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  1. Well Ladies, I leave for the airport in under 17 hours!! Thanks-you to everyone past and present for all the great inspiration! Kelzavs20, you have already left but good luck and best wishes! I promise to write a review when I return! Now lets hope i haven't forgot to pack anything!
  2. Wow, I would love a white runner but i thought all hope was gone! $80 is a little excessive though!
  3. The aisle runner does have to be red or no runner at all. As far as I know from previous brides questions/answers with the WC, the aisle is an odd shape (has a bend in it) so it is also not possible to bring your own.
  4. We have ditched the package and are going with the free package and then a la carte the rest. We are having 13 people including ourselves. That being said, we are just doing dinner at Oceana on the patio as we didn't really need the dancing afterwards with that few people. This way dinner is only approx $15 per person instead of $50-90 (I cant remember the breakdown). You will have to decide what is important to you, ie. photography, videography, cocktail hour etc as these things add up and you may end up saving with the package, even with so few people. We are still going with photo and video but are not doing the cocktail hour or having the trio or any of the other extras. Also keep in mind that if you are qualifying for the eternity honeymoon package (you have atleast 5 rooms booked), if you ditch the package you cannot qualify for the free wedding and the honeymoon package. We still decided that saving on the wedding itself was better for us as we are staying an extra week for our honeymoon at a different resort so weren't worried about the honeymoon perks at dreams. To answer your other question about tables, we are having one long table with the 13 of us as opposed to splitting into separate tables. If it works for your group you could do 6 and 6 at rounds and then you two at a sweetheart table, or again just do one rectangle and not split people up. We are leaving in 7 days for our wedding in 9 days and are getting very excited! I will write a review when we get back and let you know how it all went with our small little wedding group! Happy Planning!
  5. Nadine2010

    Calgary Brides!

    Quote: Originally Posted by cookiemunchkin Nadine, what do you think of Dreams Cancun? I'm still searching for our resort and Dreams Tulum and Dreams Riviera Cancun are on our list, but I hadn't taken a look at Dreams Cancun yet. I'm just in love with the dreams resorts haha! I am very excited for Dreams Cancun, the resort is beautiful and right on the tip of the hotel zone so virtually surround by water on 3 side. It is super close to night life and shopping etc. The days are getting closer and closer and I can say that I do not regret my decision one bit, even with the renos they have done recently. Good luck finding the perfect resort. Let me know if you have any specific questions I can answer!
  6. Nadine2010

    Calgary Brides!

    There is also a store in Sunridge Mall that had a huge selection of pashminas, I cant remember what it was called but thats where I got them for my Ladies.
  7. I would love 6 blank ones if anyone does decide to order these.
  8. I'll take 12 of the badge holders if you are willing to ship to Canada! Sending you a PM now!
  9. Well that makes sense as to why I have not received any replies to emails since february... I just gave up and decided I would deal with everything when we get there. Good to know! Would have been nice had they let everyone know about the change.... but I guess they couldn't inform us about the gazebo or the terrace either, why would they inform us all about this!
  10. Excellent, i will have to get some sand from Michael's and try it out. I conveniently have two frames as the first one came damaged, so I have a test run first.
  11. Can anyone give me an estimate of the amount of sand that will fit in the ether frame. I tried gluing my frame yesterday at my mom's house so left it there to dry. I will let you ladies know how it went in a few days... i am not very optimistic. If anyone has success gluing can you let us know what glue you used! Thanks!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by NyBeachBride here is my pics..i think i have a pic of the final result of the frame...fyi..at the hotel i asked for duck tape and put one strip and then sealed it. at home i had to add a lil more sand and then sealed it again with tape..but it worked out great Wedding Review Picsgood Thanks for posting your pics, can you give me an estimate of the amount of sand you used? Thanks!
  13. Hi ladies, I am looking at ordering FI's suit here within the next few days, i am just stuck on what colour we should order. My concerns are that my dress is ivory, not white so I don't want him in white or anything too light so that it would look weird with my dress. Have any of you ladies ordered recently and who are wearing ivory and could share what colour you are ordering. Right now the two colours that we are kinda debating between are the greek beige in the 99 suit and the barn beige in the pure linen suit. I understand that the pure linen wrinkles more than the regular, any other pros or cons to ordering the pure linen?? Thanks so much for your input! Nadine
  14. Nadine2010

    Ivory satin parasol for sale

    I may be interested in the parasol, can you let me know how much shipping would be to alberta, my postal code is T2J6E5.