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  1. the 4 songs are for specific parts of the ceremony. the first one is for your walk down the aisle, the second one is for the signing of the documents (make sure you pick a LONG song, because this takes about 10 minutes, but they will continue to loop it if it's not long enough). The third is for the toast, and the fourth is for your exit as a married couple. during the actual exchange of the vows, there is no music. gorgeous pics, Ohiobride - congrats!!!
  2. Hi Kelly - Yes, i used the music option. My husband and i picked 4 songs and burned them to a cd and gave it to our wedding coordinator when we got there (make sure they are in the right order!) I walked down to Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are" and it was perfect - Jon teared up. (I laughed at him!) I did not have my hair or makeup done at the spa, because i am kind of weird about strangers touching my hair and have horrifying flashbacks to some bad experiences with the crazy makeup counter ladies. But my MOH had her hair done and she liked it once she got past the language
  3. well, i just typed up a long response and then hit "preview" and it disappeared, so i will try again... ASP is about an hour from the airport, depending on what travel company you are using and how many other hotels they are dropping off at. We used Air Canada Vacations and were the second hotel. We chose the south gazebo for a few reasons. It overlooks the water, whereas the north gazebo is more in a grassy section and THEN there is water. We thought the south one would look better in photos - at least for what we invisioned as a "beach wedding". Also, the north side is on the ve
  4. Hi - To be honest, i can't remember exactly what photo package we got. We got an album that had a few 8x10s and some 5x7s. There was also an envelope with a dozen or so more 5x7s that weren't in the album. But we got that particular package because it included the CD of the photography, which was what we really wanted. And yes, he takes a TON more photos than he prints, so it is WELL worth it to pay for the disk. (He will take as many as you request.) I think ours had like 260 high res pics, and then i just had the ones i wanted for thank you cards printed through the Apple website. If it i
  5. Hey ladies... i apologize for being so intermittent here. I kind of thought life would slow down once the holidays were over, but January was busier than December and February is looking even worse!!!! Anyway, I used the resort photographer, and while the quality is probably not as good as some of the pro photographers, it wasn't as big a deal to me and i still thought they were really good. I can't be bothered to try to upload them here (i have never managed to make them work properly!) - but you can go to my wedding website to take a look if it will help you out. You can tell some are
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by kegildemeister ....but it was fantastic... I want to go back! I know - me too! Especially with the weather we have been having lately!! Glad your wedding went so well - congratulations! And i am glad the fence didn't show in any of your wedding photos - that was my big concern.
  7. Congrats everyone! Ohiobride - the rooftop on Mundaca is gorgeous! You will love it. I have some pictures i took from there. It overlooks the lagoon/pool area and the south gazebo. Ddiinnyyeell - I was married there in October. We only had 6 in total including myself and my new husband, so we didn't do the private reception. Our ceremony was at 3, and by the time we finished with photos, it was about 4:30. Our dinner reservation was at 6. We just hung out in one of the bars and had a few celebratory cocktails before dinner, and then went to our dinner early. It worked great for u
  8. You are all very welcome! As far as Isla Mujeres, I'm sorry, but i really couldn't say. I would consider talking to your WC about the dancing. My only suggestion if you aren't into the private reception/DJ option (and keep in mind, i have never actually been to Isla Mujeres Palace, so i don't really know logistically if this would work!) would be the dinner at the resort and then maybe a portable I-pod station for some dancing on the beach. If it worked out (weather and all that), it could be a really nice approach. ETA: Also, i forgot to mention in my original review, the wireles
  9. Thanks everyone! Ok - PDC was about a 10 minute cab ride from the resort, (Aventura to Playacar Palace), so it was really easy. My Miami WC was Yudelka Kok and my on-site WC was Ruse Pla. They were both really great - very helpful. If you can request Ruse, she will do a great job for you! Like i said in my review - there were a few small issues, but compared to all of the wonderful parts, they were almost non-existent! I know you ASP brides will all have a fabulous wedding there! Oh - one thing i forgot to mention... The south gazebo IS right in the middle of the poo
  10. Ladies - I finally posted a review of ASP and my wedding. If you have any questions for me, i promise i will be better about responding!!!! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...078#post618946 And i should get some photos up at some point too!! Beth
  11. I've only been married almost 2 months, but i guess better late than never!! Resort Review Ok, first off, let me start with saying that it is a very nice resort, and the people who work there are extremely friendly and helpful. We found out it is a Mexican owned chain, and they hire all local labour – so I am sure that has something to do with it. That also explains the atmosphere of the resort. You feel like you are in Mexico. Things are done a bit differently there. It is very casual and relaxed. It is not “Americanized†like most of the larger resorts are. You don’t feel
  12. Hi everyone! I haven't been on here for the last month or so because of the wedding, but we got married at ASP on October 9 and it was INCREDIBLE! We've only been back a week, and i haven't had a chance to write my review yet, but i promise to soon. One word of advice - GET THE DVD! You definitely won't regret it!!!!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by lmg970 this is great, I am so glad to be able to print the checklist, so I can keep it on hand when I purhase something. I am the kind of person that might forget a month from now what I have already bought and rebuy it. like me - i bought hand sanitizer on Saturday... and bought more yesterday because i already forgot! should have checked off my list!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by adias.angel WOW! Sounds like your TA wasn't very good. We have been doing price comparisons and our TA is getting us much better rates than anywhere we could book yeah, she was totally useless... i'm sure 99% of all other TA's are good at their jobs (especially since they work on commission), but not her. She just couldn't be bothered. But it never hurts to check and see. If i hadn't, we would have spent about $1000 more and gotten bad service on top of it!
  15. i have to go against the grain here and say that the rates and package offered by the travel agent we were going to use (through FI's company) were way higher than booking the whole package directly through the airline. (And as a Canadian, you know that Air Canada is almost never the best option!) That being said, $10 grand should be feasible, it just depends on how many people you are paying for, and what extras you will be adding.
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