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  1. I would just like to say that although I was not happy with the resort in general this time around, I was VERY happy with the wedding day and the service provided for that day. I think that if I had not been to the Bahia before and received AMAZING service that time, I would not have been so let down this time around.
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    Wedding Bahia Principe Coba April 28/10

    Quote: Originally Posted by swong Very nice pictures!! Thanks for the review! I have a small question, did you planned for a poolside reception and ended having to move indoor? or it was a dinner reception? Yes, unfortunately the weather was calling for rain so the reception moved indoors. It was so humid that night that the air-conditioning in the banquet room turned out to be blessing!
  3. While I'm on here I better post some pictures. Keep in mind that these are NOT the professional pictures YET. I hope you like them Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
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    Wedding Bahia Principe Coba April 28/10

    Thanks! Here are some pictures! Our Wedding April 28 2010 pictures by bellandbake - Photobucket
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by HereFishie We had 40 people and had no problem hearing the iPod. They hook it into big speakers, not just a little dock. The DJ would have been a colossal waste of money IMO. I think a DJ is well worth the money! There were only 36 of us and we just loved having a DJ. We used his system for speeches and DJ Bob kept everyone up dancing all night long!
  6. OK ladies sorry it took so long. We are in the process of moving to a new community. My review is not long but I think it covers most of it. Feel free to ask questions! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...28-10-a-59626/
  7. Our wedding was April 28/2010, we stayed at the Coba side of the resort, but our ceremony was at the hammocks location on the Akumal beach. I will give star rating out of 5 ***** Wedding (5 Stars *****) I am happy to say that the wedding day and Karla (our coordinator) were both amazing. The day started off cloudy and rainy. For some reason I felt no stress I felt calm and happy. I was just happy that the day had finally arrived. My mom and fiancé called the room a few times to tell me not to worry about the rain, but my bridesmaids informed them that I really was not freaking out. Our ceremony we set for 3pm and at 2pm the clouds cleared from the sky and the beautiful sun came out to bless our beautiful day. My maid of honor who is also a hairdresser arrived bright and early to begin my hair. The rest of my bridesmaids and my mother went to the spa to have their hair done. They all looked absolutely beautiful. I was happy with the spa’s work on their hair. Karla’s assistant arrived around this time to drop off the flowers and boutineers. At about 1:30pm my dad arrived at the room and was very emotional. I get a tear just thinking about it. At 2pm Eric Rodriguez (our professional photographer) arrived to take getting ready photos. You can find out more about him n the photographer section. 2:55pm a golf cart arrived at the room to pick us up and take us to the ceremony location. As we were driving to the location I began to get very emotional. It was all starting to sink in. My dad was sitting beside me fanning me because it was SOOOOO hot and humid and I think he was worried I might pass out in my big dress lol. My bridesmaids kept me calm until we reached the Akumal location. 3:00pm my bridesmaids began to walk to the sandy hill towards the ceremony. My mom and dad stood on either side of me. The both told me how much they loved me and how beautiful I looked. My dad was crying and my mom was holding back tears. Karla told us to go and I could hear my beautiful song (Somewhere over the rainbow) begin to play. I could see all of my loved ones standing there waiting for me. I tried to take in all of their faces and emotions. When I reached the chairs I saw my handsome fiancé smiling back at me. I felt so lucky to be walking towards such a wonderful man. My mom and dad exchanged hugs and handshakes with Kelsey (my now husband). We wrote our own vows, and to my surprise we did not have to say the vows they provided. I was under the impression that you could say your own vows, but you also had to say theirs for legal purposes. Kelsey began to cry when he read his, which in turn made me cry. I looked out at our family and friends and everyone was crying. I was told later by many people that our ceremony was one of the most emotionally touching wedding they had ever been to. (That was nice to hear). After the ceremony we all went under a grass hut to share a toast and then the professional photos began. After the group shot and family pictures everyone left us and went for some drinks before supper. While the photographs were being taken Karla informed me that our reception would have to be moved indoors because there was a good chance of rain. I was a bit disappointed, but what can you do? We had our wedding supper at the Portifino. I will be honest, I was soooo hot that I had about 2 bites of my food. But it was delicious. The other guests said it was great. We did a legal ceremony so earlier in the week we had blood tests done. Travel (2 Stars **) We used a local travel agent that I will not name because we were VERY unhappy with her services. Our travel company was Air Transat. We received a $500 discount for booking a specific amount of people (I think It was 20). There were 36 of us in all. We have heard of other wedding couples getting upgraded to first class, free luggage etc. We did not receive any perks like that. We had amazing service on the plane, but this was only because we paid an extra $300.00 per direction to be moved up to first class (or club class as it’s called). Our guests received very poor service on the plane in economy class. They had trouble getting drinks (even water). On the flight home our guests told us that the movies did not work and the air vents were broken. So they flew 6 hours in a very hot plane. We came home a week later and did not have these problems. Resort (2 Stars **) My husband and I have been to the Bahia Principe before and we LOVED it. We had amazing service and an unforgettable good time. I am sad to say that we did not feel the same about the Bahia this time around. From the unfriendly staff to a broken air conditioner that caused us problems for the whole 2 weeks we were there, our experience we very different form our first time. We would not go back! Photographer (5 Stars *****) We had Erik Rodriguez from Claudia Rodriguez’s company. He was AMAZING! I saw a few of the pictures just on his camera and I was impressed. He had an assistant and 2 or 3 cameras a bunch of lenses and some cool flashes that he set up all over the place for cool effects. I cannot wait to see the pictures. I should have them at the end of June. DJ Bob (5 Stars *****) WOW! DJ Bob was great. He played most of our selected music but also kept people on the dance floor by picking good sections himself! Have a DJ was worth every penny! We even had a bit on an issue with a waiter who tried to pack up the bar 2 Hours early. DJ Bob talked to the staff and got things worked out. I am happy to answer any questions
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    GBP Coba/Akumal Review 26/04/2010 LONG!!

    Beautiful!!! I am so happy for you and your new husband. Thanks for the review and pictures.
  9. I’m back!! I just got in today and I’m exhausted. I will be back on to right my review in the next few days. It was AMAZING! P.S. Cheryl I saw you on your wedding day you looked beautiful
  10. Thanks Ladies!! I'm headed to the airport RIGHT NOW Thanks for all the advice and help over the last year!
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    April 2010 Brides

    YAAAAY I leave on Sunday for the Bahia Principe Coba!! Wedding on the Wednesday Have a blast all you April 2010 brides! Remember to live in the momment
  12. I am so EXCITED! I leave tomorrow to Edmonton and then we fly out from there on Sunday. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. Today is my fiancé’s birthday, I got him a Nintendo DS and some games for the plane ride lol. He was so excited (like a little kid ha-ha). I have one or two things left to pack, but otherwise I am ready to go!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by swankster77 Thanks Trish! Was there any music while the guests arrived/were seated? It seems odd to have nothing but maybe I'm over-thinking. Do the songs have to be in the order you want them played? This kind of goes with my above question... if we put extra songs on, are we guaranteed the right ones will played at the right time? Ya I think it will be fine. I labled them Bridesmaid, bride, end of ceremony, extra songs ect.
  14. Ok so I’m trying to write my vows but I am so stuck. Because we are having a legal ceremony we have to say the vows provided. So my fiancé and I are writing more of a nice speech to one another. I am having a hard time writing NON-vow vows lol. Any suggestions on how to go about it??