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  1. April 2009 Fudgie - April 13, 2009 - Sol Palmeras, Varadero Sarafish (Sara and Jeff) - April 18, 2009, Playa Pesquero, Holguin Erin0409 (Erin & Stuart) - April 29, 2009 Superclub Breezes, Jibacoa Pardisia (Karen & Mark) - April 22, 2009 Occidental Grand Playa Turquesa, Holguin May 2009 jax_the_beach_bride- May 8, 2009- Blau Varadero, Varadero DWbride09 - May 21, 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero June 2009 Amelia & David - June 18 2009 - Iberostar, Varadero Oct 2009 LIW - October 28, 2009 - Melia Las Dunas Nov 2009 itsfinallyhere - mid-November 2009 - Sirenis La Salina, Varadero Blooroze (Beth) - November 25, 2009 - Iberostar Varadero Jan 2010 C & I - January 22, 2010(to be confirmed) - Playa Pesquero Feb 2010 Lori and Travis-February 14th, 2010-Barcelo Marina Palace March 2010 jackobelle - March 16th (ish) 2010 - Probably Blau Varadero May 2010 Krista & Josh (K'osh) - May 4, 2010 - Playa Pesquero June 2010 Stephanie&Luke - June 2, 2010 - Melia Las Dunas, Santa Clara
  2. So glad to hear things are falling into place for you with your dress. I can't wait to see pictures. What is the name of the dress on the Pattis Bridal site? All the best on Saturday!!
  3. Sorry to hear the price has gone up so much on you. I guess I lucked out. The Pattis Bridal dresses are beautiful. I ordered mine in Halifax in October. I also tried to find an online seller, but with no luck. Unfortunately I was unable to open your attachment so I wasn't able to see which dress you like. I ordered the dress called Caresse on their website under the Fall 2008 section. Have you tried to call the store in Halifax (Felicity Bridal) to see what their price would be. It might be worth a try. I hope you find a dress you love in your price range.
  4. I know some of you are wondering if I have made a decision about the dress yet. I have loved reading all your comments and despite the majority of you leaning towards #2 I realized that I was kind of disappointed at this and it made me see that I should probably choose #1 as it is really is the one I LOVE! I am hoping that once it comes in my size it will be just as flattering as #2. Besides it will be the insentive I need to stick with my running and exercise routine. Saying all this I haven't made the call yet to order it, so I researve the right to change my mind, but I have a feeling that you will see pictures posted of me wearing #1 on a beach in Cuba in April. I will keep you posted.
  5. I love all your selections, but #4 stands out for me. They just seam to express the idea of the holidays. If you like #1, though you should go for those ones. They are beautiful too.
  6. Do you have a picture of your dress? I would love to see it!
  7. Thank you everyone for your input. You have given me a lot to think about as I had been leaning towards #1 and most of you had picked #2. I guess I liked #2 as it was really unique and the details especially at the bottom were sort of spanish looking and perfect for a wedding in Cuba. I don't think the pictures do it justice, especialy the one of me as the dress was way too small. I do like #2 as well and perhaps you are right that it is more flattering on me, but then again it did fit better. Ahhh... such a hard decision. I will update you on my final decision, but definately feel free to make more comments if you like.
  8. Hi ladies, I am in the final stages of picking my dress for my DW in Cuba on the beach. I have tried on way too many dresses and began by trying on some beautiful more traditional a-line dresses. After thinking about it for a while, though I am now deciding that I want something more unique and fun, more beachy I guess. The latest dresses I tried on are mermaid style and each have unique details to them. I would love to hear your comments on each. I am posting images of the models in them and a few of me. Keep in mind that the dresses didn't really fit me, especially the first one, which was quite a bit too small. Like many brides I have a goal to loose a few pounds before my wedding in April but I will buy a bigger size to be safe and hope they will have to take it in. Anyways thank you in advance for your input. Model: Me: Model: Me:
  9. Thank you to everyone for their welcome to the forums. Congrats to all of you as well!
  10. Hello eveyone, My name is Karen and I am looking forward to a destination wedding April 22 in Cuba at the Occidental Grand Playa Turquesa. My fiance and I can't wait. Congratulations to all the destination brides!!
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