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  1. Hi Ruzanna, Sorry I'm not on this site much anymore so I just saw this post. I actually bit the bullet and just hired the professional photo booth for 2 hours and it was so worth it. As for the DIY it can still totally be done. I used the DIY booth at both my bridal shower and bachelorette party and it was so much fun and would be a great alternative to a full on professional booth. The instamax camera is great and you can buy a lot of film for a decent price on amazon. Props you can buy either at Michaels or on Etsy. I actually just made my own props on card stock so you can make th
  2. Hi @@ktov09 I'm sorry but I already sold all of my sequin table runners and most of the stuff on my list. I bought them from a seller on etsy I'll see if I can get you the name of the seller if not just search champagne sequin runners on etsy they were reasonably priced. Happy Planning!
  3. We had a go pro at our wedding and we mainly used it when we were in the pool/beach. It was fun to use throughout the weekend and fun to look back and see all our crazy clips. Good idea to use it to film the clips of the wedding. We also used it to film parts of our honeymoon/excursions.
  4. Updated Post Wedding Items For Sale List!! Turquoise, Coral and Gold Mr. and Mrs. sign. $20 5 Gold votives candle holders. $10 7 Gold lace Candle Holders. $15 Turquoise Beach Themed Tray. $15 Set of leftover Coral, Gold, and White ribbons. $7 16 Gold and 12 Clear Candle votive holders $15 (Clear votive holders not pictured but they are the same size as the gold ones) Turquoise, Coral and Champagne Table numbers 1-8 with some crystal embellishment. This was second set I never used. I put them in gold frames and
  5. I used all instrumental music but that was just my preference and just thought it was more romantic. Bridal party entrance - 1,000 years by the piano guys Bride entrance - Kissing you by Des'Ree (Romeo and Juliet) I do's/kissing - Somewhere over the rainbow by the piano guys Bride/Bridal Party exit - Marry you by Bruno Mars
  6. @@misbosox Sorry all the gold frames are sold. (I will update my list of what is still available) @@palmtree99 The luggage tag loops are still available.
  7. We did the lasso/rosary ceremony along with all the other traditional things and it worked out great. We were able to meet with the minister the day before the wedding and spoke to him about the tone we wanted for the ceremony and gave him something to read and he made some notes on it and made it his own. It worked out great and it was very special and our guests loved it. It made for some nice pics as well. Its definitely a nice touch to add your own special traditions to your ceremony. Another plus is now we have this beautiful rosary that will always be in our family and can be passed
  8. So here goes I finally got around to writing my wedding review. Its super long and I'm sorry it took forever to get together and posted but with all the holidays and life getting in the way after the wedding it was hard to find the time to sit down and put it all together. I promised I would do it before the end of the year so I just made it!!! I hope this helps any future LeBlanc or Palace bride or any BDW bride in general. I know how stressful planning my wedding was and have some advice take it one day at a time and everything will fall into place. The people who make it to your wedding
  9. @@rykell Yes, the table runners are still available. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  10. The pics look great!! Can't wait to hear about the wedding week. The withdrawal is tough, but the memory will always last. I still need to get on writing my review just with all the holidays and stuff that came up after the wedding I haven't had time to sit down and actually get all my thoughts together. Have a great holiday!!!
  11. An early Congrats to you!!! Remember to take it all in and enjoy every moment and don't let anyone stress you out. Have so much fun!!! Can't wait to see pics and see it all come together.
  12. Long dresses look so elegant even for a beach wedding....I found my girls dresses on the sale section of Donna Morgan's website and they worked out great. Bought all 5 dresses for less than $300.
  13. I completely agree with Tammy and Matt! LeBlanc is a great resort for your wedding. This place is luxury to the fullest and we were so happy with how our wedding turned out. Their wedding planners are amazing and the food was spectacular. Nothing but great compliments from all of our guests. Also Del Sol are the best photographers to work with for those lasting memories.
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