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  1. White knobby starfish I have 3 large (4inches) and 3 medium ( 3inches) white knobby starfish left from my wedding in Mexico for sale. 20 Starfish candle holder plates/dishes Large- $5.00each Xtra Large $6.00each Used for wedding centerpieces. Chinese paper lantern sizes and prices not all shown XL-18inch-1 green 3 blue $3.00each L-16inch-1 green 4 white $2.75each M-14 ince- 1 green 1 white 2 blue $2.50each S- 12inch- 2 green 1 blue $2.00each XS- 10inch- 3 green 1 white $1.50each 2 blue xs battery operated-new $1.00each 4 battery lights with clips to the first buyer free (homemade to hang in laterns to light them up) Destination wedding items 40 personalized plastic Mayan Riviera Mexico Pens with starfish design for destination wedding gift bags $.075 each Decorative paper with starfish design- two types 1) 2 new packs of 20 sheets each-total 40 sheets- $1.00 each pack 2) 36 stationary pages with starfish design- $4.00 for all Pre-travel magnets for destination wedding $0.25cents each Maraca Tags- $0.10 cents each over 350 of them Table number cards- Table 1 to Table 20 plus Head Table card-starfish theme- $10.00 for all Starfish Rhinestone Bouquest Jewelery 2 stems used in wedding bouquet once. $10 for both Starfish garter and throw garter/blue and white used once by another bride, i bought and forgot to use-$10 for both Starfish glass vases- used for centerpieces Starfish glasses(clear with blue starfish)- 19 tall($2.00each) and 7 short ($1.50 each) used twice
  2. 22 used turquoise organza chair sashes, a little faded (look more light blue/green) but clean $0.30cents each
  3. I just finished my at home reception this weekend and will be selling everything soon if you are interested let me know. I am near toronto in canada, how about you!
  4. Here is a pic of my bouquet and Joanne's blue starfish. Thanks again Joanne!
  5. hey what is the best size of photobook to get for wedding pics and for honeymoon pics?
  6. Sherri I did get the deal, now to figure out these sites cause i have never done a photobook before, looks pretty self explanatory though so I should manage lol All of my guest pics are on snapfish though which sucks cause now i have to upload some of them again to mixbook but a good thing is for my honeymoon book everything is on facebook and I can copy from there to mixbook which should take less time. Actually I may use mixbook for the honeymoon and snapfish for something else. Looking forward to meeting you on June 22nd at the toronto get together. Laura are you coming?
  7. Yay I will be there!!! But I don't think I will have pics by then, waiting on the CD to arrive but won't have anything developed yet. Miriam there is a video link I can send you for now or pm me your full name and I will add you to facebook as it is on there as well with my honeymoon pics!
  8. oh and lesee the tent looks great. I was wondering how I could hide all those polls. I might just have to get creative like you and try that.
  9. Ok so I got your request Brandy, I guess it is working now. Meggers I don't have your full name or I would add you too! Laura wow, good luck girl, I am saying some prayers for you. Started my seating chart and work out number with the rental company today for the tents and chairs. i have had some people back out so my numbers went from 140 to about 120 i think in the end. Brandy I just checked out your AHR pics and they are amazing, stunning set up, it was sooo beautiful! Name change uhhhh, i have only changed mine at work and on facebook so far lol What a headache it is. I wonder if there is a list out there for all the possible things we may have to change? i guarantee there are things we will probably all forget about.
  10. k something must be totally wrong with my facebook cause I didn't get that link on facebook either and none of the friends requests are coming through!!! So strange.
  11. If it's the 22nd I hope you can make it Mocha!
  12. Hey Greys and Brandy, I am not sure why but I didn't get the facebook request from you or brandy, I wonder what is going on with it, maybe it's the name change, try Lisa Hanninen or PM me you full name and I will add you guys. I am the one that got married at Now Jade. Any questions let me know. I got the internet link to all my pics yesterday but it is all the pics and there are sooooo many, some not so good and others amazing. He is mailing the CD today or tomorrow so I should have it early next week via DHL from Mexico. I love a bunch of the photo session and TTD. If anyone wants to see it send me a pm or facebook request and I will send the link. Ivan luckie was my photographer and does a great job! Sherri can you send me the link for that coupon? Thanks
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