaks English well, I'm not sure how the ceremony will go though. Check out the Grand Palladium thread...someone there has had Carolina do the ceremony. Good LUck!
  3. Sold. This posting may be removed.
  4. I'm not sure if depends on hours, but we had them for 4 hours for $850. I would email them. Carlos responds right away. info@djmannia.com i think is the email address.
  5. Dress was worn...selling it used (for 2 hours) now if you want to make an offer
  6. Thanks ladies! www(dot)hdcphoto(dot)com is the site and then click on guest access The user name is samuelanddinah and the password is palladium
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by smrstars Thanks for all your suggestions. After looking into a few I am leaning towards Arnaud Brichet - Huellas del Caribe, S.A. Punta Cana|DominicanRepublic|Wedding : Photographer,Photography Really decent prices and his photos look amazing. Excellent choice! I just returned from my wedding and had Arnuad and Diego(videographer) they were amazing!! I've been told that they are the best wedding pictures anyone has ever seen. Great value, total professional and super nice guys! They were our buddies by the end of the trip Good luck!
  8. Hi ladies! I am back and had the most amazing wedding! I am going to give a quick review: Carolina and Wedding: Let's just say that I had several people come up to me and say they felt like they were in a movie and that if there was anything that went wrong they would never have guessed. Actually nothing went wrong. As stated in other reviews...Carolina is amazing. How she does it all, I do not know but she does. Whatever you want, just ask her when you get there. She will try to do everything you want, within reason. The new gazebo is awesome. I did see beach weddings which are nice, and for those who feel like she is pushing the gazebo, don't worry...she definitely leaves the options wide open when you arrive and have your meeting with her, no pushing or coaxing of any kind to do anything but what YOU want. Everything was simply perfect! I did my own hair and nails. Just trust Carolina. She will cover every detail necessary. Dinner: La Uva. Ceasar salad, beef medallions...excellent. Our wedding was late because Pastor York couldn't come until 6pm so after dinner I was restless and didn't want to wait to go to beach party so I asked Carolina if we could cut cake on beach...she brought the cake out on the table and we did it all out there! Loved it. Beach Party: This is where they charge $9 per adult for open bar service. SOOOOO much fun and I highly recommend it! They set it up way nicer than I expected. Tables and chairs and the area sectioned off. I hired DJ Mannia who rents a dance floor so we had that too, which was great. The breeze of the ocean, tons of lighting...it was perfect. DJ Mannia...if you have the budget, go for it. It gave the reception a more "traditional" feel. They MC and play whatever music you want. They introduced all of the wedding party, announced first dance, garter toss, etc...they made it a lot of fun. They rent the dance floor as well, and since we all dance salsa and latin dances it is easier to have the floor, so we thought it was worth it. HDC Photgraphers: AMAZING!! Everyone loved working with Arnaud and Diego (videographer) they were the nicest guys and when everyone saw our pictures...they were amazed. Everyone keeps asking where I found this awesome company. Thanks to BDW brides! I hiiiiiighly recommend them! Let the pictures speak for themselves: Punta Cana|DominicanRepublic|Wedding : Photographer,Photography click on guest access "samuelanddinah" password "palladium" We truly had a STRESS FREE and wonderful day! DH and I are still glowing about it. Truly a day to remember for the rest of our lives. ok...bring on the questions.
  9. Thank you all for the well wishes! We are leaving in 5 hours to head to the airport. I just got online now. lol. All bags packed and house is cleaned. phew. I've been making a point to make sure I'm getting sleep, so except for tonight I've been putting in at least 7 hours. Kayla, come check out DJ Mannia! I hear he's awesome. We have 50 people and rented the dance floor for the beach so it should be pretty awesome. I will update first chance I get!!
  10. All badge holders are spoken for. Ribbon still available. I am using it to tie around baggies with snacks for munchies when guests are in their room. Just bought too much.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Kayla0404 Sungoddess and Sap...what did/are you guys doing for wedding favors? Are you bringing/did you bring your own music (like on a ipod) for a reception or use the DJ? Its funny, i was on this site like 8 months ago right after I chose, then got busy and forgot, suddenly now I'm freaking out again! Sap, you are getting married the same week we are, We arrive on the 17th! We are using DJ Mannia. If you arrive on the 17th, you should totally crash on our beach party! Seriously! For the ceremony we just finished our CD which I understand Carolina will play for us...I hope. lol. Just the basics. Guest music, music for when the Groomsmen walk out then bridal party, then ME! I leave on TUESDAY WOO HOO!!
  12. Correction I have 26 fans available. Shipping to Canada in a flat rate box is 26.95, since shipping is high, I'll make it $35 for the 16 fans. I'd have to check the box if it will fit all of them. I took pictures of them on top of a magazine so you can get an idea of the size.
  13. I will ship to Canada in a USPS flat rate box which runs $11.45 for a small box, $26.95 for medium. PM me if this is ok and we will work out details. The bags are a decent quality, like the type you would pickup at a grocery store. A light Fabric. Seems sturdy. Reviews were good by others. $8 for all 6 bags. BUT with that shipping fee so high to Canada, I'd give them to you for $4 plus shipping. I'd try to squish them into a flat rate envelope for $11.45.
  15. I have 16 fans for sale. They are between 8-10" wide $.75 each plus shipping or all 16 for $16 including shipping within the us
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