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  1. Hahaha...It drives me insane that book 10 was only in hardback and I have 1-9 in paperback!! But I had to have 10 when it came out so I guess I will have 10-whenever in hardback...hahahaha YAY!!!! I loved Book 4!! :-) I hope they do tooo!!!
  2. I am loving this season and I LOVE that they brought the Fairies out! As soon as she started dreaming and that woman came up to her, I was like OMG it's Claudine! And sure enough...there she was (although the book makes her out to be BEAUTIFUL) <--BTW this is not a spoiler since this was in this weeks episode I was a little mad about it at first since technically Claudine doesn't show up until Book 4, but I think it's going to help the Bill/Sookie storyline. Lisa- Book #4 was def one of the most enjoyable...I think that book is really where the books start getting both really weird and really good at the same time...So enjoy! Amy-Yes you need to read these books ASAP! Can't wait for this weeks episode
  3. Things are getting good! Finally. I still don't love this season, but I'll take what I can get...hahahaha
  4. Ahhh So FINALLY some drama is starting. I feel like the season started last night...Thank you Andrew!! I think that if the other people in that house don't step up and start winning, then Rachel & Brendon will fight to the end and they will win. He gets the Veto's and she gets the HOH's....It's ridiculous. Rachel is annoying but Brendon is worse in my opinion. He looks damn good, don't get me wrong, but he is so Naieve (sp?) I mean he asked someone last week, "are you coming after us?" and of course they said no, so he turns to Rachel and says, "See he's not coming after us"..lol He believes everything everyone says, which is crazy since this is a game about lying!! I would LOVE to see Rachel out and see Brendon play this game without her....But sadly, I think she'll outlast him. My Pick for the Sabatour is Brendan. Because it is bascally America's player and if he agrees to it, he nominates who WE say....I would LOVe Love love to see him nominate Rachel. How awesome would that be???????? Oh & manders..thanks for pointing out the Spoilers button! I am going to use it now just to test it out....... This is just a test
  5. Well most likely she would get Immunity the first week, so she would have at least a week to try and make a solid alliance. The Biker Rider was James and I hated that he came back :-( LOL I wanted Alex! @ Manders - I seriously can't stand Rachel and I think Brendan is WAY too hot & nice for her. Although he is a little bit of a wuss. I think they started this Shomance because they wanted to be the next Jordan & Jeff. They make way too many references to them.
  6. I feel your pain!! I keep saying BB HAD to have had a Back up plan in case Annie was evicted early, but I don't think so. I heard that Annie is in Sequester, not sure how true that is, but that means there could be something down the line of an evicted house guest coming back. Not that it would be a good thing, since they all suck and no one wants them back! hahahaha The Twins Twist was my favorite too
  7. Yea, Eric did good as America's player, but if you remember, America go to vote on who they wanted as America's player and we picked him. They should have did that this year. I would have Brendon so we could make him nominate Rachel..hahaha Yea we need people like Evil Dick in this house. They are all too Neutral. I think Regan said it on After Dark (or maybe the show, can't remember) but he's like, "usually aat this point there are 2 sides of the house and then some floaters, but this year everyone gets along" & I'm like HELLO! Pick a side and let the drama begin. I hate that they all pretty much get along. I'm so sad...My BB obsession has been crushed this year and at this point, I think the only way we are going to get a season 13 is if they do Allstars. They have to save the show somehow..LOL
  8. @ Rachel - Go back and read Book 3! LOL It gets good! Although this season is mixing parts of the other books in with it as well. It's not exact, but in a round about way, this season followed the book pretty close (with the exception of the new characters that aren't in the book, of course! lol) I agree about Jesus & Lafayette, but i don't honestly know why they still have Lafayette around anyway. That is a pointless story, but Jesus is Hot (& reminds me of Jonathan Rhys Meyers) so I don't mind. My husband whines the whole time they show them too, I'm like get over it!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by miss_delerium I think it would've been better if they never revealed the sabateour to the houseguests and just let them think (at least for a couple more weeks) that the sab. was still in the house. At least it would make it more interesting to watch with them being all paranoid and pointing fingers at each other. I swear I just said this same exact thing to someone today! Not only is this season really boring, but they took the twist out of the game too early. Even though Annie was voted out, they could have carried this twist to the week that Annie WOULD have been revealed and the houseguests would have been so paranoid and not wanting to trust each other. This year, they are way too aware of the camera's, so they are careful. They should have gotten people who didn't know too much about Big Brother. I think the casting crew dropped the ball this year. It's really bad and I am a really big fan of BB At this point, Brittney is a biatch, but she keeps the show interesting. I wish Rachel would just go already...I hate her and I am so tired of seeing them make out all damn day!
