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  1. Hi ladies! The DH and I are going to GBP Coba from Jan 6-13. Anyone also there at this time? It would be great to meet up!
  2. Hi Ladies. Does anyone know Or perferably have a picture of the gym there? Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for your help! I will be removng this post shortly. Once I decide which to pick
  4. Chicken764 - She send me an email on Thursday with the link and password. Hopefully you have yours too! Thanks ladies! Keep the opinions coming!! I am so indecisive!
  5. Thanks ladies! This I his Xmas gift, I just hope I can keep it a secret for that long! Julie was great to work with and the session was at the Chateau Cartier in Gatineau. The pictures are unedited so don't pick the pictures based on their color, editing, or cropping. Thanks again for all you wonderful words! It's great to feel sexy again
  6. Hi everyone!! Ihad a great Boudoir photo session with Julie form Bella Stella here in the Ottawa Area! And I need your help!! I cannot decide on the best pictures. I need help picking the best 25 of the shots from my session. Could you please take a look and tell me which picture # you prefer? - Link will be removed after the weekend Bella Stella Photography gallery: miss virginia Password: cubasi Thank you!!
  7. So, as some of you know, I got husband a pretty cool groom's gift - if I do say so myself At first I was going to go for the Customs Cake topper, but then I found, - Bobblehead | Custom Bobblehead . I submitted a few pictures, paid for the compltely customizable one and never looked back! They sent updates constantly, making sure I approved of everything before it was finalized (make sure you click on "proofs") Needless to say I was more than satisfied with their service. They shipped it out to me with 1 month to spare, but FedEx lost if. They quickly worked to make a second (there are all hand sculpted and painted) and made sure I got it right before we left. Further down I've also attached a link to the photobucket slide show that shows our "adventures" with the bobble. (Basically the last full day at the resort, we walked around and took pictures of our favorite places). Side Note: about 1 month after we returned from our Honeymoon, FedEx found our original bobble! So now we have 2! Here is my brand new hubby opening his gift. Here is the link to our Adventures! http://s37.photobucket.com/albums/e9...ndvirg/Bobble/
  8. Thought I would add some more, since you are all picture happy **Mods could you maybe update the title of the thread? P.S. I am also uploading "the adventure of Mr. & Mrs Bobble" thread, look for it Sand ceremony Cake Father-daughter dance, turned into mother/father/daughter dance, which spontaneously then turned into father/mother/bride/groom dance - there was NOT a dry eye in the house! TTD hot pepping-Tom Great moment in the pool last one!
  9. As promised, here are the underwater pictures - from a 10$ Wal-Mart camera, so the quality is not the best. And for those ladies that asked, I LOVE my birdcage, I know I should sell it, because I have no idea when I will ever wear it again. But I'm just not ready to part with it yet. Enjoy the pictures!!
  10. Hi Ladies, Thank you all so much for the complimentrs!!! Sorry i've been MIA for so long, Things have been crazy at home! I am in full running training mode to do a marathon soon so I'm online a lot less. To answer your questions, I will post the udnerwater shots soon, I swear! And yes, the flowers are artificial and from Bittersweet Wedding Designs. 90 days as a Mrs!!! Cheers
  11. Everything will be ok We got married at the Melia Las Dunas, Cayo Santa Maria on a Wednesday, at 4:30. Most resorts willonly do the Monday to Friday because the notary (the one that makes the ceremony legal) only works during the week. Our resort accomodated weddings as late as 6pm while we were there. Hopefully you find something that suits you.
  12. Best for Bride - online! I tried on the dress here in person though, loved it, but not the price. Found it for MUCH less there, and they threw in Shipping for free!
  13. Of course we have to have one at the swim-up bar.. With almost everyone in our group Making out at the pool Last shot! I hope you all enjoyed! I have a few more really cool underwater shots, but I think you are all pictured out Cheers!
  14. BUT THIS IS MY FAVORITE! These I want in Black and White! my photographer likes to be a peeping tom First Pool shot! 2nd Pool Shot!
  15. me like me some muscles So cute! [ and I got dunked.. But so did he! I HEART this one
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