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At Maya Floral we are aware that every client is looking for quality, innovation, elegance and beauty, we make sure to capture the essence of our customers in every creation from a bouquet to a corsage.

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By Nitasha, · 2 Comments

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Does not respond to emails. Rude. Stole my money
I had a horrible experience and I would be very careful prior to conducting bussiness with this company.  BRIDES BEWARE!!
After the passing of my father I was promised in writing that half of my 6,000 USD deposit would be returned. The wedding was cancelled more than 2 months in advance. I understand that there are additional fees and losses for canceling a wedding. However, not 6,000USD worth for primarly used decorations. The manger Marvin promised me half of my deposit back ( considering more than half of the items we were renting were reusable) he asked for serval months of extensions since is business wasn’t doing well and after about 4 or 5 months stopped responding. He told me he would honor his word in his last email and now it has been over a year. I have called and been hung up on and all of my emails have been ignored. This is very unprofessional. If you choose to use this service please be warned that I am not the only bride that this has happened  to. I had read many reviews stating that Marvin responds selectively. This is wrong on so many levels. He shouldn’t have “given his word”   once he collected my money the responsiveness has stopped unless it was to add on more so he could change me  I waited this long to contact a lawyer or to write a review because I understand how it is when your bussiness struggles hoping he would eventually return half of my deposit but it has been over a year now  please use another florist you can fully rely on as you can honestly never predict the future     

By zambirici, · 0 Comments

Pros: High professionalism, skills and knowledge. Attractive prices. Extremely good value&high quality.
My husband and I could not be more grateful to Marvin and Maya Floral for all their stellar help with our Mexico Wedding on Nov 21st. I randomly found Maya floral on google and I am happy I was stubborn enough to search a bit as my end to end experience with Marvin has been extraordinary. Even though we only exchanged emails on what I needed for the wedding ( bouquet, centerpieces and head table flowers), Marvin @Maya Floral was extremely professional, answered very fast and showed deep knowledge in his domain, came up with suggestions based on best practices and his knowledge and we agreed on the best way forward for the wedding theme, needs, season etc.  Everything looked stunning, flowers were even better than I was expecting. I absolutely loved them and our guests could not praise them enough.    Very happy I got the chance to work with Maya Floral for our wedding last month, Ana C  

By sassldiva, · 0 Comments

Pros: Price, Work, Quality, Email response, Ease of working together
Cons: nothing
Marvin did our flowers on January 28 at Dreams Sands in Cancun.  Loved working with him!  All the reviews are true.  He truly is great to work with.  (I don't know what that one review means about him being rude and unresponsive - I never experienced that with him). From the very beginning he was highly responsive via email (and I'm sure he gets tons of emails). We went back and forth with photos as examples and when I finally settled on a color he offered the best option for flowers to keep the cost down while achieving the big, full, tall centerpiece I wanted.  His prices are amazing and work is amazing.  The hotel gave me a price on flowers at about $5000 with the pictures I sent them.  Marvin brought the price down to under $2000. Totally amazing and I would hire him again in a heartbeat.  He was the only florist I contacted and the only one anyone needs to contact in Cancun.  Thanks!!

By nr083273, · 1 Comment

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Unresponsive, rude,
I decided to work with Marvin due to his good reviews. I contacted Marvin only a few weeks before my wedding to see if he would be able to provide a bride bouquet, bridesmaid bouquet and flower petals. Until I paid him in full he was responsive and answered emails within a day or 2 . After he received payment he disappeared. He promised to send a sample of the bouquets Monday- Tuesday before the Saturday wedding, I did not receive anything I emailed him, no response. I had to call his cell phone to get a response. He said he would send a sample this was on Thursday, still no sample. Friday evening he sent me a sample of bouquet with the colors I did not ask for. I asked for cream, white light pink flowers with hints of gray/blue I also sent him inspiration pictures . Then for the sample he sent me the night before my wedding the bouquet has yellow and purple flowers. He tells me the colors are blue and white must be the lighting. Day of the wedding I still have yellow flowers in my bouquet. I let him know, he says rudely that they are white. I will post photos of my bouquet so everyone can see they are yellow. Either way this could have been resolved I time if Marvin sent me a sample early in the week as he promised instead of sending me a sample the evening before my wedding. Almost forgot, I asked for the flowers to be delivered at 12 a little before 12 he says he'll bring them at 1 after I already had my step dad waiting in the lobby for him. So I would suggest using a florist who is more responsive and communicates

