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  1. Hi Kristen! We were married May 7th at BTC ... I think if you are brining that much business to a TA, they should be going the extra mile for you. Our TA handled our entire wedding, and was also a BTC bride, which made it that much easier for us. We were just shy of 60 guests and went with the Seaside Serenade Theme. Some guests booked air thru her and others did it on their own. I'd say shop around until you find the right TA who will fit your needs. Congratulations
  2. Hey .. we were married in May and the air from phila was $327 when we first looked, I think that is when it was just out, and we attempted to hold out for cheaper air but once the price went up , it never came back down. We all (58 guest) ended paying $621 i believe ..... Direct flights out of newark, nj and JFK are $427 now for next Oct 2011 .. Jet Blue also is flying into Provo, flights seem to be just above that rate ... Just and FYI ...
  3. AnnMarie, The resort stores were a bit on the expensive side. It would be cheaper to just buy them here and take it with you. It was safe off the resort. We are going back next October! Can't wait! Congratulations on your wedding
  4. We had a private rehearsal dinner, which was poolside French village and enjoyed it that much we changed our reception to that location as well.
  5. 1. When you arrive at the resort, you are met by a beaches rep, and given some documents to go over by the time of your meeting with your Beaches WC who actually greets you on your arrival. You will be given an appointment with your WC either that day or the next day to go over the particulars of you wedding ... 2. Scooners is one of the popular restaurants, which is closed maybe two days a week, which weddings would be scheduled. You WC will walk you thru the resort and show you each site your ceremony and reception could take place. You will have many to choose from and all of whi
  6. We were married at Beaches, and absolutely loved it! We also heard great reviews about Grace Bay, but we had many couples with younger children, which lead us to our choice of resort. We had 56 guests all stayed at Beaches. I do not think you can go wrong with the island, its just a matter of personal preference for resorts, Beaches will not allow outside vendors, and there is where you make your sacrifices .... Congrats on your up coming wedding
  7. Turks & Caicos is one of the best diving spots. I only did the resort course but the other experienced divers on our trips kept saying this was one of the best locations.
  8. I voted Turks & Caicos, I absolutely loved it there, it is a bit more expensive, but I believe it is well worth it
  9. Lauren, They do go over that with you when you meet with the resort WC, you can choose what they have or edit it to your own. I think our ceremony was just under 5minutes
  10. Hi! We were married May 7th, @ 3pm on the beach. It was perfect, with an ocean breeze. The websites I have been on showed weather in May is a pretty consistent temperature in the mid 80's and did stay true to that during our trip. We gave out palm tree fans for each guest before the ceremony. I don't think you could pick a bad time, it all depends on your taste and reception needs. We had a private reception, poolside french village after and when that ended, we moved the party to another bar on the resort It was an amazing day
  11. When you meet with your WC at the resort, she takes you to each place that you can have your rehearsal/welcome dinner and your reception, she will also print out an itinerary of all your events that you can give to each guest. The menu's are different for each event and should be in your wedding packet, you can ask your travel agent or the Beaches WC for the menu's because they do change. We had 56 guests and had our rehearsal dinner poolside @ the French Village and enjoyed it so much, we changed the wedding location there last minute. I don't have access to my pictures to share tonight, s
  12. Hi, just PM'd you about some things ..
  13. Congrats and Happy Planning!!
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