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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Abbie i work for an airline that flies from canada to mexico, and as of the last few years there is no letter of consent required for minors traveling with one parent/someone other than a parent. as long as you have the childs passport that is all that is needed. also, besides that i see dozens of kids every day traveling to mexico with only one parent, for personal measure, we take my husbands kids to mexico all the time and a few years ago we did have to get a notarized letter from their mom but it is NOT required now. ETA: i just went to look it up in our reference manual to get a direct quote, and it actually says "Effective 21DEC04, LOC (letters of consent) are no longer required for minors traveling to Mexico." BUT as far as Immigration Canada is concerned, the airline will not deny travel to a customer without it when re-entering Canada, but Canada may detain the customer or deny entry. it does say divorced parents should have proof of custody, and widowed parents must have a death cert, but nothing about single, unmarried parent with child. ALL OF THE ABOVE PERTAINS TO entry or RE-ENTRY TO CANADA, not entry into mexico, fyi. Thank you so much Abbie!! That is some great info As for now, Anthony's dad is bringing him to his lawyer and getting the letter. His dad is coming to Mexico.. and is so upset with him. Anthony changed his mind 3 times about the letter the other day.. it's infuriating!! Anyways, I will be in Calgary in 2 weeks.. I need to take care of a few things. Hopefully things will have calmed down by the time I get there and we can sit down and be civil.. I guess only time will tell.
  2. Thanks Ladies, Yes I do have her passport and I do have the long form birth certificate that has my name on it along with his name. My travel agent told me just to go and bring those with me and everything should be ok. Today Anthony tells me that he doesn't want to fight and that he would give me the letter.. What the hell am I supposed to believe now?! I can't believe he can be so selfish and wishy-washy with our daughters life! I mean.. just cuz he is pissed at me.. for what I have no idea.. doesn't mean London should suffer because of it. He was the one who called off the wedding and has done all these horrible things.. What does he have to be mad about??
  3. Yeah I did ask him.. he says I won't let him see her.. which I NEVER said EVER!! He is supposed to be coming here in a couple weeks (I'm in Ontario and he is in Alberta) to see her.. I'm not stopping him. Our daughter is 7 months old.. I would have to fly with her for us to go to Alberta. I'm definately going to make the effort.. as long as he does.
  4. So, as you all know.. my wedding is off.. and now my daughter is in the middle. All our guests still want to go.. mostly my family, but some of my ex's. Anyways, I asked my ex's dad to remind Anthony about the letter he already said he would give me to bring London to Mexico. Now, he is being a jerk to me.. so he says he won't give me one now. I'm so mad.. he is making her suffer just because he is an a$$!! Ugh.. I don't even know what to do anymore..
  5. Thank you so much ladies.. it really is a tough time right now. I'm glad I can talk to people who are being objective. It's really hard hearing what everyone else thinks and what everyone else thinks is best for me. I need to do what my heart tells me, but right now I'm terrified to put my heart out there. It's in a million pieces right now.. I need time to heal... just not sure where to begin.
  6. My fiance.. ex-fiance.. called off the wedding. I had come home for 2 weeks to dog/house sit for my parents. My dog had cancer and no one could be with her at all times. My dog sadly passed away 3 days after my parents returned from their trip. Anyways, we had been fighting/arguing since I had come home. He had been going out every night since I had left..he spent almost $1000 in less than a week. Keep in mind that we have a 7 month old daughter, HAD a wedding in a month, and we were supposed to be moving back to Ontario (where I am now) right after the wedding. I let it go and tried to just forget about it until I got home. Well 2 days before I was to return home to my fiance.. we got into another fight. I had asked him to get a babysitter a month ago for St.Patty's Day.. it was a friends bday and we really needed a night out to just relax and enjoy each other. He agreed and was excited... until Saturday when he txt me and told me that his mom couldn't babysit. I asked if he had asked anyone else.. he hadn't. I was a little annoyed.. so I asked his Aunt and she was so happy that I asked! Anyways.. we fought about it and he said he was done with fighting and done with us. He told everyone that the wedding was off and that was it.. He was mean and cruel all weekend. My parents cancelled my flight and my daughter and I planned on staying here. Monday I had to put my dog down as she had a stroke Sunday night. Sunday night.. Anthony had changed his tune and missed London (our daughter) & I and wanted us home. It was too late.. my dad & I had already made plans to drive to Alberta from Ontario to pick up all our things. Tuesday morning we left and got into Alberta Wednesday night.. went to our place and packed up.. Anthony helped. He said he was going to do everything in his power to get us back home with him. We left Thursday morning and got back home Saturday morning. Now our daughter & I are at my parents.. I have to go job hunting tomorrow. I am on maternity, but that's not enough to pay my bills. My life has been turned upside down and he has hurt so many people. I'm so confused.. I hate being here.. I want to be back with my little family.. I'm just miserable and trying to keep it together for my daughter. There are some parts I have left out of this story.. but these are the important parts. I'm just so sad...
