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  1. I got mine from the Umbra store in Toronto - called and placed an order and frame was ready for pickup in 3-4 business days. Mine was in Espresso colour
  2. Hi All, It's been some time since the last entry but wanted to see other Toronto brides had any luck finding tan suits at Canadian retail stores/online? We've checked out a few places but given it's winter...haven't found anything.
  3. Sheila2011 - have a great time!! Can't wait to hear your review and see your pics Congrats!!!
  4. Thanks sheila2011 & richarsd ! I was hoping maybe I can get away with one pass...but hopefully the sunset pictures will be worth it! We just booked with HDC - really excited based on all the good reviews on this site. Has Carolina confirmed with any of you when the reception usually starts? Thanks!
  5. Hello Fellow Brides! Does anyone know if there are any additional fees besides purchasing the day pass for bringing onsite an oustide local photographer and videographer (so he will not be staying on the resort)? We are thinking of hiring a photog for 3pm-7pm as our ceremony is booked for 4pm. Also for the photog to deliver the photos a few days after the wedding - does anyone know if I'll have to buy another day pass? Thanks!
  6. Hello Fellow GP Brides, Thanks for all the useful information on this forum - it's been a lifesaver and definately make me feel much better knowing I have nothing to stress about as Carolina seems to take care of it all. My wedding is booked for April 2011, and was wondering for fellow April brides if you have booked you trip? We've been watching the prices and they are quite high $1700 for the Royal Turquesa leaving from Toronto and is still going up. Would love to hear the type of group rates/prices you have been quoted. We will have about 20 guests total including me and FI. Any reco for TA from Toronto area for destination wedding? Cheers!
  7. Thanks Punkie! Great idea about gluing Panel 3 onto Panel 4! I've been wanting to do this as well and good to know how much sand I will need to get now.
  8. Great idea about the Umbra frame - I just placed a phone order with the Toronto store for $25 - will be picking it up next week! Thanks again ladies for this great idea
  9. Hi Ladies, Hope to get your help - I fell in love with a sample dress a week ago and bought it instantly.....the dress is quite dirty and the lady at the store assured me that a dry cleaner can get it out and I should expect to spend about $100. The dress is quite simple without any beading or decoration and made with raw silk. When I took it to the recommended dry cleaning store- they quoted me $250 which now makes me feel really silly for spending so much $$$ on a dirty sample dress. So I wanted to see if anyone has had a good experience with a GTA cleaner and about how much you paid for your cleaning? I've asked around and gotten quotes from $85-$300...not sure if I should bring it to a regular dry cleaner with gown service or a specialty gown service. Also I've gotten mixed recommendations whether I should alter it first or dry clean it first. Thoughts? this is how I feel now!
  10. Hi Fellow Brides, I'm looking into centerpiece ideas for my wedding in Grand Palladium Punta Cana and am loving all the ideas so far on this forum. My vision is of floating candles/coloured beads in vase - however I'm a bit worried about the weight for the baggage restriction/hassel of carrying glass. Has anybody come across plastic vase (round or square) that are comparable to glass - not sure if they can achieve the same look as glass. Or if anyone has come across light centerpiece ideas - I would love to see them as well! Thanks so much!
  11. Great Thread and thanks so much for putting together a collective set. Am definately going with the flower for my April wedding in Punta Cana!
  12. Thanks for the advice! That's a great idea having Pastor York for the ceremony - how much does it cost for his service? When you had the symbolic ceremony - did the resort had any sort of papers to sign to make it look more "real"? Cheers!
  13. Hi Girls, I know there's been lots of debate over Symbolic vs Civil Wedding - for me - I am interested in having a simple, hassell-free wedding so based on the discussion it seems the Symbolic/Renewal of Vows seem the right way to go for me to avoid issues with paperwork and added benefits of savings with the cheaper ROW package. However I was interested if anyone has any info/have had their Symbolic Wedding at the GPPC? Is it obvious that the symbolic cermony is different without the presence of a judge? Who performs the ceremony? We don't want our guest to feel like they are attending a "fake" wedding so we are likely not going to tell anyone that it is a symbolic wedding. Thanks in advance!
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