By b2be, · 0 Comments

Pros: great prices, responsive, excellent quality
Cons: none!
[sharedmedia=gallery:images:84815] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:84816] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:84817]     I had very specific ideas about what I wanted for my October 2016 wedding, and after receiving outrageous quotes from my wedding planner for the resort's on-site florist, I decided to research other vendors. I read all the amazing reviews for Maya Floral and contacted Marvin for a quote. His prices were significantly less expensive, and much more realistic with my budget. Even though my resort charged a hefty $350 'external vendor' fee, I was still able to save several hundred dollars on the flowers! Marvin was very responsive and easy to work with. I sent him a sketch of the floral design I wanted for the ceremony and reception, and he fulfilled my vision perfectly! Everything was absolutely perfect and looked amazing! He did a fantastic job and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend Maya Floral!  
Pros: Pricing, responsiveness, flexibility, ability to understand your vision
Cons: Might have to email him twice every now and then to prompt a reply - but it's rare
Marvin was PHENOMENAL. My husband and I got married at El Dorado Royale in June 2016. During our planning process with the off-site resort staff, I was astonished at what they were quoting for florals - plus their inability to suggest lower cost alternatives. We weren't looking for anything crazy either. So we decided to risk it by looking for an outside supplier and am SO HAPPY we made that decision. Marvin was quick to reply and would provide alternatives to help me lower costs while achieving the same look. Plus he picked up the bottles we rented from Katy HK/Love & Lace Decor, arranged the bottles and packages everything up nicely. PLUS he even helped us work around EDR's outside vendor rules so that he would just drop everything off to my (then) fiancé the morning of the wedding - not actually set up. He even included a BEAUTIFUL bouquet to honor my mom when I had to cancel her corsage order after she passed away unexpectedly. I received so many compliments on all of the bouquets. I will try to post pictures on a review I'll write on the EDR thread in the next few weeks. I would definitely recommend working with Maya Floral and, even if he isn't one of your "approved vendors," reach out to him and I'm sure he'll work with you on how and when to deliver so you stay within the outside vendor rules.
Marvin is a true artist and created such beautiful arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, and decorated a beach structure with tulle for our destination wedding at Secrets Maroma Beach.  He was always very honest and patient with me and took the time to respond to my (many!!) questions. Marvin also had many suggestions on how to stay within a given budget. It was difficult planning from afar, however, through our correspondence I learned what a true professional Marvin is and the amount of passion he has for his work. I HIGHLY recommend Maya Floral for your event!    

By CarlyDawn, · 0 Comments

I am over the moon with happiness when it comes to the flowers I got from Maya Floral. All of my dealings were with Marvin and he was incredible from the beginning. He gave me many different ideas when I explained what I was looking for, would respond to my many inquiries very quickly, he gave me a fabulous quote when we agreed on which flowers I wanted, and when the flowers arrived at the hotel on the day I got married, I can't even explain how happy I was. They were exactly as I had imagined, exactly like the picture I had sent him and they were perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my wedding day so beautiful. I would definitely use this florist again and again. Brides you do not need to worry one bit if you put your trust in Marvin from Maya Floral. xo

By HarmonyTerin, · 2 Comments

Pros: Product, Flowers, Value, Professionalism
I researched and read many reviews on here - compared the value of using Marvin at Maya Flowers to using the florists that the Moon Palace recommend. Even with the $800 Vendor fee (that the Moon Palace charges) the value was still better than what Moon Palace was offering.

My total bill for Maya Flowers was around the $2500 mark + $800 vendor fee

Included bridal bouquet
Four bridesmaid bouquets
2 jr bridesmaid bouquets
2 wrist corsage
11 boutonnières
Flower girl basket and petals
5 HUGE crystal vases with amazing floral arrangements
5-6 medium mirror vases with floral arrangements
4 white pillars for ceremony
Cake stand - crystal

Moon Palace had quoted me close to $750 usd per table centrepiece - whereas the ones Marvin created were around $250 usd.

Marvin was very professional - and prompt. He showed up on time and was absolutely amazing. The flowers were phenomenal. Each centrepiece must have weighed 30 lbs!

Marvin was also super accommodating - had we not had crystal vases (just bouquets etc) we could have skipped the vendor extra fee by meeting him outside for flowers. But the second an outside vendor comes to property - they (Resort) charge you money. I didn't want to hassle nor the responsibility of dealing with crystal vases before or at end of night.

I will be posting pictures soon of flowers. They were jaw dropping. All my guests loved them!!

