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  1. missdanelle

    Pops in your head

    bob marley; one love
  2. missdanelle

    I found a Lump on my Dog :-(

    I hope its nothing serious; keep us posted. Buddy is so sweet BTW!
  3. missdanelle

    Calling All Wine-O's!!!!

    Yumm.. I love love Red wine. My favorite is Pinot Noir but occasionally I drink Shiraz.
  4. missdanelle

    Pops in your head

    ghost: scary
  5. missdanelle

    Losing the Weight...feels good!

    Congrats Jill that is such a huge acheivement! kEEP IT UP GIRL!
  6. missdanelle

    cant read my.. cant read my...

    that is pretty funny! I just listened to the song- now im not clueless!
  7. missdanelle

    Advanced (?) Scrabble!

    teens: sneak
  8. missdanelle

    i want cupcakes...

    Let me just tell you Tammy that since Tuesday when you posted this thread; I have been craving a doggone cupcake like you dont even know. I gave up sweets.. and carbs for lent so i have to wait until Easter to have one which makes it even more fun! Pretty sure im going to eat a dozen cupcakes when the time comes.. thank you!!! lol
  9. missdanelle

    Pops in your head

    whatever: whatever
  10. missdanelle

    cant read my.. cant read my...

    im with Casey... no clue! your a cutie though Jaque!
  11. missdanelle

    Advanced (?) Scrabble!

    grind: drive
  12. How exciting! YOu look absolutely beautiful! I loved your dress in your planning thread; especially with your long veil. Congrats & have the best time ever!
  13. missdanelle

    Blended families? Anyone?

    It's very diffcult at first but very rewarding once you establish trust with them. Trust me, she'll come around... hopefully sooner than later. My FI has 3 (yes 3) daughters ranging in ages from 7 to 17 ! It took the middle one quite some time to warm up to me- Years infact. Shes finally to the point now that she can actually laugh and tell me "I hated you so much when you first started dating my dad"! Patience is key for sure; especially at her age. Little girls are very protective over their daddies. Once she figures out that your not trying to take her dad away then you two can be great friends! Good Luck!
  14. my son is going to be 3 at the time of our wedding & he will definately be the ring bearer! I have also seen the little one walking you down the isle alongside your father or whomever that may be & its super cute as well!