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  1. I got married at NOW sapphire in riviera maya in August ... All I can say is it was amazing... I still have yet to write my review but I will! Any questions let me know! @@LindseyRose
  2. I got married there August 15th. There were some perks through destination weddings.com like we got a room credit and some upgrades but it all depends on what kind of specials they are running . There weren't any at the time we went. But I know some hotels have more perks than others
  3. I got married last month at NOW sapphire. It was amazing!!
  4. I just got back from now sapphire . Truly a beautiful resort !! The staff/ food everything was perfect. I still have to do my review but I have no complaints ! Other than the ocean... But that's not the resorts fault.. Most of riviera Maya was having a seaweed problem ... But who know so far away from now what will be the case . They did a beautiful wedding! My guests ( from Long Island which is know to have the craziest of weddings ) said it was the best wedding ever and not just because of the DW . Any questions feel free.
  5. Hello! I am getting married August 15th! Does anyone know or have any expereince in bringing sky lanterns or sparklers on the plane with them or if they did it at the resort? I want to buy these and bring them with me I am just nervous about traveling with them. Please let me know! Thanks!
  6. also, does anyone know anything about bringing food for the guest bags (eg. granola bars, trail mix? ) I wanted to put these in but dont want to worry about bringing them there. Someone has mentioned stopping at coscto but I don't know if I want to worry about going there.
  7. Hi everyone!! Can anyone tell me what they are putting in their oot bags and or what're they used in their "hangover kits"? I want to start ordering stuff and I am wondering where you got all the travel essentials for your oot bags like the little Advil and medicines?? Is there a good website?? Thanks!!
  8. Hello! Where did you find these? Love them so cute! Also, can anyone tell me where you got all the travel essentials for your oot bags like the little Advil and medicines?? Is there a good website?? Thanks!!
  9. Hi everyone!! Need some help. Ordered chair sashes thinking they were the right color but they were not!! So now I need help finding the right color. The color of my bridesmaids / wedding color is a little different and hard to find matching colors for. It's called sea glass.. And it's not turquoise, not Aqua, not mint green... It's in between a bluish green color but I think it's more blue... I will attach the color what it's like. If anyone has any suggestions of where to find chair sashes that might be a close match I would appreciate it!!! All the colors I see are pretty much those turquoi
  10. @@erobin223 Well I'm really sorry all that happened but I hope you can look back and still have enjoyable memories of your wedding!! Sorry it didn't work out as everything u had planned but I think there will always be things that go wrong!
  11. @@erobin223 Wow, so it seems like you have very little positives about your wedding... Except for the food. You make it out like it was horrible actually from your review! This definitely doesn't go along with all the positive reviews we have been seeing.
  12. Ok girls.. So what did you do?? I always thought we would have to get married here before and then have symbolic ceremony! So when did you all legally get married in U.S.??
  13. What do you guys think of this as my rsvp? I think we are going to go with the surf and turf and the chicken from divine menu( whatever the more expensive one is). I didn't want to put the entire description of the meal so I just put steak or chicken. The only thing is, if ppl are allergic or don't eat seafood I put a line for them to let me know. I was going to put another option that says vegetarian. Does anyone know what the alternative would be for a guest ? Or let's say they ate chicken or steak but not seafood .. Would they sub the seafood for something else? Any suggestions or what did
  14. @@pddcmc thanks so much! I don't see it on page 16, but i do love your water bottles! what did you put inside and do you have a list of what your bringing for welcome bags and your favors? You seem so organized. Congratulations! I am getting married in August and I feel so behind!!
  15. Hi Everyone, just wondering if anyone can share with me information they are either putting on their invitations for guests or their welcome letter if you are getting married in Mexico. I am making a little luggage tag insert in with my invites and I wanted to put some information on there like what to bring, money tips etc. Any suggestions. Also, I am going to start typing my welcome letter and any information on there I should put? I am getting Married at Now Sapphire in Mexico. Also, any suggestions for Welcome bags?? I know I am putting a customized drink holder, hangover kit/first aid k
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