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  1. So glad to hear Yanin is gone. I also wrote to them since I have 2 friends getting married here and it was because of my recommendation and how nice my wedding was. I hope Ludzary comes back she was the best! I ❤️ her she really went above and beyond to make everything perfect for us and if we had a problem she had a solution.
  2. Yeah all weddings end at 11 do to noise control its a family resort. Ours ended at 11 and we all went to the club for an after party. The DJ was good we used Mania no problems I gave them a full play list. quote name="k4tee" post="1914400" timestamp="1465994212"]Hi, We're getting married at Finest in September after falling in love with it during a stay last June. Due to poor communication when we booked our wedding date we couldn't have our reception at Las Dunas so we are now going to be having it at the new Wedding Deck Venue. Has anyone had their wedding there by a
  3. 1. We ordered tables we did all rectangle tables. Most sat 12 with 2 or 3 that did 10 these are pretty standard sizes. Our table was smaller it was called the sweetheart table. 2. Welcome bags. Two options 1 you greet your guests and give them the bags. 2. Pay and let them do this. If your having something the first day your guests are coming tell them ahead of time. Gift bags could go anytime they get delivered to the room not given at check in. Some guests got them 9pm but they did get them the first day. It was easy to do this because I did not want to sit in the hall and wai
  4. They do the deco during the day. No real set time. I sat with my WC and showed her the table set up, my center pieces needed to be set a certain way. I had a photo of the finish look I did it at home before to do that. Everything else was pretty straight forward. I gave her a floor plan of table numbers to go with what I made and I also had signs for the wedding ceremony I made and the readings I put on big cards for the readers. I brought table runners I did wood tables no table cloths. I also had setup for my welcome party. I brought table cloths that were the color of my wedding and
  5. I'm so sorry to read this. My experience was so great. We had Ludzary. We had some minor glitches, and T the beginning the time to get back was slow. What I learned was send one email at a time. Bullet point questions number them. Wait to send another email with more questions till you get that back. They do get confused by that. Once I started that communication answering was a week to two. And then once I got a month before it was faster. We met the coordinator the second day of our stay. She walked through everything. I made a ton of things and walked through that. The
  6. @@nyarcher1215 that's why I brought my photographer from home. It was so worth it. I got 3 days instead of just one day. My friends uses the beach studio for a photo shoot they did a great job. But for me I am a photo person so I just couldn't see paying for 1 day and for a little more I got 3 days. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi girl! We had an aisle runner, seashells on the sides. Simple I brought rose petals fake ones from home for my flower girl. Amazing savings small pack We had the trio. Our friends said they were very nice. We weren't there at the cocktail we took all our photos so we'd be done and enjoy the rest.im sure if he goes up to them and asks for a song they will play. They were so nice. High tops were set up no charge for ours. But it could be because we did our cocky so right by the bar by the gazebo so they had them already there. We found it convient to do it there because people
  8. @@jmyers310 I used DW have a great agent. Message me if you want the info. You do not have to put that deposit down and lots of extra perks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @@Maurindy2016 I had a DJ and a photographer that I brought from home. Only extra was welcome party extra time I paid for and my tables and chairs. I got my dress on sample sale. I really tried to budget Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. @@mexiwedding I did family at table 1&2 so they put that next to us. The space was small enough that it didn't matter to us. Everyone coming was as important as family. I'm sure you can draft up seating chart like create your table then the table numbers you want next to you. I had 8 tables 4 on each side. That really stinks about the photographer. We didn't have to do that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk The men no shorts and no sandals. And they will turn people away it happened to us. No open sandals for men at the restaurants. Sent from my iPhone
  11. @@mexiwedding they didn't. When I got to the hotel I gave them my place cards and table numbers they did the rest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. For me very accommodating. They have GF options all over. And they had a special meal ready for me. Send your coordinator an email mine took care of it for the wedding and welcome party. Of course everything else was my responsibility at the restaurants to tell them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The food was excellent. Everyone said it was very good. I had a personally different menu for myself because I have major food allergies. I can tell you all the restaurants everything was excellent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Ask your planner @@mexiwedding u can't remember if we brought anything. I don't think so Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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