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  1. Jmaz I did the 2 hour cocktail hour. I think it was an extra 10 or 15. Per person and I had a dj. It was great for a large group. The food for cocktail hour was just finger foods ( and not enough to fill anyone up!) so my guest just went to the buffet and brought back plates. I got married on a Friday and tgat eas buffett not. It might be an option. Sounds ghetto but it worked out fine.. Wasn't the plan but hey I just went with the flow. I agree 60 per person is ridiculous after all the other things a destination wedding entails.
  2. Hey Ladies, sorry I have been MIA! I got married July 22nd at Sandals Negril and it was wonderful!!! I know y'all want all the details so here goes. 1. I had 38 guest attend the wedding all my guest stayed at sandals and beaches Sandy Bay. Since I booked 10 rooms I was given a free private welcome dinner. For my welcome dinner we did an all white party. I choose pork chops n shrimp Alfredo for the menu. It was definitely a plus. Gave all guest time to get aquianted. It lasted for about 2 hours. The servers where great. Everyone ordered drinks from the bars and there was wine also! 2. wedding d
  3. Original price-1200. Selling for $700 OBO. Please email me for more information. Dress has not been altered
  4. When I opened the box my husband to be thought they were real. They are really soft. If you didnt know you would think they were real.
  5. They were only $115. I thought that was real reasonable. Good Luck!!
  6. Here is a pic of my flowers from Wedideas, They are considered real touch. I plan on packing them in my carry on.
  7. Nancy, I get married next month and payment for reception, music, and etc is not due til 45 days before wedding. I have a travel agent who is a Sandals Wedding Specialist and I encourage you to work with one with that many guest. I haven't had to call Sandals once, she deals with everything for me. Heaven Sent!! Good Luck and let me know if I can be of any assistance,.
  8. I liked you on facebook. My top choice of for camera crew would be my Mother! She loves to catch every moment!!
  9. Yes I have everything set. It was a pretty easy process. I have 38 guest attending. I am having a welcome dinner Thursday night My wedding will take place the next evening at 4pm. I will have a 2 hour cocktail reception after the wedding and meet back up later that night at the piano bar to continue the celebration with my guest.
  10. Just sent you a private message about the fans. Thanks.
  11. Planning is going well. Went to have my dress bustled. So now I just need one last fitting. Almost have my guest bags done. Working on my wedding programs..ugh. Feel like I am running out of time!!
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