  10. I loved last nights Episode! but if you've read the books, you know what's coming next week and I can't wait for that Episode either! It may be the best one yet Jesus and Lafayette don't make me unfortable. All of the gory scenes made me really uncomfortable though..hahahaha. But good for Tara for getting away & Saving Sookie. The one thing I do hate is how little airtime Sookie gets this season. I realize they want to play out other story lines, but she is the MAIN character..lol Can we see things happening with her a little more?
  11. I have to read the book first, Because if I watch the movie first I will have no interest in reading the book....It's my weird little Quirk I guess! LOL I have had the "Dear John" book forever, and I really want to see the movie, but I am waiting until I get around to reading the damn book! LOL Between this thread, People I work with and also hearing about the movie that they are making from the book, that got me really interested! We can def do a swap Manders! I love to read!
  12. I have heard good things about Water for Elephants, although its not something I would have picked up on my own, I really want to get it now! Manders, I had no idea there was a Men's Version! Hilarious! I have picked up that book a million times and I never bought it because #1 it was small, so it would be a quick read and #2, it enver interested me, however, after seeing the movie previews, I def want to read it now!
  13. Everything Looks Great Ang! I am excited for you! I especially love Enrique! hahahahaha
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by ~*~Margie~*~ I may have just been hearing things but last night when Joe Lee called Tommy at the car I swear I heard him say something about "you better get Me my V" So maybe he is an addict. And I don't remember who asked but Crystal wasn't in the books till Book 4. She was Jason's new years eve date. I didn't hear it, but I have a feeling their "Mystery" doesn't involve V..At least I hope it don't. I am about tired of that storyline too! Thanks for the Clarification. I had a feeling that they were showing Crystal a little early. Maybe they are going to combine Book 3 & 4?? Quote: Originally Posted by carly I completely forgot about the power as well. And I'm having trouble telling the difference between teh books. Why did they rename the Maenad to be "Maryann" in the show when her name was something like "callisto" in the book? Cuz I read Cougs responses and was like who the eff is Maryann? Hahahhaa, it took me a minute to remember. I forgot they showed her power last season as well & Now I remember that she does get it in the book, so that is early as well. Hmmmm. As for the Maenad, I think because they actually gave her a bigger storyline in the books, they had to rename her. If you remember, she was more like an animal in the books...Less "normal" like. So if Tara was to trust her, they had to make her more normal I think Quote: Originally Posted by cougs haha yeah, it seems they changed a lot of the names. maybe maryann just seemed more "normal" so it made it easier to believe that tara wouldn't think anything weird was up from the get-go? i just remember her saying over and over again, "what ARE you?" to sookie. but anyway, not sure when she'll know herself what the power is or how to control/use it. Hahaha Lisa, I wrote what i wrote above and then read my MQ from you and it was almost the same..Sorry about that..lol As for Debbie Pelt....She was a Major mess in the books, so if she if going to be worse in the show, this should be interesting!! I really wish book 11 would come out..LOL I am going through withdrawl and the show is only helping a little Lisa-When is your vacation when your going to start the books? Soon right?
  15. I think that Kristen is going to be a part of things more now. It's only a matter of time before Rachel & Brendon let everyone know about Hayden & Kristen's Secret 'Showmance". This season is still really boring to me and I really hope it gets better soon!!
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