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  1. Chloe & Isabel Jewelry has timeless, one-of-a-kind designs, to perfectly ehance your wedding look!
  2. I loved your reading your planniing thread. Really brings me back to planning my own. I personally LOVED the JCrew necklace you shared. Perhaps something like this will work better, and very affordable !
  3. Definitely dazzle up your ears, and don't forget your something BLUE !
  4. WOW! I am so impressed! I thought I was thorough and organized, but you are FABULOUS, WOW! Just a thought, perhaps your bridesmaids would be interested in some of these for the big day:
  5. Hi Linz! I absolutely know what you mean about finding that perfect jewelry, for your perfect day, that looks expensive, but not tough on the budget! I wish I had known about Chloe & Isabel for my wedding. I am now a Merchandiser for them, and they have perfect options to accessorize any bride's style, in a very affordable way! Visit my site: www.candiwithellegee.com GOOD LUCK! Like what you see? Make sure you don't forget something BLUE:)!
  6. Perhaps some other options to dazzle your neckline, that match the silver bracelet
  7. ElleGee

    Bridal Jewelry

    One-of-a-kind jewelry to make you sparkle on your special day!
  8. YES, they can absolutely do that. They will pretty much do whatever you request. I used my florals from the beach ceremony, to the reception as the centerpieces. A great way to save $$!
  9. We held our bonfire the night before the wedding for all of our guests. It was from 8-10 on the beach. The lighting was provided and included in the cost! We only paid for the basic cost, an open bar on the beach, and the sound system, which we ran my ipod through! I included the information about the event on the 'travel brochure' that was sent to all guests who had booked, about a month before the event. I called it the 'welcome bonfire', as it was the first event to formally include everyone!! It was alot of fun, and totally worth it !
  10. I walked down to an Instrumental Version of "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison. LOVE THIS SONG, and my husband is a huge Van Morrison fan ! It was a surprise! I get goose bumps everytime I hear it now!
  11. Thank you! I actually made the sandals myself. If you are interested I can make you what you need custom to your colors and jewel preferences. And I bought my White sandals from Dillard last summer. I only wore them once and will sell them for $50
  12. Processional Songs Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Israel Better Together: jack Johnson Marry Me: Train Parents Entrance: cant remember , a song my husband chose! Bridal Party (walk down paired together): Instrumental of "A Little Help From My Friends" by Beatles Bride Entrance: Instrumental of "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison Recessional: "Signed Sealed Delivered" By Stevie Wonder Reception Wedding Party Entrance: "Lets Get it Started" by Black Eyed Peas Reception Bride & Groom Entrance: "Walking on Sunshine" First Dance: "Lifetime" by Ziggy Marley Parents Dance" "In My Life" By Beatles Cake Song: "All of My Love" by Led Zepplin
  13. We used Marvin, and LOVED them! There should not be an additional vendor fee . . they are a preferred vendor. We went back and forth, ALOT, before we finally came to mutual agreement on pricing and style. I highly recommend them! They provided the boutinerres, hair flowers, corsages, aisle decor floral arrangements (which we then used as reception table centerpieces), and boughets.
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