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    FS: Maggie Sottero Gown - Phillipa

    Quote: Originally Posted by jenruss I think I want your dress... is it still available? Yes it is available, please let me know if you have any additional questions - the dress is stunning.
  2. HotTamale

    Cecilia Dumas TTD Session ~ LOTS of PICS

    Wow - I have 15-days until my wedding, only to have Cecilia change the contract on me, and we just cancelled her. I'm glad that you received good service, because I can't recommend her now.
  3. Totally acceptable. I did the same. After all we are having a destination wedding, and I have yet to see etiquette pin-pointed on what is and isn't proper. Congratulations and plan away girl!
  4. You did a wonderful job - CONGRATS!
  5. Everything looks beautiful - CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  6. Wow - We must be on the same wave, becuase I was getting ready to post the same! I'm also looking! Our dates are approaching so fast - CONGRATS!
  7. I'm incorporating many Mayan and a few Mexican traditions. I have never heard of the lasso ceremony - Can you explain?
  8. Very impressive invitations for creating them and getting them out the door in 5-days! Great job!
  9. Beautiful, girl - your wedding will be gorgeous!
  10. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. HotTamale

    Work Bridal Shower

    Awww! So sweet! What great co-workers you have, very thoughtful, and nice. It looks like all is working out beautifully for you! Your wedding is right around the corner - exciting!
  12. HotTamale

    Lingerie Shower

    Great cupcakes, and cookies!!! I love the headband too funny! Looks like you all had fun!
  13. I took my dress in last week to a tailor shop that everyone I know highly recommends. After reading this thread, I feel a bit better about what I'm being charged. Here's the breakdown: -Taking out the side seams -Bustle -Hemming the bottom (Is this how you say it?) -Adjusting the boob area, making it bigger and tighter -Taking out a little in the hips I go in for my first fitting at the end of May...I've lost so much weight, went from a size 10 to a size 4 in a few months and I'm stressed to the max right now and still losing weight - DIOS MIO!!!! My guy is charging $300, and I almost shit! Let's hope my weight maintains, cause I can't afford anymore....