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  1. Elizabeth: Congrats on a beautiful wedding - the video was awesome and you looked amazing! Chelymo
  2. The tears of joy can be found on Etsy.com the store name is Tres Chic Paper Designs
  3. Maria; I love the pictures and you looked amazing! Congratulations on your wedding even though it was months ago and I'm late! Chelymo
  4. Hello there - the parasols were purchased from www.save-on-crafts.com and the sashes were purchased from www.tableclothsfactory.com.
  5. I created the image by adding the palm tree to a logo that I already had and had them printed at a local print shop.
  6. Sorry ladies I have not been on for a while doing lots of traveling for work right now. The only item that is still available is the Bride robe. The passport holders were purchased at Michaels.
  7. Trust me I thought I wouldn't have the guts but a little wine to start with and before you know it you are so into it. I highly recommend it! Â
  8. Ladies: Â I'm so sorry to hear that you are having problems with Yeisy. I am really surprised! I actually started with Melani and had so many issues with not getting any replies back for days. Then they hired Yeisy and I had no problems whatsoever. She always replied back to me within a day and had all the answers I needed. I must say that I did write to her in spanish it was easier to break that language barrier. Which could be one of the reasons sometimes you don't get a straight answer. Also keep in mind that they do have a lot of weddings to plan I received confirmation of my d
  9. Thank you ladies for all the beautiful comments you are all too sweet and Bride Loving CJ you are adorable!!!! I'm glad that you have all enjoyed my threads and hope that you have gotten some inspirations.
  10. My guests actually used these and still think it was a great idea for us to think of everyone.
  11. You got the idea from me Yes there service was awesome and the door hangers are great quality. Here is a pic of mine.
  12. I ordered my cards from 123print and printed one side in English the other in Spanish. These were included in thier OOT bags and I also sent them out with our thank you cards as a reminder for those who might have lost thiers. I have to say that the majority of our guest did use the site.
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