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  1. Hey ladies, I am looking for a photographer and I am really interested in Del Sol. However, I was wondering how the communication works due to the distance. When do you recieve the photos? Do they offer hard paged custom wedding albums? Thanks!
  2. Hey Ladies, while doing some resort research I came across the Now Riviera Cancun. The resort is about 1 year old. It also seems very reasonable in price. Has anyone heard of this resort or had a wedding here? I am going for a site visit next month so I can let everyone know what I find!
  3. Wow, thank you for the information! I looked at Playacar palace online and it looks really nice. I heard they can't accomodate large parties. Did you hear this? I really liked the glass cermony location there, but heard it only holds 20 people.
  4. So I see several reviews and postings for Moon Palace, but never see much on Beach Palace. What are your thoughts on Beach Palace Thanks for your help!
  5. Does anyone know of a nice resort that has a private wedding location and only does one or two weddings per day? Thanks!
  6. Hey girls! I have been looking at differents resorts and can't find one the I love. I really want something fancy and elegant. I have found several adult only resorts I love, but I have to pick a family friendly place in Riviera Maya. I want a very private ceremony in a gazebo or chapel. I really want a private reception for 40-50 people. I have looked at: Riu Palace - I love the decor. I hear they have a chapel. I'm concerned that it is hard to have private receptions here. Playacar Palace - I like this resort, but I don't know if they can accommodate my party size. There is
  7. Hi Everyone, So my fiance and I are trying to get a great group deal (for a group of 40-50) and are wondering what's the best way to do so for a resort in Riviera Maya? Dealing with the people at some of the hotels is liking pulling teeth from these people. If anyone has suggestions, it would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hey girls! I'm also looking at Playacar Palace and Dreams Riviera Cancun. What made you decided on Playacar Palace? It's so hard to choose! I also like the Riu Palace but I've heard it's harder to have a private reception there. Any ideas
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