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  1. I am staying at the villas but am having my wedding on the cliffs.
  2. @Sarah thanks so much, take your time! At least I know you are okay. Maybe it is because the wedding day is getting closer but I was have been overly emotional and worried about everything and everyone.
  3. oh okay!!! Thanks make me feel a little better. I was worried about her!
  4. Hi ladies Has anyone heard from Sarah Sprouille? She did my save the dates and invitations and did an amazing job. I would like her to do my programs, menus, and escort cards but she is MIA. It is usually not like her to not return emails and such. I am hoping she is okay. If anyone has heard from her please let me know.
  5. gbyrd

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    Meitra You are right, they are $10.00 plus transportation fee.
  6. gbyrd

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    i was wondering about the chairs too! I am getting chivari chairs and they are $20 plus transportation fee.
  7. gbyrd

    Moon dance cliffs

    thanks so much Paula. It was a very beautiful wedding. Deshaan and I can't wait for you guys to photograph our big day!
  8. Hi My name is Genevieve and I'm the bride. We are getting married at Moon Dance Cliffs on August 21, 2010
  9. gbyrd

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    Lauren Thank you so much for the review. I just booked Kevan who was hundreds less than DJ sound illusion. I also booked Roxroy, please let me know how the video was. I am glad your wedding weekend was a blast. less than 4 months until our big day!
  10. gbyrd

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    I just read the review! Talk about making your heart sink! I am debating on whether to email Oneika to just review some things.
  11. gbyrd

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    @lbsc Roxroy's contact website is www.RGweddings.com and I apologize I received his name from Stacy Clarke as well as Paula. rgweddings@gmail.com is email address. His phone number is (876) 826-1942
  12. gbyrd

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    @mallory Roxroy was recommended to me by Paula @ sungold. His middle package is the one we reserved which is 1250 and is 5 hours of video shot with 2 cameras.
  13. gbyrd

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    Hey Mallory We both live in Philly and both are getting married at Moon Dance. How cool is that. My wedding is less than 6 months away and I think I have taken care of the basic stuff. I reserved floral fantasies for my flowers and am buying everything from them. I just sent Oneika pics of what I wanted and she will take care of it. My DJ is Paul from Sound Illusion and he is already reserved. My videographer is Roxroy Grough and my photograpers are Sungold. I can't wait until the big day.
  14. Myself and my guests are staying at Moon Dance Villas and we are having our wedding at Moon Dance Cliffs. We booked the whole resort (it only holds 40) for our guests. The major benefit and the reason why I booked a boutique hotel was because I wanted the wedding week to be all about me and my guests. There will be no other weddings at the property, and all staff at the boutique hotel will be focused on us. A lot of the chain hotels have more the one wedding a day so that was a no no for me. I also wanted a more personalized experience. At Moon Dance I am not just another number.
  15. im getting married at moon dance cliffs as well. Congrats!