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  1. Guess it's time to start buying the school supplies! What a scary thought...I don't want to go back to school next month! But at least my school supplies will be cheap!
  2. DH and I are flying to NC for the 4th of July weekend to check it out. Our hopes is once I am done dental hygiene school in May to move out there, so we are going to check it out a few times throughout the year. We are flying into Charlotte and have a rental car and will make our way to the greenville area (where we think we'd like to live) Any recommendations of things to do or see? Thanks
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by carynlesniak I am assuming you have no more post cards. How can I order them? What website did you go through? What else did you put in their OOT bags? I am getting married at DPC December 19th. Thanks! Caryn No more postcards but we got ours from www.vistaprint.com if you do a search online you'll fine coupon codes for free postcards if they aren't free already! I think the design we chose was one that was already availalbe on vistaprint! Also, if you do a search you'll find a thread about what people included in their OOT bags and they tell what was good and what wasn't!
  4. We are going to put down $1000 for an open bar for our AHR this Saturday. We are doing it at a local Eagles club and they've agreed to do $3.5 across the board for drinks (beer/wine/liquor), which with our guest total comes out to be about 2 free drinks per person. So my question: 1) The eagles club works off a chip system. Should I have someone pass out two chips to each adult? 2) Do I leave the chips with the bartender and when they are gone, they are gone? I am just afraid we'll have "Mr./Mrs. greedy" get their drink on when they find out there is an open bar-- meaning some might not get any free drinks, while joe smoe is triple fisting it on the dance floor! I can't imagine anyone doing that...but I think we've all learned that people get weird with weddings and free stuff!!! Thoughts?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by blushingbride happygilmore, that is great that they were able to turn both your photos and video to you before your departure! WOuld love to see your pics! Once we get the email with the links to the pictures I'll post them! I've been slacking because I don't want to have to upload them to photobucket and then post here...I know lazy!
  6. Ours is this Saturday! I am excited for it but also ready for it to be done! We can get it at 10 AM to set up (it's the Eagles club so they aren't so formal in their rules) We went with 5 hours: 5:00-5:45 apps and people arrive 6:00-7:00 Buffet dinner with our pic slideshow and ceremony video 7:-7:15 first dance and cake cutting 7:15-7:30 thank yous to family/friends 7:30-10:00 dancing!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by blushingbride Wow, that is an amazing turn around time!!! Were you able to leave with your ceremony video as well or is that being shipped to you? We left with our ceremony video as well!
  8. We're doing 5:00-5:45 apps and everyone arrives 6:00-7:00 is dinner 7:00-7:15 is "first dance" cutting of the cake 7:15-7:30 is thank-you's to family members and everyone for coming 7:30-10:00 drinking and dancing! We are going to be there when everyone is arriving (no formal entrance) but we'll be in our wedding gear to get pics done with family/friends who coudln't make it!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by blushingbride Thank you ladies for your responses. Well I checked out the 2010 prices, and it looks like they don't offer photo/video combination packages anymore? I know in the 2009 price packages, they did. I would like to book as well, but it doesn't sound like you ladies are having much luck with that either. Happygilmore, how long before your wedding were you able to book your session? I do know they are quite busy from what I've been reading, but that still doesn't appease us brides, lol. Let's hope they get to their emails soon... I think we booked with them in June of 2008 for May 2009
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by TheFutureMrs.Sears I want to order the same package, but I have a question...How did the painted canvas come out? Is it worth it? Were you able to pick what picture you wanted painted? Oh, sorry I guess it was a couple of questions We love our painted canvas. I think it was worth it and we are excited to have it for years to come, we just have to get it framed so it doesn't get ruined! Severine brought us all our photos and asked us to pick our top 60's for our albumn and the one we wanted for the canvas! Our wedidng was on a friday, she has that to us by Monday evening and by Wednesday night we left with EVERYTHING!!! You get to pick the music that your slide slow is set to ( so bring a burned copy of your CD if your songs are typical wedding songs) They were so worth the money because you wouldn't be able to get what we got for that price in here in the US!!!!
  11. Severine just did my wedding on May 15th and I am going to assume why she hasn't gotten back is because they are so BUSY! They do a great job...once she posts our pics i'll post them here! They will require a deposit, I believe it is 25% of your package and I believe they'll have you pay through paypal! Severine was great to work with and EVERYBODY has raved about our pics (mind you I got all 500 pics, my albumn, my slideshow, my wedding ceremony DVD and our 12x 18 canvas 4 days after our wedding---AMAZING!)
  12. Laides.....I am here at Dreams Punta Cana (taking a break from the sun so I am not burned for my wedding tomorrow) It is frickin' beautiful and you will love it! If you are a laid back person and are willing to go with teh flow you will love it! we are in teh preferred club and we got a room upgrade for the honeymoon sweet. All 23 of my guests love it! The wedding coordinators here work hard (next month alone they ahve 80 weddingds) for all the brides with weddings months to come...here is my advice...look at the menus, think what you'd like your guests to have, think of flowers what type do you want and do you want bunched, round or cascade, think of vows and how you want the day to flow, tihnk of how many people will need hair etc....but really until you are a few months out your WC will not be spending much time with you because they simply do NOT have the time. They are workking 12 hour days/6 days per week! If you'd like details on something PM me and i'll try to help while I am here but anyway....FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!!!! Also, join the dreams forum...very good info for resort specific questions!!!!
  13. If your invites aren't done could you put tropical attire encouraged? You never know what people might do! They might be excited to bring some tropical clothes!
  14. I am FINALLY excited! I just took my last exam yesterday, so my life of school and work is done for now! I can finally focus on the wedding! we leave Monday afternoon and I am so exicted, I have butterflies in my stomach!!!!! Go May 2009 Brides
  15. Soccergurl, dreams has a forum that you might want to join and check out, you'll be able to find so much stuff about Dreams PC and get questions answered really quickly, there is a woman Baltobabe, who is the best and has a lot of connections with all the dreams and is great at getting stuff figured out and straightned out! As for the dinner and cocktail, if it is in the package you are looking at you'll get that for 20 guests who are staying at the resort, above and beyond 20 you pay per person and the cost depends on what package you go with. Dreams PC has basically 4 spots to have your cocktail/reception at...the beach, bordeaux, himitsu and an inside room. Dreams Resorts & Spas: Unlimited Luxury you'll see on the left handside something for dreams experiences, click on that and you'll see the forum....3-4 ladies are just getting back from being married there on that forum, so I am sure they'll hae full reviews up soon1
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