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  1. I had Kylene as a wedding coordinator a year ago. If you have a simple/straight forward wedding without a bunch of extras-I'm sure it will go fine. I found that the ceremony went off without a hitch. However, if you have any extra requests/items you want set up-she was horrible! My bridal party and family ended up having to do it all (after she initially told me she did not want help from my family-but when my family went to the reception half an hour before, nothing was done and we had quite a bit to set up!). We found her quite rude and not friendly. My family had decided to pay for a cocktail hour in between the ceremony and reception and she had disappeared. My family had paid quite a bit and we didn't get the amount of appetizers we had paid for and she was no where to be found. My parents had to talk to the bartenders to start pouring the champagne for the toasts! I think if the toasts were right on the beach after the ceremony, she would have been more involved. I know others have had troubles with her-a couple of people on this forum that I know of, and I have also seen her reviewed on tripadvisor before. If you do not have a straight forward wedding, I would request a change!
  2. I was married at the Riu Palace. I can't comment much on the Santa Fe, we went over there one night to go to their disco. I do have to comment on the drinks-the drinks at the Palace were much better! They didn't make mojitos over at the Santa Fe and they weren't serving champagne at the disco. I also felt their slushy drinks weren't as good. So if drinks are really important to your guests-I would stay at the Palace!
  3. Houston-I did not have a good experience with Kylene, as well as a couple of other people on here. Just my personal experience! So if you can- I would request a switch. Maybe management needs to hear some of the concerns!!!
  4. Great review! I got married there in November and plan on putting up a review soon (we went to Australia for our honeymoon and have been away). Just curious...who was your wedding coordinator? Mine was Kylene and she was HORRIBLE! I definitely plan on writing a review on her and also contacting her manager. I read another review on here about Kylene being horrible as well! She was nonexistent!
  5. I got married in November and had my hair/makeup done by Suzanne Morel's team. They did a FABULOUS job, I was extremely happy. In fact, I did two hair trials at home to see what I liked and I thought that they did my hair even BETTER than I could even imagine. Anyways, I will post a picture once I get my photographer pics
  6. Hi Ladies! So I haven't been extremely active lately (work has been INSANE), but I am leaving tomorrow and my wedding is on the 10th. I'm getting excited! Thanks to everyone that has given me information-it kept me more sane! I will definitely post a review when I get back
  7. Yes, the San jose mexican terrace was free for me, and I am pretty sure she said it is on the terrace, I should double check on that. It is possible it is just in the restaurant. We are creating our own playlist and giving the DJ our IPOD to play. Our wedding coordinator also said we could give the names of the songs to him, but we have quite a few, and we are particular on our versions for certain dance songs so we thought the IPOD was the best option! I THINK you have to pay a private menu option for a private event, but the rules change so often that I'm not sure. Our biggest priority was dancing, so we didn't look closely into the $1000 renting out option, since you would have had to pay for the DJ on top of that. Can any other brides comment on this? I'm not absolutely sure if you must pay per person for a private event at the steakhouse....
  8. I have having the rehearsal dinner on the Mexican terrace-they told me only 20 (did they tell you up to 50??!), so I am just having it as bridal party/some family members. We debated between renting out the steakhouse vs sem-private steakhouse and renting out the disco. We are quite the dancing group. We decided to go with the included semi-private, so we didn't have to pay per person for the menu. The disco was 500 and it included open bar, dj-so we decided that worked best for us. I think the look of the steakhouse would be much better though (i've been in the Riu disco's before and they are quite dark). But we figured that we would enjoy it from 6:45-8:45, and then by then-everyone will be drunk anyways and won't notice the dark disco. hahaha!
  9. I will for sure do that! I can't promise how speedy I will be, but I will try my best!!!!!
  10. Michelle-thanks so much for your info!!! It is fabulous reading about everyone's weddings and special touches! I can't believe our weddings are so close! I don't get there until the day after your wedding, but hopefully we get to meet!!! My wedding date is the 10th and we are staying until the 14th.
  11. I too would like to know the answer to this because I have looked at Michaels too! Thanks for posting the question!
  12. WOW!! Question...where was the location with the rocks? Was it right at the Barcelo?
  13. Hi Kary! Yes, Michelle was correct-the old WP had booked the sites for me previously. When the new WP came on, she tried to tell me that I couldn't book until 2 months before, but I had already but the location in my invitation! When they saw the emails I had received from the old WP, they honored it for me. But from what I understand, for anyone from now on-has to wait until 2 months before It is helpful to try and get as much information about the resort and wedding options before that (there is lots posted here!), so that you can make decisions quick. I have heard all good things about weddings there so just have faith with that!!!! I can't wait to meet you too!!! I will need some drinks. LOL
  14. Crys-so frustrating!!!! I am sorry that you are going through all of this! Like you said, I guess all we can do is go with the flow and make the best of it (unfortunately!). It WILL be a beautiful wedding and just try and have fun. When is it again? I too am going to probably do the steakhouse and rent out privately. Can you give a review after your wedding? It will be really good to get a review from you after! It would be very helpful for us!
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