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  1. I thought this thread had died for good...I miss talking to you ladies! I'm going to be in TO along with cougs and would love to meet you as well Lisa
  2. We are 11am...definitely wasn't my first time choice but it was all that was left when we booked so we''ll make it work
  3. Our date is May 5th too...we leave on April 30th!! What time is your ceremony? Brandy - love the review and all the pics!! Everything looked perfect!!
  4. I found some on etsy...but thank you everyone for the suggestions
  5. Kellygrrrl - I definitely appreciate the offer of the new starfish, especially since our dates are exactly one year apart But I think you should let Mochamakes3 start your journal since I already have another starfish lined up. But just wanted to say thank you so much for the offer And I love that you starting your starfish on a journey BEFORE your wedding - it will be so fun to read about all the brides before you. I wish your starfish a safe adventure for the next year!
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm in Chicago so we don't have those around here
  7. Anyone have any extra fuchsia pashminas that they are looking to sell? Please PM me if you do! I only need 3 and unfortunately this is way below the minimum of any of the wholesalers online Thanks in advance!
  8. I don't know what you have left but I am interested in - 4 of the first aid kits 8 of the lip balms 4 of the lint rollers Please pm me if items are still available and how much $. Thanks!
  9. I know I posted that I was going to possibly purchase a new starfish to keep the the dc22173 clear stafish thread going, however I wanted to let you all know that I won't be doing this. Luckily a very dear friend has offered to let me borrow hers instead and I know that I just won't have time to keep track of a starfish once we get back from our wedding so I don't want to start something I know I can't finish. Just wanted to let you all know in case someone else wants to buy a new one to keep the dc22173 list going. I still think this is a great idea and hopefully someone will keep the starfish traveling
  10. A and A - I am the day after you so will be at the resort when you are having your wedding...I may have to walk by and sneek a peek at just beautiful your wedding is
  11. We ordered a suit about a month ago in the beige linen and we just received it yesterday and I was definitely happy with the quality. We had the measurements taken at a Men's Wearhouse (they did it for free even tho we didn't by anything) and the suit is almost a perfect fit. It's a little off in the rise (crotch) area....like if FI were to bend over or squat, that area just seems a little tight but nothing major. It would be fine without alterations, he would just want to be a little careful so he doesn't split a seam when bending over, lol. But I told him to take it to Men's Wearhouse and see if they can make alterations so we'll see what happens. Regardless - I'm still very happy with the suit, especially for $100! I have pics on my phone - will try to post.
  12. I feel bad that the little starfish is in such bad shape but I guess that's to be expected when he's been traveling for a couple of years now. dc22173 - do you think you want to just retire the starfish and keep the journal at this point? I'd be willing to buy a new starfish and start a new journal to keep the tradition going. I just don't know if it would get to Teira in time?? NurseM - I could be wrong but I think your dates were too close to another bride that was on the list before you? What are your travel dates again?
  13. UH OH!! Please let us know once you hear back from her.....
  14. Our wedding is this May and I just booked with them a few weeks ago, so I think you have a little bit of time to make a decision
  15. We have booked a private excursion with Atabeyra as well but it was a flat rate....not per person. We are booked for a half day excusrion with lunch (5 hours total) and it was just over $1000....$1100 maybe? I've heard such great things about them...we are definitely excited!!!
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