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  1. There a good chance they will blow away. We were there in November and it was windy almost every night. Better to be safe than sorry
  2. I was married in 2012 and what was on the final Purchase order that I paid for before i left was exactly what my bill was- I didn't change anything once I got to Mexico- my wedding coordinator did through in some freebees but I did not add anything extra. Just make sure you save EVERYTHING- all emails and purchase payments- the resort did try to recharge me the Purchase order bill when I checked out but I had my email and receipt printed out in my wedding binder and after I showed them that there were no issues!
  3. Congrats @@november15. I had my wedding on the beach and loved it! I had always dreamed of getting married on the beach! Tres Leche cake- we didn't each much but what we tasted it was delicious! We called ours a rehersal dinner- so everyone wore nicer clothes they would wear to a rehersal dinner- dresses and button down shirts for the men. I'm not certain about the football but I'm sure somewhere will show it! I did not have a dj- i just rented the ipod hookup from PSAV for $200 and it worked great! They provide you with a tech in case something goes wrong! I did not have a HIndu wedding, so sorry I am of no help there! Feel free to PM me with any other questions. @@TheBHolders Marvin at Maya Flora!
  4. Look into bringing one from home! That's what I did and it ended up being cheaper for me- PM me if you have any questions!
  5. I did the sand ceremony. I brought my own sand and used mason jars we etched with our initials. And the script of course
  6. PSAV and the ipod hook up. only cost me a little over $200 in 2012 and was perfect! I made my own playlists and have no complaints! They provide an "ipod tech" to stand over the ipod and/or computer in case something goes wrong. If you are paying for people to be at your wedding, I would not invite them. That is rude- this is a wedding and people don't just invite people to a wedding at home,. what makes a destination wedding different? If having 8 extra people won't cost anything, they I would just invite them unless you know they will be a problem (too drunk, make a scence) or something.
  7. I decorated the blumeboxes before we left for Mexico. I wasn't about to bring a hot glue gun with me to Mexico
  8. you are having your ceremony on the verando terrace? I've never heard of them doing ceremonies on terraces. This is a first! here's 2 i'll find more
  9. I did not have my wedding at Moon- my wedding was at Sun. But my rehearsal dinner was at Moon and it was on the verando terrace. The view isn't as spectacular at night at the Caribbean terrace but it is still cool with the pretty bar and sort of seclusion. (they keep half of the terrace open to resort guests.) Personally I don't think it's worth the extra cost per person to have the reception up there. You should have been contacted at 30 days. I would give the wedding dept a call!!
  10. Yes it will be dark- our wedding was at the end of November and our ceremony was at 4, cocktail and 5 and reception at 6 and it was dark by the time our reception started.
  11. @smilenstacy should have some grand terrace pics to share as she just got married and had her reception there! Both are nice locations but the grand terrace does not cost extra but the view from the caribbean terrace is gorgeous!
  12. I think it was a smaller round table..not sure on the demensions, sorry! @@shan0487 @@shmanderz - Can you ladies tell me what type of table was used for your cake? I'm getting my tablecloths now, and my coordinator isn't helpful at all. Thanks!
  13. Nope wait until you have your onsite meeting with your coordinator and she will add whatever color flowers you want on there! I did pay $2 for the orange ribbon because I didn't want it to plain white- I'm sure if I had waited they would have done that for free as well..but I can handle a $2 wedding cake
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