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    Marriage Certificate ROR

    We just left ROR and received a "temporary" marriage certificate. We were told this is not valid in the US, you need to have the Official Certificate for it to be legal in the US. They told us we should receive it in approx 2 months. Then you file it in the county you live in and that's it! :-)
  2. Hi! Here is a picture of our Beach Gazebo ceremony on 10/10/09. We brought our own chair ties. We had the "Free" Wedding package with no upgrades to decor (as you can see it is VERY minimal, but we wanted the beach to be the "star"). Hope this helps!!
  3. Hi Ladies, We are back from ROR and we are married! Yay!! I plan to write a thorough review... I learned so much from this forum and want other ladies to benefit from what we learned and mistakes we made... We had a fabulous time....wedding day was awesome and most importantly, we are now married... Highly recommend the ROR. It exceeded expectations... full review to follow! Yay!! Thanks to everyone who prepared me for our DW!
  4. ShelbyFL

    ROR Past Brides

    Just got back from ROR last week... we got married 10/10/09. Married at 4pm. Dinner at Mammee Bay at 6:30. We had 19 total. I WISH we had booked the disco from 9-11pm. The beach party started right below Mammee Bay when we were cutting the cake & it was distracting. We tried to do our toasts at the table & we couldn't really hear everyone over the beach party. Our dinner ebded around 9pm. After dinner our guests had no direction, we told everyone to meet at the "Beach Party", but some disappeared and others said they were there but we never saw them (too crowded). I think if we had somewhere for them to go and did the cake, toasts, etc then it would have been better. The disco was already booked, so it wasn't an option for us, but if you get the chance, I recommend it. Our wedding & dinner was still wonderful, these were things we couldn't have known until we went through it. We were still very happy with how everything went! Good luck!!
  5. These are fantastic! Do you use business cards or cardstock? I am making these for sure! Thanks!! 36 hours til we leave LOL
  6. Wow... we are flying America in 3 days but my family is taking AJ and is taking extra bags for us too... Glad we made the cut off, but this is going to be tough for future brides.
  7. This worked GREAT Thank you!!! I am using the Clear Easy Peel Shipping labels 2"x4" - Avery #18663 and they seem to be working out perfectly!! I bought Chap Stick brand at Target - bonus pack of 4 for $1.99. I am peeling off the Chap Stick label and putting these on. SUPER Cute! My camera isn't working, but hopefully I can take some pics for y'all. Thanks again for the template!! Perfect! Yay!!
  8. Thank you Ginalyn! I am using your template for our wedding on Saturday!! Love it~! I changed the Starfish to pink & brown. Sooo pretty! Thanks again!! This forum is a lifesaver...!!
  9. It brought tears to my eyes! We are getting married in 6 days and I haven't figured out the ceremony yet LOL~~!!
  10. ShelbyFL

    my oot bag pics!

    Great job date twin!! Happy wedding! 11 days to go! You are ahead of me!! LOL
  11. ShelbyFL

    Leaving for ROR in the morning! :)

    Congrats!! Hope it was everything you wanted it to be!! Can't wait for pics and to see your review! (We leave in 16 days!)
  12. Wow ladies!!! Time is getting REALLY short! FI and I are fighting ALL the time because I am so stressed. He is driving me nuts. I am SO much to do... finishing OOT bags, waiting for my mugs to get here...dress fitting...finally figured out our rings too this week. There are the parents gifts too...our music... etc.. so much so much. UGHHHH!!! How are you all doing?? Hugs!! Hang in there everyone! Oh! And I have 4 pounds left til my goal weight but I am too exhausted to exercise...so I may have to be happy where I am at now...
  13. ShelbyFL

    ROR Photographer Suggestion?

    Thanks ladies... that's a great start! I appreciate your feedback... :-)
  14. ShelbyFL

    I'm off to ROR

    Congrats!!! Yay! Tomorrow is your day! I cannot wait to hear & see all of it!! I hope your day is beautiful and all you want it to be!! You have to tell us EVERYTHING!! I leave for ROR in 26 days!!
  15. Hi Ladies, I am looking to book a photographer for our wedding - - we tried to book Michael through the PhotoShop at ROR but he is already booked for 2 weddings and 1 reception that day and said he could give us "one hour only" but if our wedding runs late, we still only get from 4-5pm (Our wedding is at 4pm). That is not enough time for me not to stress about it, and I wanted to do TTD on Sunday too and he could not accomodate that either. Can anyone recommend a really good photographer in Jamaica? We are getting married in 29 days. So I know I am late in the game on this one... any help would be appreciated. Also, we only have $1,000 budgeted for photography and we wanted that to be about 2 hours on Saturday for the wedding and approx 1 hour TTD on Sunday... am I dreaming? Is my budget unrealistic? We were thinking about bringing our own photog - there is a nice girl who did our engagement photos, but she offered us maximum of 4 hours of photography & wanted us to fly her and her husband for 4 days/3nights (approx $1600). When I asked her for an extra hour she refused and then said they weren't interested. I was willing to go back to the 4 hours deal (getting worried & a bit panicked), then she flaked out completely and said she and her hubby were fighting. So I walked away from that. I have my own drama, I don't need photog drama at my wedding! Okay, that turned into a much longer post than I had planned! Thanks for any suggestions/recommendations you may have!!