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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by CaliaA07 I first have to say I LOVE Laurell. She is by far one of my favorite authors. Her books are fluff but sooooo addicting. She has two series. Anita Blake Vampire and the Merry Gentry series. The Anite Blake series has 16 books but I think a new one just came out so it might be 17. They are actually in the discussions to make a movie!! A little forewarning. The first few books of AB are quite different from the later books. I don't know what happened but she has a LOT of sex in her books. And I mean alot. So if that is something that bothers you then I'm
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by CaliaA07 If you want a great vamp series you should read Laurell K. Hamiltons Anita Blake series. Now I will warn you there is ALOT and I mean alot of sex in her books. But if you don't mind they are great. I'd call them semi fluff but the story line is amazing!! How many books are in the Laurell K. Hamiltons' Anita Blake series? I tried to do a search at Borders, but over 76 books came up in the results. I read the summary on a few of them. I'm actually interested in the series. I just don't know where to start. TIA
  3. I cannot wait for the movie. I read all the books within two weeks. Hopefully, the movie lives up to the hype.
  4. I don't sleep with stuff animals anymore, but I do collect them (still). LOL, I used to walk around with a doll's head as a child. LOL, the doll's head was missing an eye and some hair. I would bring it everywhere with me. While, I was sleeping, my sisters would take it from me, wash it in the washing machine, and put it back before I woke up. LOL, I know I sound like Wednesday from the Adams Family.
  5. In situations like thisone, usually the perpetrator is someone that victim already knows.
  6. No, I've travelled to Mexico and various islands throughout the Caribbean without any issue of thief. When you travel, you can have good time, but also be safe and reasonable about the situation. I carried locks with me and used them in our suite at Riu. Basically, I would use everything I needed out of my suitcase and placed everything back. As far as makeup, I left the cheap stuff out, but placed my more expensive products in my suitcase. I also did not use the in-room hotel safe. I locked my rings, watches, and any other valuables (i.e., travel documents, wallet, cash, credit cards, etc
  7. were you able to sort out your situation with sprint?
  8. I am still going strong. Is it getting better for you?
  9. I actually lost a total of 20 lbs with Alli, exercise, and diet control. I went on my vacation and was very happy with the results. LOL, I've been off the wagon for about 3 weeks. When I came back from my trip to JA in August. I wanted a break from everything. I just started today. I'm glad to report that I did not gain any weight. I went back to eating normal again and my regular exercise routine. I also an additional 5 lbs. I am feeling great. So, I decided to get back on board again. I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that no longer fit me. Since, I lost weight, I am able to wear them again
  10. fyi, i was married august 2007 in ocho rios, jamaica. i had over 150 (90 from USA and 60+ from JA) guests at my wedding. the only table that had assigned seating were the first three tables that were directly in front of the head table. these table were reserved for our parents and very important guests. the other tables were open seating. i couldn't bother with figuring out the dynamics of everyone's relationship with each other. there was so much drama and politics that came with our destination wedding. i decided that this was one thing that i couldn't stress about. these were adults that a
  11. i did have some trouble sleeping. i had taken a natural sleep aid called melatonin to help with my sleep cycle. it basically put me back on track again. here's some info Melatonin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. it's also not habit forming like the other non/prescribed meds. on the market.
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