  7. Hilarious!! I love this.. I want it!! Thanks for sharing
  8. Nope!! I know us too.. the consulate here is only open late on certain days and so finding the time with FI's job is hard. Plus it would have cost us $350 for all the papers and we have spent $300 on some other paperwork they said we needed. I'm so glad we don't have to do this anymore
  9. Ha funny! FI & I just had this arguement today!! I guess guys in general just don't care about the little details of the wedding as much as we do. I picked out his pants and ordered them! He finally got his groomsmen's gifts because we were in the mall and I told him just to DO IT ALREADY! So, now most of his things are done.. he just has to find his shirt and he is done. Don't feel like you are alone in this.. you are not! We are here for you girl
  10. Intially we had said that we would pay for day passes for a couple people who were talking about staying at another resort. Well, then it got out of hand and I had abour 6 people who wanted to stay at another resort! I apologized and sent out an e-mail that told everyone that due to budget cut backs and the growing number of ppl who wanted to stay elsewhere, that we would not be able to afford to pay for day passes anymore. Now everyone has booked and is staying at the same resort.. I guess they didn't want to pay for the day passes.. but expected us to?? Hrmm? My brother and my SIL are staying at another resort and that is it, so we told them that we would pay for them since they are the only ones... just not to let anyone know we did that I personally don't think you should have to pay for the day passes. If they have known for awhile where you were staying then they should have factored that into their budget.
  11. ~Casey & Yamille~ First of all I want to say that you ladies are SO BRAVE to do BD pictures in the first place. I would be so nervous and self conscious, but if you got it.. FLAUNT IT!! I have looked at alot of BD pics and wish that I could get up the courage to do it. You go girls!! I'm so very sorry that your pictures didn't turn out the way you imagined them to. I wish I could help, but alas.. I'm not a photographer and I have never worked with Photoshop either.. :S I hoep you both find it in your budget to try again and get the pictures you want and DESERVE!! Good Luck Beautiful Ladies
  12. Hey Ladies!! Ok, so I just got an e-mail from Maribel outlining the new document requirements for the Moon Palace. Here is what she wrote: Dear Miss Cindy: Thank you for your message, As per new government disposition to get married for civil ceremony the documentation required is as follows: bride and groom: 1) Passports 2) certified copy of your birth certificate ( as the offices keeps it and do not give it to you back , in case you only bring your original ) 3) blood test 4) tourist ID form you get upon arrival at Cancun airport. if divorced: the name for the marriage license appears as on passport shows. if name changed the name on marriage certificate is as on this document Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. Kind Regards Maribel Blancarte weddings Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort. I hope this clears some things up for a few MP brides. I know this will save some money too!! Cheers! ~Cindy~
  13. I say buy them both!! That's what I would do.. heh They are shoes you can wear with anything anytime!! Love them both.. great choices!!
  14. I'm so so sorry to hear this!! It's so wonderful that you would want to celebrate their lives on your special day. I googled it and here are some websites that may help you out: Wedding memorial: Special ways to honor loved ones - AisleDash Wedding Memorial Accessories, Memorial Accessories, Memorial Wedding Accessories Wedding Memorials For Loved Ones WedSmack: Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding I hope this helps & I'm sorry for your loss.. xoxo
  15. We are getting married on Monday!! Exactly... everyday is the weekend when you are on vacation
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