By NJBride2014, · 1 Comment

Pros: Great Communication, Reasonable Prices, Great Quality and Very Professional
Cons: None!
I did my research and got multiple quotes from several florists and Marvin was always the first to respond and he always had the best prices. His work was also more what I was looking for and he was very helpful with giving me suggestions and tips on how to stay within my budget.  He provided small centerpieces for my rehearsal dinner which was the night before my wedding, centerpieces for my wedding reception and all bridal party flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, rose petals).   The centerpieces for he rehearsal dinner arrived on time and were brought right up to my room they were very nice and added a nice touch to the rehearsal dinner decor.  I ended up reusing the same centerpieces at the wedding for the cake table, welcome table, cocktail hour etc. They still looked fresh and some of Marvin's guys who were at the reception site setting up the flowers for the wedding day even went to make sure last nights flowers weren't wilting and starting pulling any dead ones or brown petals so it looked its best.  This was nice touch on their part to make sure their flowers were still presentable. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78777] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78399] The flowers for the wedding day were beautiful and exactly what I wanted they also arrived on time and some of Marvin's guys went up to the reception area and dropped off the flowers on each table.  The bridal bouquet was elegant, my bridesmaids flowers were bright and gave the nice punch of color I wanted same for the boutonnieres and corsages.  [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78784] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78785] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78787] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78779] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78780] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78786] The table centerpieces were also very beautiful and were definitely worth the money.  I received so many compliments on them.  I wanted touches of orchids and calla lilies in the flowers with out paying an arm and a leg and Marvin gave that to me. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78782] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:78788] Very happy I went with them and would definitely recommend them to any future brides.  Payment was also very simple just put down a deposit and paid the rest either right before the wedding through paypal or the day of in cash.   

By jackielemman, · 1 Comment

Marvin really came thru for us and made some absolutely beautiful bridal bouquets, center pieces and a flower ball. They were dropped off at the lobby on time and looked beautiful all evening. Highly recommend their services!!  

By shellsal, · 0 Comments

Pros: Good pricing, prompt, beautiful flowers, responsive
Cons: None
I have no complaints with the goods and services provided by Marvin.   He was prompt with answering emails and very patient with receiving my ideas and direction. The flowers arrived on time and looked beautiful.

By christinesimon726, · 0 Comments

Pros: great prices, hassle free delivery, fresh/amazing flower arrangements
Cons: no cons!
I got married on 7/26 in Moon Palace and I did a ton of research for outside flower vendors because the on-site vendor was quoting us such a ridiculous price.  I found these reviews on Marvin and decided to reach out to him.  Almost immediately he came back to me with quotes and after sharing some photos of what I wanted, he responded with samples of what he can make for us.  After a few emails back and forth for bridal/bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces he really got it right.  The flowers came out better than I could have ever expected and he really captured my vision for a fraction of the cost!!!  He even made sure that I double checked with my wedding coordinator to ensure I didn't have to pay the outside vendor fee.  He told me from past experience that he would be able to just drop them off in the lobby and as long as someone came to pick it up we would not have to pay the outside vendor fee which after a few conversations with my coordinator I found out he was right.  He was on time with the delivery and was generous enough to even add a complimentary boutonniere for my dad last minute.  I highly recommend using Marvin-he is absolutely professional, responds quickly and knows exactly what a bride needs/wants.

By mrscollins, · 0 Comments

Pros: Beautiful flowers at a great price
Cons: None
Marvin with Maya Floral was very quick to respond and was right on time to deliver our flowers. He even helped me when we switched our entire color scheme to choose new flowers and combined two of his examples into one for our bridesmaid’s bouquets. They were absolutely beautiful!  

By Shunzik, · 6 Comments

Pros: none
Cons: lack of communication
I am SO disappointed with this company. I was excited to hire Marvin and his crew to make my floral arrangements for my wedding. At first he was very responsive to my emails but as I asked more about fees, other options, etc the emails trailed off. At one point I sent several emails in a row without any response back. I was actually ready to put down my deposit but decided that since they were unwilling to respond back (guess they got tired of all my questions) I went with another florist who has been amazing since day 1.   Not sure why they stick with certain clients and stop responding to others. Either way, their lost!   :mellow:

By maea1985, · 1 Comment

I asked my hotel to quote the flowers I wanted with their florist as the catalog they showed me didn't have anything I really liked, the quote came back too high so I decided to quote elsewhere. I sent Marvin the pictures of what I wanted and the price was net lower than the hotel even after paying the outside vendor fee. He provided with his version of the pictures I sent and I couldn't be happier. The flowers were amazing, I ordered centerpieces, boutonnieres, bridesmaids bouquets , sweetheart's table and chapel decoration. 

By Britt, · 0 Comments

Pros: Most beautiful flowers I have ever seen, stress free
Cons: None!
I absolutely loved all of my flowers!

The centerpieces were ridiculously gorgeous, the best I have ever seen, and the bouquets couldn't have been closer to what I asked looking for! I wanted to take everything home with me! Occasionally it took a few days to a week to get a response to my emails, but nothing unexpected.

I felt like the prices for the bouquets were reasonable and very comparable to what I would pay at home. When I sent Marvin an email inquiring about tall beautiful centerpieces I never expected him to quote such a reasonable price, at least half of what I would pay at home...and he did a mock up to show me exactly what his version would look like!

He went above and beyond and fabulous to work with! Again everything was so easy and beyond my expectations, so happy!!

