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  1. Here's what we did: 4 Songs for our guests sitting, as well as the groom and groom's men walking up to the alter, however they only ended up playing one of the songs. My thoughts were they could have music playing from when our guests started arriving until it was time for the bridesmaids to start their walk, but that did not happen. 1 song for my three bridesmaids, and I don't think they even ended up playing the entire son. 1 song for my walk down the aisle, and again they did not play the entire song. 1 song for us walking out after the ceremony. 3 songs for us signing the mar
  2. I'm reaching out to former Sandals/Beaches brides. What should I plan in the form of ceremony music? I was thinking some songs before the wedding, for when the guests arrive (but not sure how much time to include for that), a song for my bridesmaids (I have three, so not sure if one is enough but hopefully), a song for me, and then a song for when we are married and walk back down the aisle as husband/wife. Is there anything that I am missing or that I should adjust?
  3. Yes, I am getting married in two weeks at Sandals Negril, and we have guests staying at Sandy Bay. And we have exchange priveleges over there, and they can come over to Sandals if they don't bring the kids (except for the wedding/reception, as the kids are allowed just for that), as well as both of us can go to Beaches Negril too.
  4. If your family is not staying at either Sandals or Negril, yes you will need to pay the day pass fee.
  5. I believe what they will do is charge the one hour cocktail price by 3 then for the three hours.
  6. I'm getting married at Sandals in March, and my FI and I had planned on doing the ceremony at the beach view gazebo, but we were just informed that probably won't work as we have too many people coming (33 guests). We both feel that part of the point of a destination wedding is getting married on the beach, but are worried that it won't be private enough, as people may be sunbathing or walking through if its on the beach. We also didn't want to pay for an arch as they are a bit pricey, but I feel like it may be too plan otherwise if its on the beach. Besides that, we are doing the three
  7. I struggled with this exact same thing! Since we are having a destination wedding and only have about 34 people coming, I didn't want a big bridal party, but my FI convinced me to have three on each side. He has a brother and a sister. I have two sisters and two brothers. I am having my best friend, my one sister, and my brother's fiancee as my bridesmaids. I never once suggested that he have my brothers on his side, as they are not close and he already wanted his brother and best friend/cousin. My FI let it go, but apparently his sister then began bringing it up to him. We are not close, and
  8. I was wondering about the DJ for the reception. I know traditionally people will give a list of do not play songs or may even give a list of songs they want played. Is this something you are planning on doing? I was also wondering if the DJ's down there have all of our current popular music. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Sharon - Nutrisystem has its good meals and its bad meals. I am a very picky eater to begin with, so I am doing their vegetarian plan. What is nice about it is that you can customize your plan, so this first month is me trying all of the various meals, and then for next month I will only pick those meals I like so it should be easier. For me it's good, because I always have a quick and easy meal to make, and there really is no excuse for me now when I'm busy of just going through the drive through. So far I've done it about three weeks and have lost 7 pounds.
  10. I am getting married 3/17/12. I have exactly 10 weeks to go until I leave for Jamaica, and I hope to lose 20 pounds. I just started the Nutrisystem meals (mainly because I'm super busy and hate cooking, so I like that its prepackaged for me). And this weekend I hope to join the gym. Working out is something I despise, so I'm hoping that I can stick with it!
  11. My FI is in the car industry, so he tends to feel that everything is negotiable, and wants to try to get lower prices for ceremony and reception items. I keep telling him that what they say is what it is. Has anybody had any success in negotiating lower prices for any items, and if so what were they and how did you do it? Thanks!
  12. I am getting married at Sandals Negril. My brother and his fiancee (who is my bridesmaid) have a 2 year old that they have to bring with them, and none of our other guests are bringing children. We wanted to be at an adults only resort since this will be our honeymoon as well, and didn't want to have to deal with other people's children during our vacation. What we found out is that we can visit the Beaches whenever we want, which is where my brother and his family are going to stay, so we will go there to visit and have some meals. We got the ok from Sandals to allow them, with their child, t
  13. Mine is Organza, I think it depends on what is important to you. As others have already mentioned, this is a very light fabric so it won't be such a heavy and hot dress, and also hides wrinkles much better then other dresses, which is important when thinking about traveling on a plane with it.
  14. yesterday marked my 5 months to go, so i finally got off my butt and did day 1 of the 30 day shred. i am not a person who works out or enjoys it, but definitely need to lose some weight and get in shape, and keep telling myself that its very pathetic if i can't devote 30 minutes a day towards working out. hopefully i can keep the motivation to stick with this, since i really detest working out. and surprisingly, today the only parts of me that are sore are my thighs and knees (which i'm sure is due to the extra weight i've gained!)
  15. Krissi, I was told that they can do the BB package with either the purple flowers they show in the brochures, or they can be white, so that should be no problem.
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