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  1. They are Alfred Sung, but I got married in 2007, so I am guessing this style has been discontinued by now.
  2. Sorry, this got some bumped for a very silly reason, someone looking to get their post count up. I got them in 2007 at Wal-mart. They had some really ugly sequence circles on it and we just removed them all.
  3. Glad I could help in anyway. I was going to say I don't remember how to do them, but I realize I wrote it all down in this thread.
  4. Odd that one so old would come up. Its an oldie but a goodie I guess
  5. Umm this thread is from 2007, you must have done some major digging to find this one.
  6. The hotel did provide the lighting that you described, and I found it was enough lighting. I just mean if you want something that they need to pulg in, you have to make sure they can, you would need both types because I do not think just the lanterns would provide enough light.
  7. Yaly set up all the decorations that I gave her, exaclty as I asked. BUT, since you would need power for those lights, I think you should email Yaly and ask if that is something they can do.
  8. Getting married is Cuba was the easiest part of the whole wedding, it is so easy, do not stress about it at all. Its more complicated here because you have to get a marriage license and then have your certificate sign by your minister or JOP and sent into the govt and you still have to wait for all of that till you can change your name. Its easier in Cuba. JMHO
  9. Lisa I am so glad to hear it was all so perfect. I feel the same way about my wedding and it was 3 years ago, seems like they are only getting better at PP.
  10. Wow Abbie, how did you post that pic here? I have soooo much to learn. lol
  11. I just got my iPhone, tell my why the app is better than just viewing It online
  12. I went to the Mayan last June with my 2 year old and guess what, she never got kidnapped and we never got murdered, nor did the hundreds of other people at our resort!
  13. Depending on where you are, there are lots of mennonites in Huron County that sell from their homes, so in St. Jacobs, etc. and the St. Jacob's farmers market. If you are closer to Ottawa, there are lots in the small town outside of there as well and they all see it pretty cheap. There must be somewhere online that you can get small bottles from for cheap as well.
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