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  1. We had a "friend" do our photography, and it is almost 2.5 months later and we still don't have our pics... She was originally doing our pics as a gift and then decided she needed to be paid $1100 when her car broke down and she had no money for the repair bill... She also didnt do alot of the poses we wanted with the wedding party because she did not want her fiance (a groomsman) paired up with my best friend because he used to think she was cute... which i didnt find out unitl the DAY of the wedding that she wasnt going to do certain poses... she promised we would have our pics by the beginning of dec to make everyones photo books for christmas but its now jan 15 and we dont have our pics... i would just be very careful about asking a friend to do your photography.. we did not have a good experience at all... do you feel comfortable enough to tell your friend if you are not satisified? and do you think they will work the whole day? ours did not... she missed our first dance and everything and took off during teh cake cutting which is awsome... something a real professional would not do i dont think... just be careful....it isnt worth it to be dissatisitifed on your day.. if i would have known, i would have spent the extra money and got someone else
  2. I was on depo for 5 years and after my last shot it took me six weeks to get a cycle and in three months it was back to a regular 28 days cycle.. every one's body is different, but if you want to start trying i would not get your next shot, but talk to your doctor.. there is all kinds of information online that anyone can write... it all depends what your period was like prior to depo and what your body did before.
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  4. auh your pup is adorable!!! what did your other dog think when you brought him home?
  5. His family have not liked me forever... Namely his mom,a nd they all follw her like little duckies.... We have known each other since we were little, his sister and I went to brownies together it was that long go.... His mom has a huge problem with me because I was raised Catholic and she is Baptist.. It does not matter than neither Chris nor I are practicing.. She always wanted Chris to settle down with a good baptist girl, also known as her best friends daughter..... But because I am not her and I am catholic there is nothing good to come from me... She blames everything on me and doesnt even try to be polite.... If she could I am sure she would blame me for the fact that he had cancer!!!! When she came up to our place a few months ago she was nomal and I thought she was starting to come around... You know be happy for us, but after last weekend I see I was wrong.... Its just so frustrating!!! Her dad and her younget daughter are the only ones who are civil to me in the family and her youngest daughter actually told me she cant wait to have me as a sister but who knows anymore! *sigh*
  6. So Satuday I had my frist bridal shower.... My bridal party and my mom worked sooooooooooo hard and it was so beautiful! I was really excited when I walked in and family that I have not seen in years showed up! I was so excited and then Chris' family showed up and a dark cloud rolled in.... It was ridiculous!!!! His mom, nana and two sisters sat right in front of me, and the whole time, even while I was opening everything, they sat with frowns on their faces and woudlnt participate in anything and bitched and moaned the whole time! I tried to ignore them but it is hard when they are RIGHT in front of you.... So then later on my parents and some friends of our threw an engagment party for everyone to meet and greet coming to cuba.... soooooo i think it is a great idea since chris' parents dont know hardly anyone and was again really excited! so it starts at 630 and chris goes about 6, but i stayed behind with my bridesmaid who is breastfeeding her two week old son (who by the way is super cute and has quite the sideburns) so that i can drive us there because she has no clue where she is going.... so we show up about 7. Chris' parents, grandparents and sisters arrived at 640, and his grandparents were on their way out the door when i showed up at 7...I said good bye sorry I missed you blah blah blah whatever... did they say good bye to my parents or the peoples whose house it was at and thank you? NO whatever let it roll off.... So chris' parents and sisters come back inside, after being outside with his grandparetns FOREVER, which now I am only too certain they were plotting their escape..... they sit far away from anyone else at the party (as in they are hidden by the hosue on an upper, secluded deck while everyone else is poolside) and scowl the entire time again... So my mom goes around about 710 askig people if they are hungry and should we start cooking supper? chris' family was all like no we arent hungry blah blah blah so we decided no one is hungry fine we can munch on the PILES of food in the kitchen that was brought or left over from the shower, and when I say piles I mean we didnt even need to make dinner and there was enough to feed everyone there and then some.... so anyway, 720 chirs' dad says he needs to go because he has to eat because his sugars are getting low (he's not even diabetic)... now did my mom not just come around 10 min ago and ask if anyone was hungry? and is their not enough food (including fruit, which includes oranges, used to boost some sugar issues)? so they all get up and chris' mom says to me "i need to talk to you" and by says to me i mean barked at me... okay whatever inside i go and then they leave!!!!!! my mom trys to talk to them and they IGNORE HER, after earlier in the day his mom had ROLLED HER EYES at my mom when mom told her about the time for the party, after SHE asked.... So they all just got up and left and didnt say ANYTHING TO ANYONE and IGNORED people who were trying to talk to them... Do you not think that you could do this for your son? Do you not think that you could mingle? Do you not think you could act like an adult!? They had no thank you to the hosts for doing this for our son or no thank you for having us they just left!!!!! So the next day they wanted Chris and I to go to their house... Screw that I wast going I was PISSED! So Chris went over and brought her dishes (which was all she wanted to talk to me about at the party, was getting those returned), and asked them if they had a good time and they said YES!!! They were disappointed that no one made an effort to talk to them (THEY IGNORED EVERYONE) and then said that maybe they could have made ore of an effort but that it will be different in Cuba.... WELL I F***ING DOUBT THAT!!! Whats going to be so different!? What the hell am I going to do if they ruin my wedding!?
  7. Is anyone really nervous abuot how soon we are getting married?
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