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  1. YAY Molly... you joined!! Congrats on everything and becoming another Beaches Negril Bride. Check out the Jamaica threads as we have a bunch of stuff that was started just for BN.
  2. Hi Kim.... I was a Beaches bride in Negril. If you want check out the Beaches Negril thread. This might help you out a bit on what girls have done or are thinking of doing. Lots and lots of q & a's in the thread. Happy Planning!!
  3. Check out my link below and see what Lynn created for me! You can also see what it looks on my cake by the avatar to the left. It was an amazing find and love it! We look at it every night as it's in a special shadow box in the living room.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Cassondra2009 Hi! I know its been awhile but do you still have the lanterns? Sorry I finally got them sold on CL this past weekend. She picked up on Tuesday. Darn, you are so close you could have just picked up too.
  5. We went with the ticket system for our AHR. It made things alot easier and this way we know everyone had the opportunity to get 2 on us. If they decided to give them away so be it.. but it was our gesture for them coming... espec when we had a HUGE snow storm the day before and some were only digging out just for the reception. The stories of "thank goodness I snowed out for some free booze".. LOL They actually had no idea till they got there because it was super lastminute .. like that day we had the extra cash for it. Just had someone stand just beyond the place card table and she passed them out.
  6. Seriously... what the heck are Jay and I gonna watch together ... we have totally different taste on TV most of the time... but I started watching shows he loves to be a snuggle bug.. and now I really really like them... The Unit, Numb3ers, Without a Trace, Prison Break, Terminator, and Medium... AHHHHH what to do!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by keri Keri Beaches Negril Feb 13, 2010 Hello Ladies, I am getting married at Beaches Negril Feb 13, 2010 at sunset... I was told by my travel agent that if i want to get married at sunset then i have to have the Preston Bailey sunset package. Have any of you heard of this? I dont mind paying for the time slot, but would perfer to pick the decor myself. Ahhhh you joined!!! I just FB you too...
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by sherric80 Amanda, Thanks for the information! I was completely under the impression that I had to pre-book everything! And it sounds like there are a lot more options to choose from than what I was given. I am so glad that I could ask you. Now I have some re-thinking to do! We are thinking of doing a DJ for 2 hours. We had hoped to just bring our IPOD or burn a CD and use resort speakers, but Amber in Miami said that they don't have any that we can use on the beach. Do you know anything about this? Keri, Welcome & Congrats! I don't know if this helps you or not, but I was told the exact same thing as you! I am having a sunset wedding & was told that I had to have the PB Sunset collection. I had originally asked to pick my own decor because I wanted different colors & everyone I spoke with at Sandals told me that I could only use the PB collection at sunset. I went ahead with the collection because having it at sunset was more important than the colors. It all worked out though because I found some great bridesmaid dresses that match perfectly! I am finding out that a lot of things can be changed or made to work better for you as Amanda has pointed out to me just with the dinner payment options! Maybe call & tell them exactly what you want & see if they can accomodate. Oh Boy Oh Boy .... this is what I was talking about with Amber (Miami WC) in the first posts of this thread. It's all a sales pitch for you to spend a ton. I had to tons and tons of research in finding other BN brides on youtube, and a million other forums to get some real answers for all of the same things you are thinking. I just had to back down from it all and say I will do it when I get to Jamaica... because I hated the pitches and feeling that I am being forced into something I didn't even know what I wanted. Now I know some of the package stuff has changed since Nov .. they released new stuff in Dec.. I can't see on why they would make you pay an extra 3800 for the package or whatever it is when you don't really want it. It's your day and Nikki and Andrea will tell you that a million times over when you get to Jamaica. Now that you have the time booked and in writing.. what can they do ... change it on you ... I think not!!! Go with your gut Sherri on this and if you want something a little more smaller/not so PB.. then wait a bit and then just call Amber and tell her you are canceling the PB package and will order what you want when you get to see Nikki and Andrea. You can't order pieces it's