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  1. hmmm maybe ill march down to the MTV building in Toronto (where they also film the aftershow ) and propose my own reality show lol
  2. WOW!!! that is beyond disgusting!! if i got paid for all the drama in my life lately being on tape i think i would be pretty damn rich (i think you know about the drama im talking about Jess! lol)
  3. ok well on the topic of houses in the Hills....how the hell do Lauren and Audrina have the money to buy their respective houses? they are 21!!! my age! ummmm hello there is no way they have that much money
  4. so what did Heidis sister say on the aftershow
  5. haha ill join the bet that she is preggers!
  6. hahah lets see how long their stupid relationship lasts as a wedding...
  7. hmm mine doesnt say notifications either..it says private messages...
  8. oops i forgot to explain...the reason he took the pics of the butterfly was because his wife loved butterflies and got so excited when she would see them at the cottage...so he figured thi one that was following him was his wife keeping him company
  9. wow that is a really creepy story Yari!!! i have a kind of similar one...my neighbours at the cottage were a lovely Irish couple in their 70s...well the wife passed away and when her husband was at the cottage a month or so later he saw this one butterfly that was always around him when we was outside...well he grabbed his camera (not digital) and put a new roll of film in it and went outside to take a picture of the butterfly...he took alot of pictures and then finished the roll of film that weekend and he heard the roll rewind when it was done....well when he opened the camera to take
  10. wow ya that would be freaky! my Grandparents ontime had the freakiest thing happen too....they were both getting ready for bed and then they got a knock on the door. it was paramedics looking for someone who had called 911 for help. My grandparents were like no no one called from here are you sure it was our house? and so the paramedic i guess called dispatch and traced the call and it came from their address and their phone number. well anyways neither of them had called but it definately came from their house and so the paramedics had to search the house to make sure they didnt like kill som
  11. not gonna lie....its kinda annoying that everyone is making puppy cams now...the original one is sooo cute but the rest kinda make it lame...lol
  12. hmmm well i dont know if this would work..but if you are having pictures while getting ready maybe put some on for those pictures and then you can probably wipe most of it off and once the ceremony is done put some on again im sure he could understand you having it on for pictures
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