By MrsWilletteToBe, · 0 Comments

They priced me something over my budget and when I requested some ideas more at my budget, they never responded; I followed up 2 more times and NOTHING. 

By kate0614, · 1 Comment

Pros: Elegant flowers at reasonable price
Cons: Hardly any
Marvin did a fantastic job with our flowers!  The bouquets were absolutely gorgeous, as were the centerpieces and aisle decorations.  Really elegant and tasteful.  We couldn't fit large centerpieces on the tables since we were serving the food family-style, but Marvin still made the centerpieces beautiful.  We also asked to add flowers to the gazebo at the last minute, and Marvin surprised us with something beautiful, with basically no instructions!  The only thing I didn't love was the way the fabric was wound really tightly around the posts of the gazebo --  I would have preferred it more loose, but no biggie.  Also, my husband asked for no crystals in the boutonnieres, but they sent them with crystals anyway.  We didn't really care, they weren't that noticeable.  All in all, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of Marvin's work, and working with him was really easy and smooth.  I recommend him whole-heartedly.                                      

By Laura1220, · 0 Comments

Pros: Communication, Price
Cons: Did not mix up the flowers in the bouquets as requested
Maya Floral was much more affordable than using the resorts flowers.  Marvin was great communicating via email.  He arrived on time to drop off the flowers.  I had a friend meet him at the lobby and we avoided paying any extra vendor fees.  The flowers were fresh and beautiful.  We ordered bridesmaid bouquets, groomsmen bouts and corsages for our moms/grandma.  Everything was beautiful.  I did request the bridesmaids bouquets to be mixed up a little more but it really was not a big deal, they were still gorgeous.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

By ElleGee, · 0 Comments

Pros: Communication, Price, EVERYTHING
Cons: None
Maya Floral was the preferred florist through Secrets Maroma,and I could not have been happier with their execution. Marvin and Adam promptly communicated back and forth with me in regards to my vision of centerpieces.  After many emails, I was overjoyed at the final decision and the price was very reasonable. The day of my wedding, I thought the flowers were even more gorgeous than I could have imagined. I highly recommend working with Maya Floral for your wedding needs.      Items they provided: Bride Boughet w/ orchids Bridesmaids Boughets Hair Orchids for bridal party Grooms boutinerres Family boutinerres and corsages Aisle Flower decor that was transferred to use as reception table decor   I am still waiting on our professional photos to arrive, but here is a sampling of photos our friends shot.                 

By mae1564, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great communication, aims to please
Cons: Poor Delivery
Up until the day of the wedding I had nothing but good things to say, so I will start with all of the good and end with the one disappointment. Overall, Maya Floral was amazing to work with. You start by telling them what you are looking for, and then email back and forth until you narrow it down to the perfect bouqet. I would give them ideas and then they would send me different pictures until finally it's perfect! I loved being able to visually see the flowers and how it all looks together. In your contract, they put the picture of the final product that you agreed on which is so great because there is no misscommunication. The price was so affordable which was great because I did not like anything that the resort was offering me. Now for the one disappointment, happened on the day of the wedding. I had delegated two people to go to the lobby and pick up the flowers at 2pm, which was the agreement I had with Marvin. Well those two people happened to be walking by at 1:30 and saw my flowers just sitting on a table in the lobby. No one there watching them or anything, when they brought them to my room they were HOT! Anyone who knows flowers knows they need to stay cool or they will wilt and some of the flowers had started to wilt. So I was upset about that, that they were poorly delivered. Overall, would I do it again? Absolutely, because in the end everything was fine. You will learn that the little things aren't worth getting upset over and I had bigger fish to fry at that point.
Courtney Hooker

By Courtney Hooker, · 7 Comments

Pros: Everything
Cons: NONE!
Marvin from Maya floral was the best. Throughout the process, he was consistent with emails and responding to my request. He sent me examples of centerpieces and bouquets which FAR exceeded my expectations. Everyone said my centerpieces should have been in a magazine. I ordered everything from Marvin (bridesmaid flowers, centerpieces, boutineers, bridal bouquet). Thank you, Marvin for your incredible work. You will not be disappointed if you use him        

By tiffy, · 0 Comments

i ordered the bridemaid flowers with marvin at maya floral and it was just beautiful!  the picture marvin sent me was exactly what we received.  he was easy to work with and he delivered the flower at our agreed time and place just as he said he would.  

By nsg4729, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great flowers, good prices
Cons: Long time to contact
AThough it took me a long time to finally get in contact with Marvin (I think my email was going to his spam account), I am sooo glad that got in contact with him. From the time I did contact him, he quickly worked with me and offered great ideas and pictures. He gave me exactly what I wanted and worked within my budget constraints. He arrived exactly as scheduled on the day of the wedding and I totally loved the flowers that he provided!