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  1. I let my photographer suggest the time. I wanted to make sure we had enough light and enough time to do pics before sunset. We even did some of our family pictures before the ceremony so we had enough time to fit them all in. I got married in November. My ceremony started at 4pm. Cocktail hour from 4:30-5:30 and then dinner around 5:45 (after our entrance and first dance). I can't be sure, but I think dinner was over by 7pm. The music ends at 10:30pm at Dreams, and I felt that this gave us plenty of time for dinner and dancing.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by salomeh Hi, Your pictures turned out AWESOME!!!!! I love you hair and your dress! I am glad to see everything turned out beautiful. Our site visit was great! It was great meeting you and getting to see all of your pictures. The flower in your hair looked great in pictures, was it real? Take care, Salomeh I actually ordered a real flower through my wedding coordinator, and suzanne morel's staff brought it to the room. The flower was a little torn and brown and literally fell apart when we tried to put it in...LUCKILY I brought a backup flo
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by olga1708 You look great. I hope you had fun. How did you like bradley? How was the food? Hwo did you flowers and cake? Do you suggest getting the lights for under the table? I am going to write a review soon! I loved Bradley, cannot say enough good things about him, and I am thrilled with the pics. The food was excellent. Cake was beautiful, but I only had one bite and it was ok, they forgot to deliver the top layer to my room so I really don't know. No one was raving about the cake and nobody said it was awful! I think I still recommend th
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Erika J Twixygirl.. your pictures are so beautiful!! I completely forgot that I was looking for the location, I had to go back and look a second time with that in mind .. LOL. I loved so many things about your wedding are you planning on writing a review? Anyways.. THANK YOU FOR SHARING Thanks so much for your kinds words, we were so pleased with every aspect of the wedding. I just got back on Saturday and of course things are crazy at work...I am working on my review, it should be up this weekend some time!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ultimateme143 Everything looked beautiful. Especially your dress. We have the same one!!! The dress was a hit. I guess the dress is always a hit, but I was so pleased with it and the way it came out in pics. I am sure you will be thrilled, and I know you will look fantastic.
  6. We had kids and we did send them to the Explorers Club during the week, but not during the wedding. The club closes at 9:00pm so it is possible to do that for the wedding and at least part of the reception if the parents are ok with it. We had enough kids and they were old enough that when we sent them together we knew they would take care of each other and they all had a blast. Another consideration is that what if the parents decide not to force the kids to go, and then you are a a bunch of seats short because the kids show up. I would be more worried about that then the cost. As a pa
  7. Everything else could have been handled by my Dreams WC Mariana. My outside WC handled my flowers and the music and cake, but the rest was handled by Mariana, the wedding coordinator that Dreams provides. In my opinion if you have already found Dreams the hard work is done. The WC there are more than equipped to handle any needs you have. There are so many resources on this forum that I honestly beleive you do not need an outside coordinator. In fact, at times, having two coordinators was almost more difficult. Even thought my WC work together all the time and work perfectly together, a
  8. I am back, everything was perfect. Our group had so much fun at dreams! I got to met Salomeh while we were there. Salomeh- how did your hair turn out? I was the rest of your site visit?? Quote: Originally Posted by olga1708 When are you coming back? Cant wait to see the pictures. Quote: Originally Posted by JGAMMAGIRL77 I'm also getting married in Nov. 09 and haven't decided on a the location for the reception. Pictures will be greatly appreciated. :-) Here is our online wedding gallery link: Cabo Wedding Photography- powered by SmugMug
  9. Mariana was my coordinator at Dreams and it does take several days for a response. In most cases, an immediate response is not necessary but in this case it may be more important to you. I would definately get on the phone and lock in your date. After that you have plenty of time so you eventually get used to the delay. It takes some getting used to, as I really get in the groove and want to make a bunch of decisions all at once and finalize everything immediately. It was hard for me to adjust but I eventually did and even toward the end, I knew my WC would respond when she could so I didn't l
  10. I just got back from on Saturday and I visited all of the places that people are suggesting on this thread so you can't go wrong! I am basically just reinforcing what others have said! We had a blast at Mango Deck. It is much bigger then the office. They also had better drink specials then the office... 2 for 1 7am-7pm. Mango Deck and the office are literally seperated by inches so everytime we were down there both places had a similar vibe. I loved Sunset De Mona Lisa. We had the most amazing table with the most amazing sunset. I would have loved to have an event there for all my
  11. We are back, everthing was perfect! Bradley Fraser was our photographer. He was wonderful and we are thrilled. Here is our online wedding gallery link: Cabo Wedding Photography- powered by SmugMug Enjoy!
  12. Does anyone remember the bride that posted her review of dreams and said that her group got some strange rash She even posted pics of it. I was just wondering because we are honeymooning with the same rash! Not sure if we should go to the doctor or if we can just pick something up in town. If anyone knows would you pm the link to that thread please do, I would appreciate it! The wedding was perfect, will write a review when I get home! Thanks!
  13. Everything looks great! Wishing you all the best in your marriage! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Reluctant Beach Bride I absolutely love everything you did and am definitly going to refer to this thread for inspiration when my time comes. I hope I can muster the creativity to be as detailed, every aspect of your trip and wedding is going to be amazing. Would you mind sharing how you did the notebooks? They are AWESOME! I purchased the books from Oriental Trading (DYO! HARD COVER SPIRAL NOTEBOOK) they were 8 for $9.95. I then designed each of the pages, printed in color, cut them out. I pasted three pages of the notebook together to make the pages more
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by kerryjbrown This looks absolutely amazing!!! You have done a great job, it is goign to look fabulous! I have one questions. How did you do your chapstick labels. I have done mine 2x with 2 different types of labels and cannot get them to stay stuck, they keep unraveling. Thanks! I ordered the chapstick from LipBalmExpress.com and I love it! I ordered the watermelon flavor and it smells great. The cost was around $57.00 for 100 lip balms and shipping. You pick the color of the cap and the text and you get three lines to type in your info...it was SO easy.
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