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  1. In case you couldn't tell, I'm totally procrastinating from the real world of Thank You cards and work! Okay, Rehearsal Dinner! Big3n09, I LOVED the restaurant at The Rockhouse - it was delicious! Since we were paying for it ourselves, we wanted to limit the menu a bit and so we created our own. My contact at The Rockhouse was Dwight Jackson. His email is: dwight@rockhousehotel.com A word about The Rockhouse - I did not find them nearly as nice as the Cliffs or the people at Tensing Pen which is where we honeymooned for 3 nights. I might be biased at this point, but the people at
  2. Since a couple of people have asked, I decided to just go ahead and post the TTD picture password here! It's junkerttd The ones on the beach took place about 10 minutes up the road in just a public spot that Brian took us to. We were going to do it at the Villas (so Leslie I am sure that spot will be beautiful!) but there was a wedding going on that day and I just did not want to be on the beach in my wedding dress on someone else's day, you know what I mean? The others are all taken in this amazing cave that Brian took us to! I am so glad because we would have never known about th
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Sparkles8300 Claudette- Your wedding was out of this world BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same colors and I am sooo glad that I do, because everything turned out so amazing. I love the rose/starfish arrangements that you had on the chairs lining the isle. Your dress is so pretty and you are one skinny bride (your pictures motivated me to get to the gym)! It looks like all of your guests had a blast! Where/how did you book DJ Paul? I really want to make sure that our DJ is really good and I watched some of your video and he seemed really fun and like he h
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Neha Claudette, gorgeous pics! You look amazing! Congratulations- glad the wedding was everything you hoped for. =) My update: still in planning mode... we got our plane tickets and so have our parents, so we're definitely getting married in November at MDC! (no matter who else shows up =) ). We are trying to figure out our reception decor right now...I really like the table runner with a few centerpieces look. I think we're going to go with that. One question- what is everyone doing for favors/welcome bags? I'm trying to find something small and us
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by big3n09 Claudette CONGRATS!!! everything looked very nice, especially you! I have a question I have the option to do AI for $125pp per day which is a bit much to me because I don't really like AI since I'm always on the go but do you think it's worth it and how was the alcoholic beverages if you or any of your guest had them, that's the real question, LOL Thank you! That's a really great question - and one that was sprung on me at the last hour from a couple of my guests who went to the Cliff's website and saw that it was all-inclusive so they thought that
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by stacey18 Claudette, congratulations. Your pictures are beautiful. A quick question about your table decorations. Did Moon Dance do those for you or did you arrange to have them done by a florist? And if I could be so bold, do you remember approximately how much they cost. Congrats again! Hi Stacey! Thank you! I actually had the florist do the centerpieces and the table runners and then I brought some shells for the table (bought them at Pearl Craft Stores, very similar to Michaels) that Kerry placed around the table. And I could be wrong, but
  7. Hello ladies!!!! I'm back! And MARRIED! Woohoo! It will take me a while to write a thorough review, but let me start by easing everyone's nerves and saying that Moon Dance Cliffs exceeded my expectations! Everything was SO beautiful and the staff went above and beyond to ensure our wedding day was perfect! Linus and Kerry were AMAZING! And Richard, the manager, was unbelievable! How I wish I had been in contact with Richard before, as he truly knows the meaning of "customer service"! And the place is an absolute dream! You feel as though you are in a movie as soon as you arrive! All my
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by nylaphoto I have received a few emails about Moon Dance Cliffs, as I shot there just last week. I have added a few photos to my blog and I will let the Groom who is on the boards post his reviews of the resort. As far as photography, light is key as the sun sets very quickly in Jamaica. It goes from harsh light all day to sunset very quick, so allow your photographer the time for formals. I shot a day after shoot for a few hours as we ran out of light after finishing group formals. If you are having an afternoon wedding, be aware the sun sets directly be
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Neha Hey all! nobody's posted in a while...We've signed our contract and are putting the deposit down Monday! I'm so excited to finally have the place booked! We did decide on the AI option so if anyone has questions about specifics, PM me. Also, I bought my dress! Things are finally coming together. One quick question- we are trying to figure out our photographer and have spoken to Sungold and Saab so far. Any suggestions on how long to get the photographer for and if the "associate" photographers are any good? I looked at the websites but they only h
  10. Sparkles, I just realized that your parents will be staying at the Cliffs one week after your wedding, so probably not where you want to be honeymooning! Hehe! We're still trying to decide whether we should stay at the Cilffs or venture to another hotel for our honeymoon. Do you know what property is next door to the Cliffs? Thanks!
  11. Sparkles! Thank you and your parents SO much for the pictures are the great review! I feel as though I have a much better idea of the hotel and I am RELIEVED to see the progress of the resort! Maybe you guys can have your honeymoon there?! I have the same wedding colors as you, so I just emailed Kerry to see if she could send me some pictures of the napkins, lanterns, etc. that she showed your parents - I'm getting so nervous as the wedding date is getting closer and closer! Ahh! But also so excited! Thanks again for the sharing the pics and I love your Dad for taking so many great pictures!!!
  12. Hey ladies! Sorry I've been MIA for so long! First and most importantly, taovandel CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you - what great news! Please continue to keep in touch and let us know how the pregnancy is coming along! Welcome to the forum nylaphoto! There's great information on here! I'm getting married May 23rd, and I would love to see the pics! Your bride should definitely get on here! So less than 2 months to go to my wedding - still have lots to do but I'm mainly just getting excited about being married! Woohoo! Hugs, Claudette
  13. Hmm, I don't know about the thread - I normally just search for it right away! Your guests won't mind! Then the stress of the wedding will be over and you guys can all relax and have fun! Are you going to have a honeymoon in Jamaica? My FI and are I trying to decide how much longer to stay for the honeymoon and whether or not we want to stay at the Cliffs or go to another hotel...thoughts?
  14. Lynnmb1021 - I agree with Mastistyle - the same thing happened to all of us; we were told Linus was our coordinator and yet we were in contact with Kerry. I think the day of Linus is there heading it up - at least that's my impression! Taovandel - I think it's up to you - I do think that everything will already be in place but it's all about your level of stress. I am arriving on Thursday and getting married on Saturday because I know my level of stress! I truly believe everything will be fine with just a few hour between your arrival and the rehearsal, and it might actually be better t
  15. Hello ladies! Thanks again for all of the information and reminders! Taovandel, Glistening Waters looks BEAUTIFUL! I showed it to my FI and we will definitely be visiting there during our honeymoon! We're about 90% sure we're doing the rehearsal dinner at the new restaurant that Rockhouse has called Pushcart - you can find information about it here: eat | Rockhouse Hotel I think we're just going to go ahead and invite everyone who's there by that time - we'll see how it goes as it gets closer. I have to say that with the economy the way it is, people who originally were planning o
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