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  1. What a great review! I'm glad that yall still had a wonderful day, even after the loss of all of your wedding items!
  2. Welcome Sophia! We are also from Louisiana and getting married at Beaches, but in June 2012! I've read all of those reviews also on tripadvisor, but I've heard that you should just take all of the with a grain of salt. Some reviews are great, and some are terrible. We have the owners penthouse booked and I haven't seen any reviews on that, so I'm worried too! LOL I think we will also be going with Brilliant for our photos, they have such beutiful work!
  3. Just got confirmation from the wedding department. They called to confirm my date, and when I was asked about times, she told me the standard times. When I asked about a sunset ceremony, she said that it is available, but for $600 more. HTH!
  4. Where did you hear this? I spoke with Monica, and she said I still had to pay for the Island Paradise theme! If I could keep my time without having to spend the extra $6,000 that would be wonderful! I am working with TA Jennifer and she saud that they just changed this. I was told this last Thursday.
  5. Wanted to pass this info along to all of you, if you haven't heard yet. You can now book the 5:30 sunset ceremony for only $600, not needing to do the $6000 package!
  6. Tiny Tuna- Coral Bridal does stunning work! I love how they actually show you photos of their completed dresses, but they are so much more $$!
  7. How are yall picking your ceremony times? We chose to do 11AM, but I'm wondering if we should change it? Ideally I'd love to do something at sunset, but that's out because I'm not doing that package... So, I really just picked a time, no reasoning behind it. LOL Now I'm second guessing myself, of course!
  8. Has anybody done/will be doing any excursions in T&C. I'd love to hear what the best ones are. We are open to anything & everything, but there is so much to choose from!
  9. Has anyone had experience with T&C butlers service, or are you planning on booking it also? I just booked our June 2012 wedding, staying in the owner's penthouse 1 br suite which includes butler service. This is not something that I'd do in my everyday life, lol, just want to make our wedding/honeymoon extra special. I'd love to hear anyone else's experiences with the butler service though! Thanks!
  10. Shequemakeup.com I have seen her recommended on here numerous times, and this is probably who I will be going with also.
  11. Just booked our wedding!! So super excited! We are going June 19-26, 2012, with the wedding booked one June 22, 2012 @ 11AM.
  12. I am going back and forth between the Tuscan Oceanview and the Owner's Penthouse. There's a big price difference, but I think we really want to splurge & go with the butler service for our wedding/honeymoon. It will most likely be the only time we would ever have such a reason to do so.
  13. What a great thread!! We will be ordering from here also! Does anyone have a full set of swatches they wouldn't mind passing along? I would be more than happy to pay some shipping & handling to the seller. Thanks!
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