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  1. I used a printer and printed them onto the transfer paper from my computer.
  2. As long as you have the total of 16 guests then it shouldn't matter who they booked through as long as the resort knows they are all for your wedding.
  3. I'm not to sure. I guess to be safe you might want to bring some of your own paper. It was printed on card stock. However, they may have different colors. I never thought to ask and ended up with gross yellow lol
  4. I think if you bring your own you could change the table clothes. I wasn't to particular and just went with whatever they had, including the ugly yellow menus. If I would have known they made them yellow I would have asked for a different color.
  5. This is a picture of the set up we had for our dinner at the grill. We were all on one long table, which was fine because we had a small group. They had asked if we wanted to have a few smaller tables, but we chose the one large one. I'm sure they can accommodate what you are looking for in terms of tables ect. There was a small table behind us for our cake, and there was no one even close to us. All the other people were on the opposite side of the place so it felt pretty private.
  6. We had our dinner at 630 and it pretty much lasted 2 hours so I think your timing is perfect. I do think the disco opens at 11. It did when we were there, but it may have changed.
  7. It wasn't included in the packages the year I was married, but they said it was always included at no cost. They take you on a golf cart. My mom and dad both walked me down the aisle. You can do whatever you want.
  8. I think I had 4 pre ceremony songs. I made sure I labelled clearly which songs were for what so that they knew once they had the signal to change it to the bridesmaid song and they did a great job of this.
  9. During the week we were there they set up tables and chairs beside the one poolbar close to the smaler buffet so that is the one we went to after our dinner on our wedding night. There was no one else there so it worked out perfectly. We did also go to the lobby bar between our pictures and dinner (our dinner wasn't ready on time) and had a few drinks there. I initally had trouble with dates as well. We wanted to get married on Jan.12 but was told it was unavailable, so we booked for the 11th. But then our flights changed days so we couldn't get married on the 11th and instead had to g
  10. I was married at this resort in January of 2012 (feels like forever ago!). We honestly didn't spend much on our wedding at all. We went with the free package and only had to pay $320 for our wedding. That included the minister fees, extra people at dinner, and a boutineer and bouquet for our wedding party. We went with the semi private dinner as it was included free. We also chose not to do the steel drum band rather we used music from this man-http://www.steeldrummusic.net/buycds.html I just couldnt bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on it when I could purchase his musi
  11. We all cut our bracelets off that morning and went the next day to the front desk and they gave us new ones. They never asked to see our old ones but we took them with us just in case. We also confirmed that there would be no charge to do this because at some resorts they do charge you a fee for new bracelets.
  12. I had no problem carrying my dress on. The only part that scared me was having to put my dress through the security scanner as it wripped off a few of the little beads and put a large tear in the garmet bag. Other then that I had no problem carrying it on to airplane. I had to put my dress in the overhead bin, and the flight attendant helped with that and immediately closed it so that no one else could put anything on top of it.
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