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  1. Jmaz I did the 2 hour cocktail hour. I think it was an extra 10 or 15. Per person and I had a dj. It was great for a large group. The food for cocktail hour was just finger foods ( and not enough to fill anyone up!) so my guest just went to the buffet and brought back plates. I got married on a Friday and tgat eas buffett not. It might be an option. Sounds ghetto but it worked out fine.. Wasn't the plan but hey I just went with the flow. I agree 60 per person is ridiculous after all the other things a destination wedding entails.
  2. Hey Ladies, sorry I have been MIA! I got married July 22nd at Sandals Negril and it was wonderful!!! I know y'all want all the details so here goes. 1. I had 38 guest attend the wedding all my guest stayed at sandals and beaches Sandy Bay. Since I booked 10 rooms I was given a free private welcome dinner. For my welcome dinner we did an all white party. I choose pork chops n shrimp Alfredo for the menu. It was definitely a plus. Gave all guest time to get aquianted. It lasted for about 2 hours. The servers where great. Everyone ordered drinks from the bars and there was wine also! 2. wedding day. I got married at 4pm in the gardens gazebo. I originally planned for the ocean view but it was way to small at max it fits 25 (in case you were wondering). I purchased two flowers to hang on gazebo for 350. The served the purpose! Lol! I brought two bags of decorations along with my own sand ceremony cases. I did have to pay the 250 set up fee! The wedding was beautiful although it did begin to rain soon as I hot under the gazebo. They have all my guest umbrellas and the wedding went on as if it was sunshine. The rain did help it stay cool. Because on a normal day at 4pm it is still HOT HOT HOT!!! So if you are getting married during this time of year I recommend either a morning ceremony or the 5:30!!! 3. Reception- I opted for a 2 hour cocktail hour with a dj for 2 hours which was great. We ate in about 30 minutes and danced the night away! Due to the rain abs sine other issues the reception dud not start til about 630! So for the price I paid I was happy! 4. Hair I used the spa. Turned out great. Ask for Monique. Makeup I used Rashel Edwards my makeup was flawless. Airbrush is the say to go. .my makeup didn't sweat off at all!!! 5. I Did do welcome bags and my guest loved them. 6. I choose the BB package and made it my own. 7. Photography- I brought my own n she stayed at resort. 8. If you want to see pics you can find me on Facebook Christiana Guthrie just send me a request and let me know you are from this page. Enough for now feel free to ask questions!! Good luck planning!
  3. Original price-1200. Selling for $700 OBO. Please email me for more information. Dress has not been altered
  4. When I opened the box my husband to be thought they were real. They are really soft. If you didnt know you would think they were real.
  5. They were only $115. I thought that was real reasonable. Good Luck!!
  6. Here is a pic of my flowers from Wedideas, They are considered real touch. I plan on packing them in my carry on.
  7. Nancy, I get married next month and payment for reception, music, and etc is not due til 45 days before wedding. I have a travel agent who is a Sandals Wedding Specialist and I encourage you to work with one with that many guest. I haven't had to call Sandals once, she deals with everything for me. Heaven Sent!! Good Luck and let me know if I can be of any assistance,.
  8. I liked you on facebook. My top choice of for camera crew would be my Mother! She loves to catch every moment!!
  9. Yes I have everything set. It was a pretty easy process. I have 38 guest attending. I am having a welcome dinner Thursday night My wedding will take place the next evening at 4pm. I will have a 2 hour cocktail reception after the wedding and meet back up later that night at the piano bar to continue the celebration with my guest.
  10. Just sent you a private message about the fans. Thanks.
  11. Planning is going well. Went to have my dress bustled. So now I just need one last fitting. Almost have my guest bags done. Working on my wedding programs..ugh. Feel like I am running out of time!!
  12. I was curious of the menu myself so I asked my TA! You will find below the options my TA said the resort offered. Hope this helps. My plan as of now is to extend the one hour cocktail hour to two hours an extra $12 per person and add a beef craving station. And since I have more than 10 rooms booked I will get the $15 dollar credit per guest to toward my reception. I also plan to do the dj for two hours. This will be half of what I would have to pay for a seat down meal!! I will bring table runners and a few thing to put on the table and call it day. Later that night all the young folks are going to meet up and party like there is no tomorrow. Lol! Thanks again Tenny for all the information!! Some example of hot - hors d' oeuvres are shrimp, chicken skewers, sausage, for cold hors d' oeuvres - salmon, brie cheese, crab meat, all bite size.
  13. Thanks so much for the quick response. Takes a lot of the pressure off trying to decide on what to do. I am starting to get even more excited. Come on July!!
  14. Thanks Tenny for that info on the 1 hour. I am feeling the same way since we are having a welcome dinner the night before why have another sit down the next night. Plus the additional cost ! How was the food during the cocktail hour? What did they serve? Did you just do the one table or how many tables did you have? I was told I can have service for 2 hours for $12 more person. Would you recommend this? Sorry for all the requestions...
  15. I purchased this suit also. I like it in the khaki better. Not sure with the bright sun what the lighter color will look like. But go with whatever you like. This was a steal and I was so glad to find it!!
  16. I just booked Rashel!! Thanks Ms. Smith for the excellent review!
  17. Girl my silly laptop be trippin. I just logged in on my desktop and now I can see the pics. Thanks!! You look beautiful. Your makeup artist was Chasity Artistry ??/
  18. Thanks Ms.Smith! Do you have any pics that you would mind sharing.
  19. I am interested in about $20 worth of stuff. If anybody is interested in going in with me on an order please pm me. I live in Texas. Thanks.
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