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  1. i would be interested in learning about other cake options as well. let me know if you hear anything! bumping this!
  2. I agree with both points. I think the chains can be more economical but it sounds like with bigger brand power, there could also be more of that corporate stuff to deal with having the weddings run like a factory.
  3. She is our photographer too. All of her pictures are so colorful and natural we are excited to have a real photojournalist come with us to our wedding for photos.
  4. I have been to the wyndham at sugar bay in st thomas for a DW! let me know if you have any questions. it was my cousin's wedding and it was gorgeous. that is how we got the idea to have a destination wedding of our own.
  5. We are going back and fourth on mexico and jamaica for our wedding. I read on another forum it is easier to make the marriage ceremony legal in Jamaica than it is in Mexico. Anyone know where I can find out info on this?
  6. I am interested in getting feedback on Jamaica wedding locations. Anyone have any good ones with pix? I will probably be getting a travel agent too but I am just excited after figuring out that we definitely want a destination wedding!
  7. We are thinking about getting married in Jamaica, Mexico or other warm location. We are looking to have a small (20-60 people) very nice wedding without completely going broke What are the benefits of picking a private smaller name hotel versus a huge place like Sandals or Beaches? I would love some feedback on this so I can dive deeper!
  8. Hi all! I am a Milwaukee bride planning a destination wedding hopefully for either late spring or winter 2010/2011. )
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