either the whole deal or nothing for PB stuff.. but you have the options available to you. Also, like TA Jenn said ... make sure that if you have specific flower choices or colors and ideas ... those are the things to pass along to Amber as she will email them to Nikki and Andrea and get your quotes and such. (Mine were chair sashes, chair covers, and quotes for my Chuppah for the beach) In just waiting for things... i actually saved money... they did not charge me full price on things I wanted. Bring a calculator with you ... and when you arrive with the book in your room ... really go through it and see the pricing of things ... and make a random budget price after you have your "total" from what the book states. I don't remember how much we saved.. but I said this is what I wanted ... and this is what I have in money for you... and I got what I wanted without a problem. (Jays idea and it worked) Check out Tia Flora's website. They handle BN flowers... gives you an idea of what they offer .. Honestly, and I know I have said it before ... but my dinner was amazing... and I didn't pay for a thing... perfect for what I wanted and imagined and even more actually because they tried like heck to go up and over for me because of the hurricane... we had options and more options available to us with only hrs from the start time. I just can't see paying that much for a meal..when you are already paying for it when you book... have you seen the menu?? I sent out the menu to my BMs and MIL just to see what they thought.. now they are all fine and dandy with it.. but no one was in really awe of the menu choices. However for our private honeymoon dinner we had .. almost the same choices and it was good .. that was included for us. Hope this helps and clears up things more .... let me know if you want to see some of the pictures I have and where my actual locations were .. having a map and pictures do really help besides what the website has.. and the fact that you don't get any of that from Amber. ... Keep asking away girls!
  9. Wholly Smokes Shelley!!!! And to think I bought stuff from you way back when in the first selling extravaganza. This stuff is going to sell so quick you def won't have a problem.
  10. Hey Amber, I would def get all the basic stuff out of the way immediately. Once you have confirmation of your time and date ... everything else can come along without a problem in booking the other things you may need. What did you have in mind that you are ... let me know I am sure I should be able to help you out some way or another. Hey Sherri, CONGRATS on becoming a Beaches Bride!!! You will love it and the kiddos will think you are the worlds best Auntie!!! I know I am for choosing Beaches.. they still tell me how cool it was. I have seen the package you purchased and it is beautiful.. they are very large pieces. I just wanted to let you know ... Dinner and such things actually CAN be done when you arrive... and even your items can be all paid for when you arrive to Jamaica so everything is on one bill... Miami can tend to pressure you for the sale..... But, you do not need to book the private dinners and such before you leave with Amber (Miami WC). You can make things lastminute and book when you get to Jamaica with Nikki and Andrea as you meet with them the day after you arrive and more than enough time to plan everything before the wedding date. We made no real plans (which was planned) for anything and did it all when we arrived. We had the choice of whatever we wanted and this even included if we wanted a PB package... we ended up with the private cocktail hr and just moved over into the buffet with a reservation that we scheduled with Andrea. They redecorated everything from the cocktail hr to our dinner and we were off to the side from everyone else..private and free to boot. If budget is not a problem ... then booking and spending extras on the Private Dinners and PB packages now are fine. They have several locations for the dinners .. on the beach by the main pool and stage ... under one of the Tiki Huts, and then more scattered on the interior grounds through out the resort. It def looks like you know what you want and more than half way there in making your day perfect.
  11. Hey Nadine Congrats and welcome to the forum from a past Jamaican Bride... it's really an amazing place!!!
  12. 2bebridejamaica


    Congrats and welcome to the forum!!!
  13. Congrats Gen and welcome to the forum from a past Negril Bride.... you will absolutley LUV Negril!!!!!
  14. That's a perfect dress... I love it. Yay for finding one and it being cheap!
  15. Congrats and welcome to the forum from a past DW.com user and Jamaican Bride. I'm going to agree with Joise ... request a new "specialist". I never had a problem with them at all and they worked amazingly well with me on what we were looking for.
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