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  1. What a great idea on the detail inside the ring. love that!
  2. I Didnt get married at the esmeralda, But i did stay there for my honeymoon. I got married at the Bahia but the bavaro part, which is just another area of the large resort. If you have any questions ask away. I will say you should for sure have a private reception, made the whole night even better!
  3. I LOVE everyone of your pics! Specially the fireworks one though. Lovely!
  4. I really love this ring! have u thought what kind of wedding band you will get?
  5. Any Bridal shop should carry it. Its a Maggie Sottero, called RD1044 ( i know its not a fancy name lol)
  6. Thanks Ladies. I am really not one of those girls that was overly attached to my dress... i mean dont get me wrong I fell in love with it. But lets be real here, how many of us girls end up wearing our mothers dress for our big day. So I figured I would save items from it, that way if i have a girl, she can incorporate those into her attire.
  7. I love when i see this thread has been updated! Love looking at the photos!
  8. I got married at the Bahia and love it. Just and FYI its a very LARGE resort. Some ppl like this other dont. any questions, ask away.
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