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  1. Yep, it was last Tuesday It was absolutely perfect! We were married at 4pm in the gazebo and had our reception at the Blue Lagoon after. Everyone loved the zurielamaka show and MC. The resort is such a beautiful place to get married! All my guests loved the wedding and had no complaints. We went with the BBQ buffet and the food was so good! No one went hungry...there were so many leftovers! We extended the reception and although expensive, it was so worth it! I also have no complaints with the resort or wedding coordinators. I worked with Omeshia on the final details and I found
  2. I second Rashel! She did a phenomenal job on my makeup, my two bridesmaids and my mom. Loved, loved the makeup. Fiona (her assistant) did an awesome job on our hair and it held up in the crazy wind and heat last week. Everyone was raving how great the makeup and hair looked.
  3. I wasn't assigned a wedding coordinator until about two months before my date. However, I just made initial arrangements such as securing the date, time, and Blue Lagoon for my private reception with the Wedding Manager at about 10 months out. I confirmed the availability and sent my paperwork and deposit in to reserve the Blue Lagoon.
  4. I know. I was originally told I could book ahead of time, but then was told I had to wait until I get to the resort. I'm planning on having a rehearsal dinner but I've told the family we might just be stuck at the buffet.
  5. Although I don't know for sure, I imagine you can't add the personal touches to the Karen Bussen packages because the resort probably has some sort of agreement with her on exactly the look, feel, etc. Personalize...well the website says you can add $2 chair caps and $750 flower garlands...lol... It was the $125 for the Waves of Love upgraded flower centrepieces that stunned me. Quote: Originally Posted by soon2bbride1220 I know! that was my problem. My WC said that I couldn't even change a pink table runner for the signing table to a white one! I was stunned. Thats why
  6. Congratulations! Yes, the Sapphire package says tropical bouquet, but what I did was pick a bouquet that I wanted and then Tai Flora just determined the difference and charged me only for the upgrade. I was originally going to go with the Waves of Love too, but changed my mind and went the Sapphire to get the flowers I really wanted and I didn't care about some of the additional perks (realistically I knew I wasn't going to go for breakfast on the beach). It just all depends on what you want and your vision. Actually, I think this is an older catalogue. That's not
  7. It worked out cheaper for me personally, as the centrepieces were not outrageous ($40 vs. $125 at the resort). I'm not having to work around the resort at all. I asked Natalie about additional flowers and upgrading my bouquet, corsages etc. and she told me to work directly with Tai Flora (I'm working with Sandy Shippey). Quote: Originally Posted by canadiangirl are they cheaper to work with personally??? how do you go around the resort??
  8. I'm getting married in November and decided to go with the Sapphire package (I was originally going to go with the Waves of Love). I've been working with Tai Flora directly and doing upgraded reception flowers (lots!) and centrepieces for my reception at Blue Lagoon and the price worked out more favourably than going with the Waves of Love and doing upgraded centrepieces, linens, etc. I'm getting exactly what I want, instead of making it work. I'm probably going to just take down chair sashes in my colour and my favours. I struggled with my decision but ended up going with the package
  9. I agree! Loved your review...I got goosebumps! I'm also curious about the steel drum band, as Natalie has it 'tentatively' booked for us. Did you have to provide the DJ with anything, play list etc.? I really only care about our first dance. How did the order of your ceremony go? I was thinking about a sand ceremony and a reading to prolong it
  10. Ladies...BeachBridein11 is getting married today!!! Congratulations!!!!
  11. The photo with the chiavari chairs and the yellow flowers is from a bride on this forum...I think Mswhatever. Her posts said she rented the chairs directly from Tai Flora as the resort did not have them. Several other brides have also said they got quotes for the chairs from Tai Flora.
  12. LOL!! I think the plain brown chairs I'm leaning towards upgrading to the garden chairs for my reception. Does anyone know if the flowers Waves of Love package are more turquoise than baby blue? A couple of recent photos show them as more turquoise, but I want the baby blue colour. Turquoise won't go with my bridesmaid dresses
  13. I believe the first picture with the white chivari chairs is from one of a wedding of a bride on this board. If I remember correctly, she said she rented the chairs from Tai Flora.
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