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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by budgetjamaicabride You are amazing! What a detailed planner you are. I can tell you had fun doing it too! What I love is I got to go through your planning thread (my favorite threads to read) on your wedding date! Congrats Mrs.! thank you so much !!!! I did I think that is what the most important thing about your weeding is make sure it tells a story about you both, also enjoy it..it can be stresssful but do the things you enjoy... Quote: Originally Posted by kate&devon You can honestly tell the effort you have put into all of this. It has come together absolutely wonderful. Love the coasters! I may have to steal that idea Steal away hun that is ewhat is so great about bdw!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by sammysgirl love your ring, love your, dress...love everything really! Thanks for sharing! awwww thank you so much
  2. I just wanted to chime in.. first congrats!! I loved Dreams I thought it was all around perfect for all different kinds of guests ,you will never be able to please everyone!!! you said you were having kids, adults and older folks.. there is something for everyone... we heard so many wonderful compliments also some people did not like some things but overall our guests LOVED DREAMS!!! everyone is still talking about our wedding... So I wish you luck and happiness..
  3. thank you girls!!! good luck happy planning and most of all enjoy!!!
  4. what a wonderful job!!!!! congrats...You will have the time of your life enjoy!!!!
  5. Loved her..they we/re so professional...They did an amazing job too..you will be very happy. I also paid in full 2 weeks prior it was great no worries..
  6. thanks girl.......The theme was pin up girl so fun...
  7. Hi girlies.. The salon I work at Carl Michael Salon did a fashion show in Boston Monday night.. The fashion show was for Little in Th e Middle Jeans (cute name) and True Jeans.com sells there jeans.. There was a donation at the door all proceds(sp) went to eating disorders......here is a pic of the hair and makeup we did it was so much fun... i am right here lol...
  8. hi, welcome.. you will LOVE it there we just had out weddding ther in Oct. it was everything we could imagine and more you will find so many helpful info on here .. congrats and good luck
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