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  1. Hi all! So I've been MIA but my wedding was may 1 @ BP and it was PERFECT! We did have various things go wrong but nothing mattered because the important things were spot on. Here's a short video one of our friends captured for us...
  2. @@Danielle1 & @ our package was the most basic package that included full DJ services (actually, a total of 4 men were there with their equipment). No DJ booth or decor. Simply a small banquet table which the PSAV men sat behind and did their job. It was very simple, but it worked and I have zero complaints! I considered renting a dance floor/additional lights/DJ booth but am glad I didn't spend the $$. This set up was fine. When we had requests, we simply approached the table and then danced the night away in front of the speakers =)
  3. So I wanted to write a review about PSAV, especially since I booked them without any prior knowledge of their work, due to a lack of reviews. I was NOT at ALL disappointed! I really took a shot in the dark when booking them and am so glad I did. My resort preferred vendors were PSAV and JSAV. JSAV prices are absolutely outrageous. I cannot speak to their work personally, but I did read many reviews of brides who adored them. I tried booking outside companies, but no one was available for my date. I was basically stuck with PSAV, unable to afford JSAV (who I wanted). PSAV was remarkably reason
  4. This is one of the reasons we chose not to have an AHR. It may just be me but I'd be fairly offended if I were invited to an AHR and asked to come solo, without my hubby. I know it's not a traditional reception, but wedding events like this seem like something you'd want to be "coupled-up" at, rather than celebrating someone else's love without the presence of you'r own love.
  5. I'm getting them through the decor company (gama) for like $5 each. and YES! it is SOOOOO soon! ahhh! I bet you're also getting excited for your site visit! Make sure you schedule a cake tasting! That's the one thing we wish we had done that we missed out on and are now taking a shot in the dark at cake flavors.
  6. hi @@MissAmber26! I don't have a picture but my WC told me it is small high top tables with white linen ( i have 25 guests and they're providing 4 tables) and scattered white folding chairs. We're ordering pink bows to go around the tables to add some color
  7. Margarita was terrible for me also. I'm currently working with Daniela Ocampo and although we have a very strong language barrier, she is fairly responsive (2-3 days). I haven't heard anything about Nayeli.
  8. Is there a walmart or other similar store near your resort? Sometimes you can order things online and have delivery to store. Just an idea.
  9. Check your wedding contract, should be in there. Ours had various down payments every time we reserved a specific service and then full payment 45 days prior to our wedding date.=
  10. @@Danielle1 for over 50 people your WC should be emailing youthe plated dinner options
  11. Thank you! You are gorgeous! Such a happy bride with a beautiful wedding =) LOVE your pictures, thanks for sharing!
  12. Mehndi Art: Mehndi By Veronica And palace also has their own in-house cigar rollers
  13. @@nattiegams325 good to know. Thank you all for your replies. I'm both relieved and sad that I'm not the only one who has noticed this. I'm feeling very deceived and let down by one particular vendor right now. I agree that it would be helpful to require a minimum number of posts prior to writing a review, similar to how we need to reach a certain number to see attachments. Hopefully I'm wrong and possibly Mexican brides are coming on this forum as a favor to their favorite vendors and writing true reviews, as was mentioned above.
  14. Trying to word this in a way as to not insult the integrity of this forum (since I love love love everyone here and am so grateful for everything I have learnt and been able to accomplish with your help) ...BUT... I've recently been reading a few negative reviews of various vendors (some of which I have already hired and paid), immediately followed by 5 star overly gracious reviews, written in poor English, by members who have no other posts/pictures/profile details. Is it just me, or does it seem that possibly the vendors themselves are creating accounts and posting fake reviews of th
  15. Where were you married? Noticed you haven't made any other posts on this forum. Could you share some pictures from your wedding with us?
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