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  1. Hey ladies! It was amazing!! Meg looked beautiful as you can see and it was so much fun to meet her and her friends/family. Here is our review: Our stay was from December 3, 2014 through December 13, 2014 with our wedding occurring on December 6, 2014. We had 28 guests. 25 adults and 3 children (ages between 6 and 12). My little cousin did not want to leave the kids camp and was obsessed with the Xbox lounge. One of our guests didn't make it because he didn't realize his passport was expired so please urge your guests to double check and to also make sure it doesn't expire within a certain
  2. @@megthomson I'm soooo excited for you! We arrive tomorrow around 2:30 pm. I can't focus on anything and have definitely overpacked.
  3. @@megthomson Well hopefully the construction will be all done or you could move to Key West Village maybe? I think the Italian one has too many kids. I'm so excited! The beach party will be perfect for after your wedding! Do you have more photos of the Caribbean Village?
  4. @@megthomson I would wait until you hear about the upgrade when you check in, they may move you anyway. Friday is the beach party, which is where we will go after our welcome dinner. They supposedly have a fire dancer and some sort of theme. I think white night is a different day, I can't remember all of the other theme nights. I will take all the photos you have! Did she take any of the carribean village?
  5. @@tyrebride2b2013 I wanted it for the welcome dinner because the beach party is that night and the plan was to have cocktails and apps then go tot the party. Another bride was able to do it earlier in the posts so I am just going to ask again when we get there. @@megthomson I am unable to do any work at this point lol too excited. That pic is GORGEOUS! Apparently the upgrade doesn't come until we actually arrive and is subject to availability. I have checked and the hotel is not full so we should definitely get the upgrade. I was so excited when I heard about the free wifi! We are hav
  6. Have any ladies done a cocktail hour with hot and cold apps instead of a seated complimentary welcome dinner? I thought that was an option but Roxi said no. From what I can see it is actually cheaper for them to allow me to do this option so I don't understand why I couldn't do so.
  7. @@megthomson I just had my fitting for my bustle and need to lose a half inch at least so am now in panic mode lol Got up at4:45 today to do cardio. I know you look beautiful Meg, not like a linebacker. Have you received your free upgrade yet? How many songs are you choosing for the actual wedding, I only have my maid of honor so it's such a short time before I come out. I'm so afraid I am forgetting something!
  8. @@megthomson Thanks Meg! I was more wondering just drink wise. We are not going to do a sit down so were curious how close the hotel bars were to the reception areas. Right now we are planning the extra $12~15 pp for an open bar for two hours but if there is a bar already close, it would be a waste of money.
  9. Does anyone have any insight on paying for an open bar? We have 24 people and im just not sure if we should pay the extra when its an all inclusive hotel. Are the reception areas close to a bar thats already there?
  10. @@megthomson Hi Meg! I am soooo excited! Time is flying so fast. I am so afraid I am going to forget something. How are things going for you?
  11. @@megthomson It is getting real now! Im so excited and need to get to the gym lol
  12. Has anyone used the onsite salon? If so, thoughts or recommended stylists? Im leaning towards getting the bridal package
  13. Are you girls paying for the table linens and center pieces or bringing your own? If your own where are you getting your stuff?
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