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  1. Hi Ladies! I am getting married in about a month at Beaches Negril. Do any of you know much about the photography onsite? My travel agent told me that I have to "pre-purchase" the photography package, the cheapest which is like $1200. I am very leary of this. I don't want to pay for pictures I have not even seen yet! What are your thoughts or opionions on this? TIA:)
  2. I see your thread but how do I view the pictures?! Is there an icon I click on??
  3. Ok I think we will do something similar for dinner. Okay more questions....sorry So how did you organized everything so people knew when and where to meet for things seeing as how most won't have phone service. I don't want to have too much of an agenda for everyone other than the wedding day so people can do their own things. But I would like to organize some dinners and excursions etc. with family and friends. I will have to break up some of my time my family dynamic is werid due to my Dad being divorced 2 times and having multiple exes there lol. Did you do a whole itenerary booklet o
  4. Thanks for all of the input Our son will be with us too for half of the trip and will travel home with our parents while we honeymoon. So did you do like a welcome dinner or anything?
  5. Ok good to hear Was your photographer a friend of yours? We were hoping our friend that is one could come but he can't make it. How are the ones there and do you know how expensive? Also, what are some "must do's" while we are there?
  6. Hi! I am getting married at Beaches Negril on 10/9/11 I am so excited! What time is your wedding? What are you doing for the reception etc?
  7. Our wedding will be at 2 as well! We originally wanted a 4p but it was booked on our date. So I am glad to see that your pictures turned out so great! Was it really hot at this time? We will be getting married on 10/9/11. Also, where you happy with your hair and makeup done by the salon there? I thought it looked great
  8. Your pictures are AMAZING and you look gorgeous! What time was your wedding? Also, did you feel that the reception was long enough and your guests enjoyed themselves? Sorry for all of the questions
  9. Where are you ladies with your planning? Are you doing a reception in your home town for those not attending you DW?
  10. Hi Ladies! I have not spoke to a WC at the resort yet. I want to do roses, which will be extra. So did your TA back home get you in touch with the WC at Beaches Negril? Also, I found out why I thought the prices were so high from my TA, they are per couple. The ones I found on TripAdvisor were per person. My question is...I have some people travel as singles (My Mom and Best Man), can they book as a single?? Thanks Ladies! Happy Planning Heather
  11. So..my TA just gave me the quotes for Beaches Negril, Sandy Bay, and Sandals. I found prices on Tripadvisor for like $300 dollars cheaper...no joke! I told my TA this and just sent her over the copied pages of the price quotes. She said that Sandals will match them. Why is she giving me such a higher quote? I feel like they are trying to rip us off! If you ladies feel comfortable can you give me an idea of what your guests will be paying per night at Beaches or Sandy Bay? She quoted me $1479 for 4 nights at Beaches...I found it for $986...wth? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I just talked to my TA today and she just got back from Beaches Negril and she had nothing but good things to say about it! I just looked at her pictures on her FB and I am sold on it. It's not 5 star as in the rooms aren't like the Hilton, but the beach is gorgeous! We are having a very small ceremony with about 10-15 people. Our son will be almost 2 when we are there which is why we went with a Beaches for the wedding and will be at Sandals for the honeymoon. There is also the option for guests to stay at Sanday Bay which is near by and a bit cheaper. I want to get married ON the b
  13. Hi Ladies! Who all is getting married at Beaches Negril this year? If so, where are you at with the planning and what month are you getting married?
  14. Thanks for your input ladies! Will definately plan to at least bring an umbrella!
  15. Hi Ladies, My fiance and I are getting married at Beaches Negril on Oct. 11, 2011. Our son will be with us and he will be 20 months. I am a little concerned about the bus ride from the airport to the resort, as I hear about the crazy driving! Of course he will need to be in a carseat for the ride. Will we have to bring one with us? Is the travel/resort pretty accommodating to toddlers?? Thanks! Heather Thanks in advance!
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