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  1. No Roxy we didn't. We put all our decor items in our carry-on...my husband and I both has a duffle bag each (10 kg) that was mostly decor items (candles, sea shells, guest book, fans, sand ceremony kit, etc.) and a few flat things we put in our checked luggae. We were lucky because our travel carrier, Air Transat, gave us each an extra 10 kg for luggage so we weren't over.
  2. I guess this depends really on the amenities that are important to you. We had a Romance Suite in the Bavaro section and it was beautiful. It's pretty comparable to the Royal Suites but the RST is a little newer. We were upgraded from a Jr Suite at the Bavaro because originally we didn't think the extra price of the Romance Suite or Royal Suites was really worth it - to us, it's just a room and really, all you do is sleep and shower there. However....I am really, really glad we got an upgrade for no other reason than the Romance Suite background (it's all done in white and cream linens and furniture) looks fantastic in the professional wedding photos of me and my Mom and Maid of Honour getting ready prior to the ceremony. I know they wouldn't turned out half as nice in the regular room. So for someone planning on professional photos prior to the wedding, I'd recommend a Romance Suite or the Royal Suites for no other reason than this! Hope that helps
  3. Hi ladies! Thought I'd say hi...or should I say, Hola! I just got back a couple days ago from my glorious 2 week honeymoon and wedding at the GP Bavaro and it was amazing!!! Will post a detailed review by this weekend but as every other bride has said, those of you still waiting, you have NOTHING to worry about!
  4. Well ladies, it's "D Day" (Destination Day...lol) for me tomorrow and the wedding is Tuesday!! Can't wait!!! This thread has been great - very helpful and inspirational. We're all going to look so hot for our weddings!!! I just thought I'd share ('cause I can almost hardly believe it!) that in 3 months, I have lost 10 lbs of fat (and I didn't even want to lose weight initially, just tone and get rid of some flabby bits), am down to a size 4 from size 8 (I didn't think an 8 was at all bad to begin with...like I said, I just wanted to tone!), am visibly leaner and more toned (even more muscular in some areas like my back and arms). I have never been this fit in my life and never thought I would be...I was always kind of a chubby kid when I was younger and I haven't been this size since I was 11 years old. I found an amazing personal trainer that got me into weight lifting, which I now LOVE. This has been instrumental!!! This along with Clean Eating has made all the difference for me. Anyone interested in info about Clean Eating (seriously it may change your life) should look at any of Tosca Reno's books and she also has a website. This is a total lifestyle change that will not leave you hungry, cutting out any major food groups, and is not at all complicated...very common sense and delicious. Anyhoo, thanks again ladies! This thread is awesome!!!
  5. I bought the "Abs Diet For Women" book a couple years ago and followed it for a while (before starting to slack off later...) and thought it was great!
  6. Actually Air Transat gives the bride and groom not an extra 10 lbs, but 10 extra KG EACH (which is actually an extra 22 lbs each), plus the 10 kg for the carry-on. Love Air Transat for this!!! So because of this, my fiance and I have managed to pack all our clothes, shoes, toilettries and whatnot for 2 weeks AND all the wedding decor ourselves!! Yay! I was a little worried about that initially, too. I was planning on pawning a bunch of decor off onto family members. We are all packed and leave tomorrow!! Can't wait!!! Sunshine and marital bliss here I come! I'll be sure to post pics and a detailed review when we get back in 2 weeks! All of you take care!!
  7. Thanks Roxy!! Everything is DONE so that makes the waiting more difficult, lol. I do still have to pack my suitcase though (although everything is all organized and laid out already! but will wait until a couple days before. Oh yes, and I have a waxing/manicure/pedicure appointment on Friday but that's it
  8. Most photographers prefer to do it in the morning (I was told 8:30 am by several photographers too when I was checking around) for two reasons - 1) the light is better than during mid-day and 2) it doesn't interfere with any wedding ceremonies/receptions that normally take place in the afternoon and evening. However, you don't have to do it the morning after the wedding and in hearing from many brides on here, most choose to do it a few days later and all photographers are generally accommodating of this...if yours is not, honestly, you may wanna consider someone else who is! Our photographer is doing ours almost 6 days later (we're staying 2 weeks) on the morning of our choice because he takes you to a private beach for the whole morning and we didn't want to be away from our friends and family that long. You should have the choice of morning...ya wanna be able to celebrate the night of the night of the wedding and not worry about getting up early and/or being a little hungover And I doubt the water will be cold...I've yet to be down South any experience anything close to cold water, regardless of time of day
  9. PS: We leave in ONE WEEK!!! 10 days until the wedding!!! That emoticon basically describes how I'm feeling (bouncing off the walls and wanting this week to get over with, LOL).
  10. I remember hearing that the french onion soup as an appetizer was to die for...I'd almost like to go for that but I'm worried it would make people too warm so will probably choose caesar salad.
  11. I actually think 5-10 lbs in 4 weeks is definitely within a health weight loss range...1 - 2 lbs a week is considered healthy. Of course, if you're already within a healthy weight range for your age and height, it's going to be harder. You may already be doing this but if not and since it's temporary and you only have a few lbs to lose, try going low carb and high (LEAN) protein. Keep all your carbs to oats, All Bran, and veggies/fruit (sweet potatoes are ok, too). Be very careful with your dairy intake, make sure it's skim/fat-free. A lot of people are horrified when I tell them to try eating this way but 1) it works and 2) this is actually a very all-natural way to eat and forces you to eliminate all of the processed crap that we all eat constantly without even realizing it. Goodluck!
  12. Good plan! I agree with you - I don't think they'd mind cooking it longer for some people if needbe. I'm just hoping they're all done on the rarer or at least medium side...I will not eat well-done steak and would rather eat leather and it would be a shame to not eat my wedding meal...in my opinion the meat's ruined at that point because not like you can start over. At least if it's undercooked, you can always salvage it by cooking it longer.
  13. The resort photgrapher is JALU...if you google it, it comes up with the website and prices, sample photos, etc. When I was shopping for photgraphers, I seem to remember them being more expensive than most.
  14. Yes, I believe others have said that they cook it all the same way for everyone so there's no choice between rare, medium, well-done on an individual basis. However, I'd actually be kinda surprised if it was well-done. I find from all the times I've been to resorts in the Dominican that they lean more towards undercooking red meat than over cooking it...I find their hamburgers are even rare (ick!). Actually, the best steak I ever ate in my entire life was in the Dominican...it was the most perfect medium-rare!! Lol
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