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Post your bouquet and inspiration pics here

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Hi ladies! These are the inspiration pictures I've sent to my wedding planner. The peonies (supposed to be pale pink) would be my bouquet and the baby's breath for the bridesmaids. If the pale pink peonies don't work out they will be substituted with pale pink opened roses. The aisle is going to have large baskets of baby's breath as well. I've just fallen in love with the look of large groups of baby's breath. Who knew?!





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Love it! I'll be doing something similar with fuscia, orange and yellow (with green banana leaves) for myself and white bouquets for my BMs, who are also wearing turquoise dresses. Good choice wink.gif

Originally Posted by nikkiscriv View Post

My girls will be in turquoise blue, but I wanted pink, orange, purple, and lime green as my floral decor for a completely tropical feel.


This will be my bouquet with a turquoise ribbon around it:


bridal bouquet.jpg


The bridesmaids will have smaller versions of my bouquet - I'm hoping the colors really stand out against the blue. 


These were a couple of my inspiration pictures to show the pink/orange and also the purple tones I wanted:


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Thanks for all the inspiration pics.  I was so lost until I stumbled upon this thread!

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