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  1. I ordered my bouquet from Enchanting Memories. Here's the link to their website: http://enchantingmemoriesstore.com/
  2. Hi Ladies! I was married at Beaches T&C in May and I brought my own "real-touch" bouquet. I ordered it from an online company and it cost about $120 and looked absolutely beautiful! I still have it in a vase in my home, and I love the fact that I can keep it forever and it looks VERY real! If you want a personalized bouquet and don't want to spend a fortune, I'd highly recommend ordering real-touch flowers. Below is a picture of my bouquet...
  3. Oops, I referred to my "husband" as my "fiance"...still not used to the "husband" terminology...especially on this website...LOL!!!
  4. MissKady- So glad you had a great time! We LOVED it as well! Future brides- please don't stress!! You will have a FABULOUS wedding and a GREAT time! My fiance and I (as well as our families) keep talking about when we're going to go back! I miss it already, and it's only been about 2 months!!!
  5. Lizzdee- You are absolutely right...whoever wants to bet there (and can generally afford it) will be there! Don't stress out too much about it! My husband has two bothers, but only one came to our wedding, and my dad and stepmom were not able to make it. But I understood in the beginnning that it was expensive, and everyone who went had a great time, and those who couldn't be there LOVED all of our photos! Please don't stress..you will have a BLAST!! :-)
  6. Please excuse the typos and repetitive nature of my post...I'm trying to do too many things at once..lol
  7. Hi Melissa, We found my husband's pants at JC Penney's and his shirt at Tommy Bahama. We purchased his pants at JC Penneys, and they were not expensive (maybe $30 or $35..and they always have sales there, too), but we got his shirt from Tommy Bahama, and it was kind of expensive...but we went to the outlet store, and we figured that since it's for our wedding we'd spend a little more thna usual. You may want to check-out those places if they have stores located near you...hope that helps!! :-)
  8. Yes, I think they will accomodate that. I believe (and somebody please correct me if I'm wrong) that Brandy did the same thing you're planning to do. I would just tell them you want the reception held 3 hours after the ceremony, and your guests can go hang-out at one of the bars or lounges and then meet with you all after the photoshoot.
  9. We loved our cleaning ladies, too! They were soo nice and polite! Just a word of advice for future visitors- they will sometimes try to "straighten" your room for you and misplace your things (not in a bad way...they're just trying to help), so if there's anything you don't want them to touch, you should put it in the safe! :-)
  10. Hey Michelle- You will love the Parrot Cay 1 bedroom suite! Our friends hung out in our "living room" throughout the trip...like when it would start raining (the 15 minutes of rain we got every day...no biggie) we would all come to our room and play cards or would have an ice cold beer from the fridge and hang-out on the large patio... and it's literally in the middle of the resort and so convenient to everything. You'll love it!!
  11. Congrats Kendall!! I got married in the same gazebo, at 11am...too funny! I am so glad you and your guests had such a great time! My guests are STILL talking about it and they loved it too!!!
  12. We got married at 11am, so when we took our photos it wasn't too hot yet. I did ask the photographer at one point to grab me a bottle of water because I was getting a little hot....but you're "in the moment" and you really won't notice it too much!
  13. I forgot to post this picture of our dessert at Sapodilla's....Happy Honeymoon to us!
  14. I tried posting this review in the "review" section, but it kept freezing...so here it is! We had such an amazing time and wonderful wedding! Where do I begin?! AIRPORT- We arrived in the PLS airport, which is very small, and another plane landed right before us, so we had to wait in line for about an hour, which felt like forever because we were so excited to get to the resort! We grabbed our luggage and went straight to the Beaches area where we were greeted with cold towels. They put our room number on our luggage and put us in a van and we were on our way! The driver was re
  15. Hello! I am still working on my review, unpacking, etc! We purchased 25 photos from the Beaches photographer, Patrick, who was very good! Here's a few....
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