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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by sasse75 Did you use their salon services? Hair? Make up? If so how was it? Sasse, my bridesmaids did my make up and the salon did my hair, it wasn't perfect but just bring a lot of photos! I ended up being satisfied with it after fixing it a little.
  2. Hi girls, We just returned from the GSP for our wedding on November 16th and everything was a success! I was quite nervous before getting there but the resort and their Wedding Coordinators have everything down to a science! We arrived on November 14th and met with Sandra for an hour to go over the small details of our wedding such as flowers and welcome cocktails as well as music and favours for our guests. We had our rehearsal dinner at La Hacienda and after trying several restaurants on the resort, this was by far the best one and all of our guests were pleased. Our ceremony was at 2pm at the Gazebo, followed by champagne toast and photos for about 3 hours afterwards. We had the Beach party reception. The food was great and the drinks were overflowing (the waiter kept coming by with colourful cocktails we didn't order!). After dinner we danced barefoot in the sand and headed to the disco afterwards. The week was quite busy for me and my groom - planned a couple of group excursions - to Coba and Cozumel, and also went to a popular club downtown Coco Bongo. Let's just say we didn't get much rest. If you have any questions feel free to PM me! Girls, no need to worry, everything works out perfectly!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by alhanay24 My friend recently sent me a Grand Princess Riviera Survival Guide. I foudn it quite ineteresting. There is information on the differences between the rooms as well all kind of information on the resort, helpful hints and so on. Let me know if you would like to receive it. If you could send this to us too! annieanddaryl@gmail.com. Much appreciated!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by annieanddaryl I have a spa price list. If you PM me with your personal address I will email it to you. Due the many inquiries, I have decided to upload this instead so you can view. MENU INGLES Princess.doc
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by suntansam hey does anyone know how much it is to get your hair done at the resort? I really wanted all the bridesmaids and moms to go together..... I have a spa price list. If you PM me with your personal address I will email it to you.
  6. can someone also tell me their spa/hair experience. how much was it and did you do a trial? thank you.
  7. Hi girls! For the girls who got married at this resort, can you please tell me: 1) what cake flavours did you choose? I am thinking of the "smoothie milk" flavour, but do you know what this is? Is it like a tres leches cake? 2) what is your favourite and the best restaurant on the resort. any information would be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Yes I am thinking of doing this as well. Please share your list and thanks!
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